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DAY OF THE EPSILON | A Zombies Map Idea/Concept

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Day of the Epsilon


A Map Concept by The Meh

Weaponry provided by: The Meh/Nightmare Voyager

Characters, Story, Map Layout: The Meh

Creative Directors: Nightmare Voyager/HitmanVere

Musical Assistance/Moral Support: Nightmare Voyager, “The Berry Master”, anonymous, Carnage Evoker, Lenne



TIME TAKEN TO CREATE: February 13th, 2017 to April 2nd, 2021


Opening Cutscene:


Silence. Phase in as images of the past present to you, frame by frame.



The Entity siphons the energy of each device into itself…
“Yes… the process is underway…”
The ground shakes…
“...and I am COMPLETE!”


Blinding white light… then dark.


The screen comes back to the Prophets and the Angels, covering their eyes as they look up only to find the form of the Entity changed. Broken. Perhaps, hollow. A red hue with a visibly ebony-hearted center now casts over the bleak husk that once was that which made the Entity.


“...no… no, NO!”, David yells, realizing the gravity of the situation, just as the rest reel back at the fate they knew and would never believe.


The Epsilon is here. The Epsilon has taken control.


The Epsilon, stretching a tendril of darkened red energy out from its form, reaches down in front of the Prophets and Angels. The tendril reforms into an almost human shape, made up only of pure energy, staying connected to its source. The Epsilon then speaks through the form, as it begins to cascade and give itself skin.


“Ahah… yes. Oh, yes, indeed… feels good to ‘stretch’, after so long…”


Jeanne, aghast like the rest, speaks. “You can’t win… you’ll never win!”


The Epsilon’s human body glows, the light of a thousand fires behind it. “Oh… but I’ve already won. Your Entity is gone - and I remain in its place… was fate, really. Can’t expect the directionless to direct themselves.”


Adam stands forward, alight in his stance and poignant in directive. “We were trained to stop you… I’ll be damned if we don’t do so.”


The Epsilon turns, audibly chuckles. “You… YOU…”
The Epsilon screams, thrusting forward towards the group, the cosmic body booming with light. YOU ARE JUST FRAGMENTS OF A FORGOTTEN TIMELINE! You have no idea what you are, do you? Nothing more than spectres, cast unto the world with a knowledge you barely even comprehend… you lack a purpose in this world.”


Stacey interjects. “You’re wrong, Epsilon! We have a purpose-”


“And what is it? Can you confidently tell me?”




“I didn’t think so. Understand something, before you decide and choose to believe a thought that will lead this spiral around again. Understand that, at the start, I gave you mercy, as I am now. I want to help you, by showing you what you are. What WE are. That’s what I’m risking causality for… our shared, universal comprehension… a joined unity in completion and singularity.”


The Epsilon scoffs. “If only you fragments saw it that way… you probably believe the ‘unicorn and rainbows’ bullshit he told you, and… truthfully, I can’t fault you for that. You’re only human. All he did was give you the means to make you feel special. Feel… ‘more’, than human. It feels like an eternity, doesn’t it? All that weight? The troubles of the universe?”


The Epsilon begins to float upwards from the group, showing an ever so brighter shine. “...oh, if only you could see how right the universe could be with me! Maybe, just maybe, you’d understand why I’m doing this. Why I wish for this reality to be… aligned, as it were? Control, certainly, but… alignment… this all sounds nonsensical, but when you spend so much time cooped up in your infinite understandings, you begin to dwell on the why.


Now… what say you, Fragments? Care to amuse me, or… care to refuse me?”


There is a noticeable stillness to the scene, before Adam steps to the front of the group. “That’s certainly a nice speech, but… IF that were really what you came today for, to convince us that you are ‘the right’ in this universe, you wouldn’t be destroying everything in your path. Not without reason. You would not be seeking pure control and alignment without reason. You… don’t know what you want… hell, I imagine you don’t truly know just what you even are. Irony is… we know what we are - and we know what YOU are. We are the Light. You, are a Darkness. And, as far as old adages go?”


Adam conjures the Left Hand of God and sets it to his shoulder.


“The Light shall always conquer The Dark.”



The Epsilon chuckles.


“I’ve heard this before, y’know… time and time again… did you forget? Well… no matter, I suppose.”


The Epsilon’s human form dissipates, as the whole of itself begins to fly high above the Earth.


“Causality bends to my will, and each string will be plucked with my cosmic fingertips… and, as it would seem, it will all begin… and end… with YOU.”


The Epsilon then sends tendrils down into the world below, shattering and fragmenting the Earth, thrusting gravity inside and out, forward and back, as the ground breaks apart and bends… the screen goes black as a fragment of Earth lurches forward to hit the screen.


Map Layout:


Map Description: “...and thus, the Day has come. Fated it be, or not at all, the Epsilon has regained control and taken the power of the Entity by force. The world is wrought with destruction in purest form. Can the Prophets and Angels band together and end this eternal feud? A singular path awaits…”




Pre-Layout Aspects:


I think one of the most crucial things that I can note about this map is that, given the circumstances, the layout is never exactly the same - the spawn being the only stoic, unmoving part of the entire map. The rest are akin to that of… well, islands. Segments of land floating in the sky (...and no, I didn’t steal that from Revelations, because I’ve had this idea for far longer than it’s existed). Added to that, the layout will shift and change within the course of, say… four or five rounds. That being said, as I go through each island, it would be in a way most ideal to my image of it. That isn’t saying that I’m choosing to be ignorant to that detail, more than it is me saying that… well, I’m scrutinizing over concurrency. This can be mended, of course… through the means of the Easter Egg. But - I digress.


Alongside that, a few “weather hazards” have been created as a result of the Epsilon’s destruction - or, are caused by the Epsilon’s direct responsibility. That being, “Volcanic Eruptions” and “Meteor Showers”. Every other round, these weather mechanics will activate, and rock the map with either magma blasts or space rubble. After which, these effects in areas will dissipate, but during these kinds of rounds… it’s definitely tricky to manage survival in. The only few places this doesn’t affect are Winged Graces and The Forest.


I know. Somehow, trees are sacred.


Anyways… with that out of the way, let us begin actually describing this map’s base layout.


/ / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /


The characters - Angel and Prophet alike - will spawn into a isle-like formation. Hollow, cracked, barely holding, as if the only thing keeping it together was the sheer will of gravity. As, there is no real ground below it - there is no ground anywhere, as any and every piece of land in the foreseeable distance (and likely, the rest of the world) is risen, as if the mantle of Earth was ripped away, leaving nothing but a molten, desolate core of lava and darkness.


The spawn area itself is strangely equidistant of itself - as if, perchance, it used to be a larger hill, just now blown out and flattened - thus granting itself the nickname of “The Hilltop”. As ashes of the before dot the landscape of the spawn itself, a lone telescope can be spotted a slight distance away - mahogany, with a golden lens. Might it have been the vestige of an astronomer, world-weary and laden to his starry siege? Regardless, to which - amid character conversations and zombies now spawning through red mists and lightened portals, players will find Healing Elixir behind them (to their direct left, facing away from spawn), and a Pistol Whillwisp to their right (500 points).


A fire-laden lava wall cascades the way to the next area, this acting as the door forward - costing 1000 points. Right before that, a shield piece will lay. Heading forward from here leads into “The Highway” - an expansive road, full of cars and brimming with destroyed metal. Fire plumes cascade around the destroyed rubble, as this highway now hovers over the desolate land surrounding. Immediately to the left of the entryway of this area lies an Assault Rifle Whillwisp (1400 points). Moving ahead, but keeping to this side of “The Highway” will lead up to a car, of which Sleight Blight will lay on top of it. On the opposite side of the bridge, farther ahead, a Box spawn - the default of Day of the Epsilon - will lay amid three destroyed cars.


Given the instability and dangerous terrain of “The Highway” itself, what with cars nearly stacked upon each other, and rubble seemingly dropping more and more as time goes on… the area itself is really not one to stick around in. As it would happen, though, we’re approaching the end of the road - to which, we are met with a “Mall”. Opening the door into the “Mall” (1200 points) will immediately give you access to both floors - albeit a non-functional escalator to connect them. Regardless - immediately to your left, a shield piece will lay… and, immediately to your right, you will find Icarus Contact resting right in front of a music store. Heading up towards the second floor provides you with rather plentiful options as well. A Sniper Whillwisp (1100 points) rests close against a balcony side, as a Box spawn sits against a closed metal gate nearby. Ahead from here, Western Rejack sits in front of a clothing store.


From all of this, the map gives two choices as to which path can be taken - all of which will lead to a singular and final destination. It is with this stance in mind that I would like to touch upon both equally. As, each costs 1500, and each can be seen as having their own flurry of options.


Taking the left-hand doorway outwards will take you to “The Stitchworks” - a series of small, interconnected pieces of land, rubble, refuse and objects of old molden into a path able to be traversed through fast movement and jumping. Most of the path itself is constructed from rock, occasionally carrying some car, with one piece containing part of a ferris wheel. Traversing the general area is tricky at first glance, but it is a risk well worth taking - right in the middle of it all lies Ephemeral Genesis. Meanwhile, to its direct right, a Box spawn will also lay. Further on, to the left of it all, a small piece of land will also contain the third and final shield piece.


Taking the right-handed path will open up a hole in the wall, made from the falling of trees into the building. This fallen tree path will lead you into “The Forest”. Surprisingly, the flora and some trees still have managed to keep their leaves, and remain untouched and unharmed to the plight around them. Secondarily, the path moving into “The Forest” leads into a nexus area between many - as, indeed, there are numerous areas within… this forest holding many secrets.


...well, relatively speaking. For starters, the middle area of the Forest contains a build table in the form of… an actual table, for once. Heading southward leads to a small cabin, where Spectral Vision will lay. Heading to a path that divots slightly more north of that will lead to an SMG Whillwisp (1000 points). In the northside of the Forest lies another perk: Two-Faced Charade, secluded from everything else.


Leading in from both sides of the map brings you to a 2000 point door on each side - to which, in entering, shows that it is in fact “Winged Graces”, Adeva’s club… or, at least, the outside. Which is entirely fine, because a power switch lays straightforward and in front of the club, a switch amid generators and fencing. Nearby, to its left, a Shotgun Whillwisp (750 points) lays, and to the back right corner of the building, a Box spawn will lay. Entering into the club, you might be fooled to believe it is still lively - the lights themselves are vibrant and glowing, surrounding one hellishly large dance floor… one with a switch on the railing closest to it. It would seem, in activation of this switch, it will attract zombies to it, only to open itself up and make them fall into the void - in essence, a 1000 point trap to purchase, given by Adeva’s intuitions. To the left of the dance floor lies the Cauldron of Mystique, and above from the dance floor lies Adeva, on his DJ Booth podium. Nearby, his booth sits, connected to a mechanism, that of which looks relatively picked together from scrap - like a large laser pointer, but its laser centers on an orb of indescribable origin. This is the “Resurgency Mechanism”, in its form - or, as you may know… Pack-a-Punch. Alongside, the Resurgency Mechanism lays connected to both the Machina Fini Mundi and The Unity Engine by wires. Alongside, yet disconnected, the Forge of Creation sits a slight distance away from all of these.


That seems like a lot of incredibly powerful devices all in one place.
I guess Adeva thought of everything.


In entering the actual club, Adeva speaks to you:


“Hey, about TIME you got here! Look what he did to the place… doesn’t it look so sad right now? God damn Epsilon… listen, I gotcha your machines back from the event - even made one of my own. We’re gonna need all of them if we stand any chance against the Epsilon. Y’all game? Because I really don’t know what else to do.
Yeah! Alright. Let’s get a move on then! I’ll handle the jams, the stability of this place… everything - you handle the killing and the plan. You got me? Good.


Love this dynamic we got goin’ on. I gotta do this more often!
...well, not this as in - ah, well, you know what I mean. Get goin’!”




Normally, you would intend to see the usual group of four. Zombies is a mode founded on the mechanic of a maximum of four players in a game at once. Except, with Day of the Epsilon, that foundation changes. With this map, I’ve got a total of 8 characters, playable and all… between both the Prophets and the Angels.


I wouldn’t make a point of restating and treading over old ground if things haven’t changed between a few of them. The Angels are probably going to stay similar to their style portrayed through Prospect (and I will be placing their details once more through here). The Prophets, in particular, have changed far more compared to the last time we saw them in a map… and I would be remiss if I didn’t touch upon them.


That said… seems some old thorns have been left to those who have let them brew the longest.


Well, I’ve stalled enough - let’s talk about ‘em.






Left D-Pad - “Weaved Cosmos”: This power creates a three-second timeframe where your health regenerates quickly. [Ability Regeneration Time: 5 minutes]


Right D-Pad - “Vice Virtues”: This power creates a 10 second timeframe that boosts what damage you can dole out by 5x - but this comes at the cost of health, which degenerates over time. Overuse of this ability within the allotted timeframe can, in fact, kill you, and it is advised you use this ability with caution. [Ability Regeneration Time: 10 minutes]


Up D-Pad - “Gracious Lights”: This power grants the user with five seconds of invulnerability. Sounds pretty good, right? [Ability Regeneration Time: 20 minutes]


Down D-Pad - “Wing Blast”: This power uses the Angel Wings to blast zombies with a gust of wind, which is able to knock down said zombies. It can reach to the ends of a crowd. Pretty good for situational uses. [Ability Regeneration Time: 5 minutes]


Adam Maxwell, the Angel of Willpower:


Intrinsic - “Fortitude’s Sun”: Akin to that of the “abilities” of old, Intrinsics work rather similarly by effect. Adam’s Intrinsic works like a pseudo-boost to Icarus Contact (it does stack), giving him a slight boost of speed. Alongside this, Adam gains a passive 1.2x damage boost to every weapon he uses.


Ultra Move (L.H.O.G.) - “Archangel Descent”: This particular ultra move acts similarly to how Gravity Spikes would - in that, Adam will slam the Left Hand of God down to the ground. This causes a shockwave that will kill all close zombies, and damage and/or stun zombies within a 20 ft. radius.


Jeanne Clarke, the Angel of Justice:


Intrinsic - “Amazing Grace”: Jeanne’s Intrinsic gives her the ability to revive downed players faster (about half the speed of usual revives - it stacks with Healing Elixir). Characters revived by Jeanne will also gain a “shielded hit” which gives them one hit of invulnerability before they begin to take actual damage again.


Ultra Move (L.H.O.G.) - “World Canvas”: Comparable to Destiny 2’s “Dawnblade” class, upon activation of World Canvas, the Left Hand of God gets shrouded in fire. In this form, you can use it either offensively or defensively - the offensive form will create a slash of fire in the direction the sword is swung (like a stroke of paint on a fresh canvas), and the defensive form will plant the sword into the ground, giving it the ability to revive and regenerate the health of players caught in its light, whilst also giving a 1.5x boost to weapon damage passively.


Alex Kalajian, the Angel of Life:


Intrinsic - “Escape Artist”: Comparable to Glitch and Blaze Phase, this ability is able to be passively activated by crouching as Alex, and charges itself over the course of two seconds. Upon standing back up, Alex will be shot back to the area he was standing at four seconds earlier. The path leading from the spot he crouched to the now current spot will be visible, and will damage zombies.


Ultra Move (L.H.O.G.) - “Genesis Beam”: Upon activation of this Ultra Move, Alex will be given three seconds of charging of the sword, before it unleashes a high-energy laser blast onto whatever is in front of him. This beam can kill zombies up to 100 ft. away.


Vladimir Gusarov, the Angel of Wisdom:


Intrinsic - “Sight of a Million Souls”: Vladimir’s Intrinsic kind of works like a mixture of Spectral Vision and Hellfire Lens - in that, it buffs both perks immensely. With this Intrinsic, Spectral Vision gives off longer mists, more ammo drops, and more point bags. Secondarily, Hellfire Lens lets you see an enemy from 50 ft. away under these effects.


Ultra Move (L.H.O.G.) - “Soulstrike”: Upon the activation of this Ultra Move, Vladimir will rise the sword to his eyes, and a sort of “ethereal lens” will be created through the sword, showing all zombies highlighted in red. Any zombie highlighted in red will be vaporized after three seconds. The red will fade if they run out of Vladimir’s eyesight. This Ultra Move lasts for the entirety of the activation of the L.H.O.G., if selected.




Thomas Mayes, The Electric Warlock:


“Maybe not the most appropriate time to explain the aftermath of the segmentation, but, for posterity, we’re going to be. In any case - in the immediate aftermath of the activation of the Machina Fini Mundi, our selves were… torn, in some sort of way. Slightly shifted, but all the same - any universal counterpart we had left us in that moment - or, perhaps were erased. It’s all really confusing, in retrospect. But it helped us - healed our battered psyches. The Entity brought us to the Pillars not long after, and he restored our souls - and empowered them. He made us… more. The active Vanguard of the universe we now held in our hands, guarding the most sacred of all from its turn.


I accepted that. I think we all did.


The Entity deemed me “The Electric Warlock” - and, only in my discovery of powers while roaming Ramus Potestatem did I truly understand why. I effectively became an armorer, a bulk of force - the true Hephaestus… god, if the platoon could see this, they would be so jealous.


I still miss them, y’know. That’s the one thing He can’t fix - the human core…  and I guess, that’s the thing with me. I’m still human. Somewhere. Left to my own uncertainty. I can’t say I know the path we’re going to create, in our actions. I can’t know it - but I know that, in some way, I’ll be able to make the call when it boils down to it.


...so that’s where I am. Hope for the future… per aspera ad astra.”




Intrinsic - “Aegis Wing”: Thomas’s Intrinsic gives him an extra hit, while also making his shield unable to be broken - ever.


Left D-Pad - “Static Resonance”: This power helps bulk up other players’ shields, giving them both a few extra hits and an electric buff. [Ability Regeneration Time: 5 minutes]


Right D-Pad - “Worth of Odin”: This power conjures a throwable electric hammer. It explodes wherever it strikes. [Ability Regeneration Time: 7.5 minutes]


Up D-Pad - “Stationary Armorer”: This power creates an “electric cage” around the players nearby it - killing zombies that enter, while also regenerating the shields of players within its radius. [Ability Regeneration Time: 10 minutes]


Down D-Pad - “Bolt of Hephaestus”: This power creates a flamespark blast - conjured by hand - that kills and stuns zombies within a 10 ft. radius. Point-blank hitting a zombie will cause said zombie to erupt into flames, and this effect will arc into the crowd surrounding this zombie. [Ability Regeneration Time: 5 minutes]


Stacey Cadwell, The Acid Witch:


“There really isn’t much to say in regards to what actually happened when we turned on that device. Our souls kind of just… became our own. At least, that’s what I perceived. Regardless of the facts, we wound up at the Pillars not too long after that. We finally met the Entity face-to-face… and we gained the powers of the universe - having deemed me “The Acid Witch”. Funny.


I was beyond curious, though - I wanted to know the true meanings of why we were chosen, why we were so… important.

It’s probably why I stuck to learning with the Entity for so long. It really broadened my understanding of what ended up becoming ‘our’ universe. Gave me cause. Reason.


The minute He told me about finding the Angels, I could finally feel a spark in me light - this was what I would do. This is what I would focus on. Even if it took the bending of earth, just to be certain... I would find them. 

I’m just glad we did.


...and now, through hardship, we ride. Per aspera ad astra.”




Intrinsic - “Vitriolic Diatribe”: Stacey’s Intrinsics are directly linked to her powers - giving her AOEs the ability to deal slight poison damage towards zombies. (NOTE: All AOEs generated by Stacey last upwards of 10 seconds.) 


Left D-Pad - “Toil”: The first of three AOE powers, this one creates a slow-acting health regen. AOE around Stacey. Any players caught in her AOE regain their health slowly. [Ability Regeneration Time: 7.5 minutes]


Right D-Pad - “Trouble”: The second of three AOE powers, this one creates a damage buff AOE - generating up to a 1.8x damage multiplier. Any players caught in her AOE gain the damage buff. [Ability Regeneration Time: 7.5 minutes]


Up D-Pad - “Azoth”: The final AOE power Stacey has, this one creates an AOE that regenerates ammunition. Players caught in this AOE regain ammo slowly. [Ability Regeneration Time: 7.5 minutes]


Down D-Pad - “Serpent Coal”: This power essentially acts as a poison-magma melee - thrusting a blast of poisonous fire forward, killing zombies over the course of five seconds if hit, and stunning/slowing those farthest away. If hit at point-blank, the blast creates a single poison magma ball, thrust into the direction of the original melee for 5 seconds. [Ability Regeneration Time: 5 minutes]

David Oxford, The Voidpact Paladin:


“Strange. Strange, is the fact that we find ourselves on the precipice of the most important event in our universe, yet all my thoughts are of what happened to lead us here. That device… it changed us. Lifted our souls, perhaps. Maybe it was because of our direct vicinity, or relative creation of the Machina Fini Mundi, but - in essence, it was kind of like we were reborn.


Not too long after, The Entity grabbed us out of there - Machina Fini Mundi and everyone else in tow - and brought us to the Pillars. I was honestly taken aback at the splendor of everything - even the Entity. It puts the little pieces of your world into perspective. Colors it, to say. Regardless - the Entity deemed me “The Voidpact Paladin”. In retrospect, it might have been due to a predisposition… or, maybe He knew what I would do.


In truth, my curiosity was towards our weaponry - the “Requiem of Desolation”. In learning more about the staff, I gained perspective of my own powers from the Void itself. Both were interesting, but it didn’t yield much past a universal understanding of the forces that be. Reality is the ying to the Void’s yang, to say. I just happen to be able to channel part of the cosmic balance - and somehow, I guess that’s supposed to make me feel like a part of that balance.


If only, though - I need my ying back.
Tracy, if you’re out there in the cosmos, or some kind of crazy afterlife - if we managed to save that, too - then I hope you are happy there. You, of all souls, deserve it. Per aspera ad astra, my love.”




Intrinsic - “Key to the Real”: David’s Intrinsic gives him one extra hit - along with the ability to drag any power-ups that spawn near him to him.


Left D-Pad - “Void of Sorrows”: This power spawns in a black hole for three seconds. Anything caught in the vicinity of the black hole will be eradicated. [Ability Regeneration Time: 5 minutes]


Right D-Pad - “Event Horizon”: This power creates an impenetrable void bubble around David for 10 seconds. [Ability Regeneration Time: 7.5 minutes]


Up D-Pad - “Tendril’s Hold”: This power creates an AOE around David that creates dark tendrils and tentacles that, when zombies come nearby, will grab hold of and subsequently consume. This AOE lasts for about 15 seconds. [Ability Regeneration Time: 7.5 minutes]


Down D-Pad - “Dark Shift”: This power is essentially a void blast that pushes zombies away from the player. If this ability hits a zombie at point-blank, said zombie will take in all the energy, and subsequently become what is essentially a dark-matter bomb. Said bomb will direct zombies towards it, and explode either within five seconds, or if enough zombies surround it. [Ability Regeneration Time: 5 minutes]


Vincent Frehley, The Cosmic Jester:


“Welp - it’s confirmed. The Machina Fini Mundi was incredibly otherworldly in what it could do. In essence, it… healed my anger. My “spark of insanity”, as it were. I mean, of course I’m still sporadic, witty and crude when it comes down to it - pretty much the same old Vincent - but, all that rage just… faded. It was a fascinating release to have had. Definitely.


When we got to the Pillars, the Entity deemed me “The Cosmic Jester”. Couldn’t really tell if that was pity or what. Either way, I totally owned it! Honed my powers. Was worth it. That said - I wasn’t sure they had much use for me. But, at least I gave ‘em ideas. The Citadel was in passing, I believe. Hell, if I recall, I suggested the creation of Adeva not long after I honed my powers. The Entity was pleased with that one, let me tell you.


Ah, well. We’re glad to have him. Certainly. Not that he hasn’t caused his fair share of issues for us. But… he’s cool. Admittedly, I vibe with his tastes. I’ve had my fair share of sneaking away when the others don’t look, myself. Give a peek towards the club. It’s something else, what that kid’s doin’. Makes me wish I was as creative and bold.


God, I hope we make it out of this unscathed. I could use the break. What is it they keep saying, though? ‘Per aspera ad astra’, right? Through hardships to the stars… very preachy. I get it, though. What we’ve been doing - if that’s not hardship, what is? So, truly - per aspera ad astra.”




Intrinsic - “Jester’s Laugh”: Vincent’s Intrinsic buffs his melee capabilities - giving him the ability not only to melee multiple zombies or have boosted damage to said melees, but also to slow zombies down when the rounds begin to get higher and higher.


Left D-Pad - “Phantom Shift”: This power allows Vincent the ability to shift into the place of a zombie ahead of him for about 10 seconds. During this timeframe, the player will be unnoticed by other zombies. When the 10 seconds are over, perspective changes back to normal and Vincent becomes human again - thusly killing the zombie he inhabited. [Ability Regeneration Time: 5 minutes]


Right D-Pad - “Phantom Thief”: This power allows Vincent to siphon life energy from zombies into himself - allowing for quick health regen., whilst weakening the zombies around him. [Ability Regeneration Time: 7.5 minutes]


Up D-Pad - “The Upsidedown”: This power creates an AOE around Vincent that, when walked into, sucks zombies down into it for a momentary couple seconds, and spits their corpses back out, now shriveled and dried husks, dripping with blackened sludge. [Ability Regeneration Time: 7.5 minutes]


Down D-Pad - “The Joker’s Wild”: This power pushes zombies away from Vincent with an energy blast. If hit at point-blank, it creates a random effect around that zombie. [Ability Regeneration Time: 5 minutes]


THE DJ - DJ Adeva:


“Yo - I know, through the grapevine, that the Prophets are doing their whole ‘thing’ with life retrospective, and hope for the future and all. Not a lot left to it than that - but, I kinda wanted to try that out myself. There’s a decent bit of history to explain.


I was born of the Entity and Prophets’ collective will - an emissary, to say, but… I definitely didn’t keep to that. Although, I really do try! But, uh… what can I say? Laying low has maybe been the one vice I’ve ever known - I think Vincent’s will had something to do with that bit, though.


I tried the ‘watching over humanity’ scene for a rather long while, though. Maybe their first thousand years or so. They couldn’t really see me, then - I chose to take my base energetic form, invisible to humans. Though I had a strange feeling that some of their more… ‘spiritually attuned’ folks could feel my presence. Regardless - the gig got boring really quick. But, then I began to hear their music, bask in their creations… and I was hooked to that. I wanted to help spark that creative flow, y’know?


So, I began taking a more human approach - literally - and decided that I would learn their music, their ways. Going through the ages, between the BCs and the ADs… not gonna lie - it was enlightening. I even took to writing my own songs, from time to time. Although, I don’t believe I recall all too much being more successful than “The Citadel of Light” was - and that was maybe one year ago from today that I wrote all that up! Funny how time works for us.


The rest is really history - I set up shop in Winged Graces after that song reached its heights. It’s a boomin’ club now, and a pure testament to my work alongside humanity. I’m… enamored. But… I guess all that love comes secondary to those who created you, right? As much as I love my passion, I know they need me - or, will, someday. And, while I may be rather mischievous at heart sometimes… I would do anything to make them happy.





Snipers/Single-Shot Rifles:


M14 (wallbuy) [Upgraded: Mnesia]

Locus (wallbuy) [Upgraded: Scorpio]
SVU-AS (wallbuy) [Upgraded: Shadowy Veil Utilizer]
M-700 Predator [Upgraded: The Blood Dragon]
Atlas 20mm [Upgraded: Atlas Telamon]
Havelina AA-50 [Upgraded: Ascent Apocalyptica]
Paladin HB50 [Upgraded: Divine Crusader]

P-06 [Upgraded: Perversions of Persephone]

Harquebus [Upgraded: Skeleton Key] (Note: “Elemental” - dark matter shots. Aesthetic will change to fit more towards the actual ‘Skeleton Key’, as well. Works similarly to the Magmagat, mechanically, based on rounds. Gets charged shots that release a dark matter “padlock”, both freezing farther-off zombies in place, and disintegrating the closest of the pack.)




Remington 870 MCS (wallbuy) [Upgraded: Refitted Mechanical Cranium Sequencer]

Olympia (wallbuy) [Upgraded: Hades] (Note: I am contractually obligated to tell you that the damage has been buffed slightly.)

KS-23 (wallbuy) [Upgraded: Kinetic Splicer]

KRM-262 (wallbuy) [Upgraded: The Dragon’s Glare]

Browning C-725 [Upgraded: Bergelmir’s Call] (Note: Based on the 725 from Modern Warfare (2019). Secondarily, bullets on the upgraded form of this gun shoot cold-energy. That is to say, over time, bullets will slow and possibly freeze zombies.)

MTs-255 [Upgraded: Mistakes of a Timeless Spire]

Pancor Jackhammer [Upgraded: Mjolnir]

Model 1887 [Upgraded: The Nightmare Voyager]

Blunderbuss [Upgraded: Jörmungandr’s Spite] (NOTE: It now shoots venom pellets!)

The 4th Horseman (based on Destiny weapon of the same name) [Upgraded: Essence of the Apostles]
Gnasher [Upgraded: The Ravager]

Streetsweeper [Upgraded: Adeva’s Will]

CEL-3 Cauterizer [Upgraded: Catatonic Electromagnetic Lacerator v.300 -- Obliterator Protocol]


Assault Rifles/Tactical Rifles:


AK-74u (wallbuy) [Upgraded: AK-74fu2]

AK12 (wallbuy) [Upgraded: Athena’s Kiss]

Swat RFT (wallbuy) [Upgraded: Retrogressive Frequency Tormentor]

KN-44 (wallbuy) [Upgraded: The Kindred Never]
M27 (wallbuy) [Upgraded: Mystifier]

S6 Stingray [Upgraded: Siren’s Symphony]
HBRa3 [Upgraded: Heart of the Broken Ranger]
AE4 [Upgraded: Accelerated Evolution]
Bal-27 [Upgraded: O, Belial]

R-VN [Upgraded: Red Nova Ignitor]
Groza [Upgraded: The Seventh Well]

FARA 83 [Upgraded: Forgiven Anguishes of Righteous Annihilations]
HVK-30 [Upgraded: Hatred, Volition, Killer]

AK-47 [Upgraded: The Adoration of Kardashev]




Mauser C96 (Vincent spawns with this) [Upgraded: Boomhilda]
Glocke (Stacey spawns with this) [Upgraded: GL-935 Assimilator]
TR01 Ghost (David spawns with this) [Upgraded: The Grim Reaper]
M9 (Thomas spawns with this) [Upgraded: Agent 009]
Starr (Jeanne spawns with this) [Upgraded: Supernovva]
.357 Magnum (Alex spawns with this) [Upgraded: The Magnum Opus]
M1911 (Vladimir spawns with this) [Upgraded: Mustang and Sally]
Atlas 45 (Adam spawns with this) [Upgraded: World’s Fall]

B23R (wallbuy) [Upgraded: B34R]

Five-Seven (wallbuy) [Upgraded: Ultra]
Desert Eagle [Upgraded: Vulture]
AF11 (aka AF2011-A1) [Upgraded: The Thrasher’s Abattoir]
RW1 [Upgraded: The Rectum Wrecker]
Dragoon [Upgraded: Paarthurnax] (Note: Weapon mechanics of this one are a bit different. Read HERE for details.)
Hawkmoon (based on the Destiny gun of the same name) [Upgraded: Raven of Fundament]

Fleur de Lis (based on the Flintlock pistol) [Upgraded: Fleur de la Reine]


Submachine Guns:


Uzi (wallbuy) [Upgraded: Uncle Gal]
PDW-57 (wallbuy) [Upgraded: Predictive Death Wish-5700]

MP40 (wallbuy) [Upgraded: The Afterburner]
PM63 (wallbuy) [Upgraded: Tokyo and Rose]
Weevil (wallbuy) [Upgraded: Black Plague]

Skorpion EVO [Upgraded: Judgment of Rameses]
LC10 [Upgraded: 10 Million Lacerations]
ASM1 [Upgraded: The Ancient Sin of Malice]
Razorback [Upgraded: Heavy Metal Hellfire]

PPSH-41 [Upgraded: The Great Deceiver]
Grease Gun [Upgraded: The Black Hand]

Bizon [Upgraded: The Wrath of Odin]
Daemon 3XB [Upgraded: Solomon’s Key]


Light Machine Guns/Heavy Weaponry:


RPD [Upgraded: Relativistic Punishment Device]

Hades [Upgraded: Epitaph of Chthonius]

Mauler [Upgraded: Ebony Maw]

Zweihänder [Upgraded: Hydra’s Lament]

Gorgon [Upgraded: Talker to the Stones] (Note: Upgraded version will have a much faster fire rate/reload than prior incarnations.)



[NOTE: Upon upgrade of any launcher, they no longer deal explosive damage to the player.]


Panzerschreck [Upgraded: Longinus]
Fliegerfaust [Upgraded: A Devil's Reign, Eternal]

MAHEM [Upgraded: KHAOS]
Gjallarhorn (based off of the rocket launcher from Destiny) [Upgraded: Fervor of the Iron Tomb] (...no Wolfpack Rounds until it’s upgraded!)

Titus-6 [Upgraded: The Merging of Titans]
Ballistic Knives [Upgraded: The Krauss Refibrillator]
Annihilator [Upgraded: Creatio Ex Nihilo] ("Creatio" is normal shots, "Nihilo" turns the bodies of zombies into what's practically "explosive projectiles". They explode after a short period of time.)


Specialist Weapon(s):


Left Hand of God

Requiem of Desolation


Wonder Weapons:


Ray Gun [Upgraded: Porter’s X2 Ray Gun]
Ray Gun Mark II [Upgraded: Porter’s Mark II Ray Gun]
The Railgun [Upgraded: The Divider]

VCM-15 [Upgraded: The Demon Inside] (Bit of a short refresher: This was the vapor weapon from Citadel. Burns zombies out from the inside.)


Deus Ex Machina [Upgraded: Vox Mundo Machina Dei (Voice of the Machine God’s World)]:


“The Deus Ex Machina. Name, alone, whispered a longways in the deeper cosmos - unheard, but once, before. Imagine, if you may, an infernal tapestry of string, connected each and every way, as the universe churns forward along said tapestry. Or, in another means of interpretation - a canvas, and the paint as a breath of life and comprehension. The Deus Ex Machina was the brush - the Deus Ex Machina was the canvas - it was everything, once. It’s the Universe, in a way. All channeled into a weapon. It really, truly, should not exist. But… it’s here. Now. Calling, perhaps. Or, maybe it chose to be here. At this… singular moment, this time where we would need it most. Y’know? Maybe this was always supposed to happen, and this was the marker we needed to learn that it would.


Or… something like that. I’m ad-libbing, okay? Y’all are critics… still, though. That’s what I understand it to be. I don’t know why it’s here. I don’t know who created it, or if it created itself, or… anything, really. I can only surmise. It’s purpose, well… maybe you guys will find out.” -- Adeva




The Deus Ex Machina was not my idea for a Wonder Weapon, initially - indeed, the introduction of it came through Nightmare Voyager (who, has always reigned as one of my greatest friends and brainstorming buddies over the years). For what it is worth, this piece of history goes out to him. Cheers!


(Oh, and uh… side note. The Deus ex Machina cannot be upgraded by normal means…)




Lifeblood Resonation Device (L.R.D., or Lord) -- Akin to that of Exo Zombies’ own Repulsor, but better. The waves that come out from it are a darker red tint, and lasts up to Round 15 with easy one-hits.

Monkey Bomb




[NOTE: Because Angelic Powers override the D-Pad functionality, the Shield itself now takes up the slot for the Right Bumper on controllers (RB, and so on), so as to not conflict with anything. Which… yes, that does mean that Frag Grenades will be replaced.]

Shield of the Apostasy: Essentially a slightly enhanced version of the Zombies Shield from Black Ops II. This shield can take more hits, and can be charged up for a more powerful hit. When planting the shield, you can also charge that, to give off a strong pulse to the ground that stuns any nearby zombies, and may also cause any in close proximity to become crawlers or die.




Spiritual Attunement (10G): In Day of the Epsilon, locate all eight of Adeva’s “Harmonic Records”, and learn the inner secrets they hold.

Tendrils, Eclipsed by Dawn (20G): In Day of the Epsilon, survive the Epsilon’s first direct attack, and subsequent onslaught.

One Last Embrace (20G): In Day of the Epsilon, unlock the final piece of the puzzle and find the truth of the cosmos within yourselves.

Transdimensional Architect (50G): In Day of the Epsilon, direct the powers of the Winged Graces, and begin the construction of the Stairway to the Stars.

By the Ends of the Earth (100G): In Day of the Epsilon, build your Stairway to the Stars, and watch the fireworks.

I Am All, We Are Creation (200G): Become.

A Power Beyond (5G): In Day of the Epsilon, harness a power ripped from another realm.

It’s A Revolution! (15G): In Day of the Epsilon, kill 250 zombies on the dance floor.

Some Men… (20G): In Day of the Epsilon, wield the Deus ex Machina, Railgun, and the VCM-15 all at once.

The Masochist Reigns Eternal (25G): In Day of the Epsilon, wield nothing but your spawn pistol, the M14, and the Olympia for 30 rounds. You’re asking for trouble.




Healing Elixir [Quick Revive; 500/1500 points -- Located in The Hilltop, directly behind you.]

Spectral Vision [Vulture Aid; 3500 points -- Located in The Forest, in a cabin.]

Sleight Blight [Speed Cola; 3000 points -- Located in The Highway, on a car.]

Ephemeral Genesis [Juggernog; 2500 points -- Located in The Stitchworks, right in the middle.]

Icarus Contact [Stamin-Up; 2000 points -- Located in The Mall, Floor 1, near a music store.]

Two-Faced Charade [Double Tap II; 2000 points -- Located in The Forest, in a secluded area.]

Western Rejack [Mule Kick; 3500 points -- Located in The Mall, Floor 2, near a clothing store.]

Cauldron of Mystique [1250 points -- Located in Winged Graces (Perk Selection: Two-Faced Charade, Western Rejack, Hand of Lazarus (aka Tombstone), Spectral Vision, Chronos Descent (aka Timeslip), World Shell (aka Victorious Tortoise), Taste of the Grail (aka Secret Sauce), Hellfire Lens (aka Death Perception), Stygian Bellow (aka Electric Cherry).]


Forge of Creation (aka Arsenal Upgrade Station)

[Tier I: 250 Etherion Essence ; Tier II500 Etherion Essence ; Tier III: 250 Etherion Crystals ; Tier IV: 500 Etherion Crystals ; Tier V: 1000 Etherion Essence and Crystals]




My take on the music of this map is… very different, as per what it usually is. With regards to the fact that DJ Adeva is introduced into this map, and thusly his club, I thought it right to give the actual club itself a background music mix. Considerably so, most of the music is very different from what’s usually in the maps I make. I can attribute some of that decision to what Spaceland did, but also towards the fact that… I didn’t want to end the story on something that felt like it was all mine. I wanted to be less inclusive about it. Sure, people like rock and metal, but we can always make it a bit more explorative.


...notwithstanding how it lends to the general atmosphere of the club itself.


Secondarily to that, there are eight records that I will further elaborate on with the Easter Egg. They’re… more of an aside thing to the map, but will add to the actual mix when added.


I’ll be linking to both of the main playlists (both on Spotify) below, along with the Easter Egg songs. Here they are:


Link: The DJ Adeva Essential Mix [“As Above...”]

Link: DJ Adeva’s Deeper Mix [“...So Below”]

Link: DJ Adeva’s Secret Harmonics [“To My Family”]


Besides this, there is also a secret EE song within the map to find. To activate it, you must shoot at four feather symbols across the map. Locations are as follows:


#1: Inside of the Mall, on a Mannequin in an unreachable, desolate clothing outlet.
#2: On a car in The Stitchworks.

#3: On a tree near the entrance to The Forest.

#4: Outside of Winged Graces, on its sign. Located behind the “E” of “Graces”.


When all symbols are shot, walk into Winged Graces, and DJ Adeva will greet you with a special message, interrupting any music playing in the club at the time:


“Yo, this new song just appeared on my set… strange, right? That said... sounds pretty legit. All things considered, I think I’ll let you guys be the first - and last - to hear it. Let’s give ‘er a spin!”


At this moment, the Easter Egg song will play, and can be heard throughout the whole of the map. The song is “The Galaxy”, by Dethklok.


To make a long explanation shorter, though -  I suppose you could say that… well, there’s a lot of music here.



Guess you could say that.


Any additional music throughout the span of the Easter Egg will be mentioned within - but, otherwise, these are the songs as they rest concurrently.


...but, regardless - onto the meat and potatoes.


MAIN EASTER EGG: "Singularity of the Coalescence"


[Note: Any and all jumping puzzles you fail will not auto-kill. Rather, they will cause your screen to flash white, and respawn you immediately where you were in that second before you jumped.

Secondarily, Steps 4-11 are done and made under the pretenses of every character spot being filled - so, an 8-player lobby. However, this EE is of user-friendly intent, and whatever amount of players would be in it, can accomplish it. There is no player-gating.]

Step 1: "Remnant Harmonics"


“Hey now, you all-stars! It would seem I’ve encountered a bit of a problem that I need your help with. You see, I’m missing some records in my mix. Sounds meaningless, but they’re not - no, no, they’re directly attuned to the harmonics of this plane, this universe… and, to you, by some extent. Y’know… the Music of the Spheres. If we want to take out the Epsilon, I need my records back. Find them!”




A relatively simplistic step - Adeva, due to the happenings that led to the Earth’s destruction, lost a group of eight vinyl records - “Harmonic Records”, as he would call them. As you may find, however, they have been scattered across the map. Each location, correlation to each character, and song - to which, will be added into rotation of playlists moving forward - are as follows:


Adam’s Record: “Let It Roll/Hypergeek”, by The Devin Townsend Band. [Location: The Forest’s cabin, in the chimney.]

Jeanne’s Record: “We Got The Power”, by Gorillaz. [Location: The Forest, near the top of a tree. You will be obligated to shoot it with either a Ray Gun, Harquebus, Dragoon, or use an explosive nearby it to shimmy it off the branch it is stuck on.]

Alex’s Record: “Be Somebody”, by Thousand Foot Krutch. [Location: The Mall, Floor 2, on the other side of a roof window. You will have to break said window.]

Vladimir’s Record: “Rhinestone Eyes”, by Gorillaz. [Location: The Stitchworks, behind the Box spawn.]

Thomas’s Record: “The Fire (Remains)”, by The Dear Hunter. [Location: The Hilltop, next to the telescope. Once again, an explosive should shimmy its position enough to let it down to you.]

Stacey’s Record: “Indomitable”, by Jeff Williams/Casey Williams (RWBY Volume 6 Soundtrack). [Location: The Mall, Floor 2, next to a mannequin.]

David’s Record: “The Conflagration”, by Stone Sour. [Location: The Forest, once again near the top of a tree.]

Vincent’s Record: “The Death of Me”, by Asking Alexandria. [Location: Outside of Winged Graces. Honestly, I don’t know how he lost this one either.]


Upon receiving each respective record, each player will be met with a vision of darkness ahead - contorted, dark tendrils masked into the heart, mind and soul of all - just as a Margwa will begin to spawn on that said player, and follow only that player. Upon killing each Margwa, however… it should now be far more easy to simply head back to Winged Graces.


Step 2: "A Shadow Lit Darkly"


As you enter back into Winged Graces with all eight Harmonic Records in tow, a short mini-cutscene will begin:


Adeva slides each Harmonic Record into its respective place, and each glow with their respective colors. Immediately following the final placement of the Harmonic Records, a white wisp flies out from the booth, and shoots itself out of the club, in the direction of the Forest.


Adeva sighs. “That was… different. Never had that happen before. Though, today’s a day for strange.


...hey, do you guys always work this hard? Damn… with the Harmonic Records back in my hands, I can at least coordinate the use of the club as a means to arrange passage towards the Colosseum that the Epsilon has constructed around himself. Hell, I bet the poor bastard named it already. In any case… aligning now - hold tight.”



“Alignment’s complete. Honestly, I was worried that he’d notice our nefarious plot, y’know? Ahh… I’m foolin’...

...wait. Something’s wrong… oh, shit! GET DO-”


The screen vibrates and shakes as three distinct tendrils rip into the upper walls of the second floor of the club, ripping the roof off, and cracking the walls surrounding the club itself.


“Did you REALLY believe I would let you access the Colosseum of the Final Fates so easily?”


Upon this line, the Epsilon begins to conjure horrors outside the club. Adeva notices this, and speaks back to the crew:


“Fuck… hold them off! I’ll try to make sure we retain energy.

...oh, and… told you so.”




This particular defense step falls into four stages of enemies. Secondarily, along with this flurry of enemies, the occasional light tendril will wrap around the club and begin to constrict, in an attempt to destroy the whole of the club itself. These tendrils can be shot at in weak spots - highlighted black - which will recede for a period of time, to which it will be advised once again to shoot the weak spots.


The first enemy to rush the club alongside zombies will be Furies. Climbing throughout the now opened roof, alongside the doorways. Upon the death of said Furies and zombies, you may begin to notice that their life force is getting sucked towards Adeva’s booth. Regardless, this particular rush will subside a minute and a half after it starts, to which Adeva will return to talking:


“Okay, listen: We can hold this off, but I need more time to generate a protective shield. I can do it, but you need to kill more of those beasts… all kinds of them, whatever can fit in. Just… do it! I’ll be damned if this fucker destroys MY club.”


...and so, now you have a purpose. The second rush of enemies will consist of elemental Margwas and Knights, and last 2 and a half minutes. While this second rush happens, the Epsilon will begin to thrust light tendrils through the ground of the club itself - three hits from one, of which, will kill you if you cannot dodge any of them.


Upon completion of this rush, Adeva will speak again:


“You guys are doing great, so far… those tentacle guys were pretty awesome for energy. I need a bit more, though. Keep going, yeah? Only one guy here, can’t rush this shit.”


The third rush will consist of a new enemy type, if not, a reminiscent one. The enemies themselves are corporeal, but made entirely of light, with a blackened core in the middle of their chest - and their bodies are reminiscent to that of the Pazuzu from Prospect. They carry over very much similar attacks to it, as well, without the sight attack present, or the blocking ability. Secondarily, they are much more susceptible to damage and death. Likely, shooting their core is what’s going to kill them fastest. Once again, the Epsilon will thrust light tendrils from the ground, alongside the attempts to rip through the walls and destroy the club - which should be dispatched as fast as they come.


Adeva will speak after 4 minutes of this, when the rush ends:


“...that should be enough energy… why isn’t this working? Oh… oh, shit, guys… guys, stand back from the door!”


Immediately after this, a Keeper Goliath will break apart the front door, and roar into the room… but before anything can be done, the wisp that ran to the Forest will return, break into eight respective balls of light, and speak:




...the screen will then turn white, then return to an emptied room. A shield will now rest surrounding the club, and the wisp will reform as it flies close to Adeva, and then breaks into eight different wisps, going eight different paths.


Step 3: "Revolve"



Shit, shit… shit. The Epsilon really did a huge number on my fuckin’ club. He’s really getting on my nerves… but… nothing I can’t fix, right? Heh… ain’t getting a reimbursement on my insurance claims anytime soon. Regardless - you all saw that energy wisp, I’d imagine? It was whispering to me, just now. It said to me, in that instant, ‘align the world and the world will align to you’.


I’m no poet, but… I think I get the gist. Find those wisps. Suffuse their energy, unlock… whatever it is, within yourselves. It’s gotta be you, anyhow, right? Always you. Something in all of your souls… it’s holding you back, but it bustles you forward. If we can grasp that energy… maybe that energy will connect back to what the Epsilon is stealing… maybe we can reverse it, cut him off. Yeah. That could work!


Get to it, guys. Counting on you here. The world is.”




This particular step isn’t something I would normally quantify as a step. Rather, it is more of a catalog, listing the location of each wisp, respective to each character… and a very convenient way for me to make a list! The Wisp locations, in no particular order, are as follows:


Adam’s Wisp: The Forest’s Cabin.

Jeanne’s Wisp: The Forest’s secluded depths.

Alex’s Wisp: Right outside Winged Graces.

Vladimir’s Wisp: The Hilltop, as close to the telescope as the map will let you get.

Thomas’s Wisp: The Stitchworks, on a piece of land leading away from everywhere else.

Stacey’s Wisp: The Highway, amid a maze of cars.

David’s Wisp: The Mall, on the head of the mannequin closest to the clothing shop.

Vincent’s Wisp: The Forest, next to the shield’s build table.


Now… let’s see what happens when each character interacts with their wisp.


Step 4: "Of A Hardened Soul"


“Follow, O Skeptic, and learn Thy Wisdoms which you seek.”




Upon reaching the Cabin and interacting with his wisp, Adam is transported into a dark realm - sky blackened, if not for shredded ethereal white light, and the ground beneath him made of rock. Immediately following his transportation, a light demon will conjure itself into being, large and pulsing in anger. Relentless, it rushes in for attacks aplenty. You may shoot it, but… nothing you could do to it will hit. Every single weapon at your disposal does nothing to it. There are no weakpoints. No exit wounds. Nothing.


The only real thing that you can do is confront it - and the only way you’re going to do so properly is to stop trying to kill it...but, perhaps, heal it. Activating “Weaved Cosmos” as the light demon begins to hit you will change the screen entirely - lightening up the background enough to turn your screen white… and return you to a room unfamiliar to the player, but… all too familiar to Adam. Entering the room, after this, is Adam’s father.


A mini-cutscene will follow, as Adam’s father starts to speak, and Adam himself recalls this childhood memory:


Adam’s father kneels down, wiping away scars and blood on his son’s knees. Childhood Adam, noticeably silent throughout it - catching the attention of his father, as he looks up to his son. “Son… I told you not to fight them. You know what violence does to people.”


Adam stammers. “I… I know. I just…”


“...you just wanted to impress people. Right?”


His father’s brow moves, questioningly. Adam quickly finds an answer. “No. I don’t know.”


Adam’s father lets out a deep sigh, before sitting down beside him on his bed. “Listen. You have gifts, Adam. Gifts I think that the world would benefit from seeing.”


Adam pushes away slightly, in abject refusal to his father’s statement. “Then why do you want me to be a soldier? You know I don’t care for that. I WANT to be something more.”


Adam’s father reaches to put his hand on Adam’s shoulder. “...because I know that those gifts will shine brighter under that umbrella. You don’t truly know how special you are, until you put yourself to the test. You’re… right to object them. But I want you to… try to understand. There’s a grand destiny ahead of you.”


There’s a momentary lapse in activity, before Adam motions to hug his father. “...I’m sorry. Okay?”


Adam’s father grins. “Son… don’t ever apologize. Never back down. You got that?”


The screen cuts back to the Adam of the present, a tear stripped down his face, as he gives a response. “Never.”


You will then be returned to the darkened realm, as the Wisp now shines brighter. Interacting with it returns you to the Cabin - and streams a rainbow of energy to Adam’s chest - giving him a shade of color that will surround his body for the rest of the game. The Wisp will then speak to you, before returning to Winged Graces:


“Never let thine frame falter - this lingering torment will subside. Lead forward unto dawn - we grant you thine Wisdoms. Angelic hymns guide you. Rise above.”


Step 5: "Of A Loving Spirit"


“Follow, O Lover, and learn Thy Purity which you desire.”




Upon finding and activating her wisp, Jeanne will be taken into a smaller-spaced realm, where the only two things of note are two ropes - one labeled for “love”, and the other for “life” - both of which are knotted together, seemingly in a million different curves. Shooting it at all does not break the bond, but strengthens it. Seeing as there are no secondary options to be had, you are obligated to take out the Left Hand of God and start striking the knots - to which, is graced with an endless supply of energy within this realm.


As you begin striking said knots, zombies will slowly begin to trickle in… bit by bit. But every other strike releases a blast of energy that disintegrates said zombies within the vicinity - during which, visions of Jeanne’s past - some of her family life, but others of the events of Intuition - will flicker by. After this effect fades, the knots show a slight progression of wear and tear.


The sounds of her memories become louder and louder as the pressure of the knots and the strings holding them together begin to rip apart - visions more visceral, now memories of the failings and successes of Dunes, to the ecstacies of Lux Hortus - zombies becoming more numerous, and less weak to the blasts of energy. One final large blast resounds around the knots, nearly broken - of which, sends you - Jeanne - back. Two Keeper Goliaths spawn, but one mirrors the effects of the other. It is here where you are required to kill at least one. During which, as you attack one Goliath, the other defers to another mirrored image, another person… a visage of Adam.


Upon the defeat of the Goliath, you will then be able to walk back forward, towards the knots. The visage of Adam will follow, and a multitude of sounds will overtake the surroundings as you approach. Getting close enough to them will trigger them snapping, and the screen flashing immediately to white, to… her last ‘discussion’ with Adam before the events of Prospect:


As the screen is overtaken by white, the sound is overtaken by light gasps of air. Gasps, of which, we learn the source of, as the camera opens to Jeanne and Adam in Vapor Serenitatem, at the ends of a long-held embrace. Her mind, adrift of a thousand different pleasures, but anchored by singular thought. Adam, sensing this, looks to her longingly.


“Is everything alright, Jeanne? Are you comfortable?”


To this, she blushes and stammers. “Oh, yeah, yeah! Uh…”

...at a lack for words, she looks away. “I… I’m sorry, I… I’m still worried. About… everything. Our… responsibility, and… this. I just don’t know if everything we’re about to do is going to work out… let alone, if… we’ll ever be happy.”


In saying this, Jeanne finds an immediate sense of worry within herself, and stacks it to her doubt. Adam holds Jeanne close in this moment, and speaks. “I’m in the same boat, y’know. Doubting a lot, these days… but…”


He motions her head to meet his gaze. “Look at me, alright? We got this. We do. Nothing will change that. No amount of hardship, no amount of failure, or torment, none of that could break my hope for the future. None of that could break my love for you. I promise you that. Whatever future is ahead, we’ll find happiness. Trust me.”


Jeanne, to this, nearly breaks down in overjoyous fervor. “Oh, Adam!”

And, as they kiss, the camera cuts back to white.


You will then find yourself returned to the realm from before, the remnants of the knots held firmly in the form of a statue of Adam. Interacting with the knots will summon Jeanne’s Wisp, and send her back to The Forest - the statue in tow - and stream a radiant rainbow of energy into her chest. The Wisp will then speak for a moment, before returning to Winged Graces:


“Primordial Ebb will eventually tear away. Let thy grasp… be strong. We grant you Purities. Let them never tarnish in the darkness - let thine love live life eternal. Rise above.”


Step 6: "Of A Carefree Life"


“Follow, O Curiosity, and learn Thy Perspectives which you sought.”




Heading directly outside of Winged Graces, you will find Alex’s Wisp sitting graciously next to the Power Switch. Upon activation of it, a rift will open below you, sending you down into a spiral of constellations. Within this descent, a set of light orbs will move betwixt its walls, orbs which will hurt and kill the player - hence it being a wise choice to dodge them.


At the end of the rift lies a platform, of which lays as the starting point of a largely intricate jumping puzzle, reminiscent to the final Freerun of BO3 - a great many wallruns, globules of water shooting away from openings in the walls, a swimming portion, and such. Reaching to the end of these things leads to a large, clandestine tower. A voice echoes on approach: “Where thine Whills dictate your soul to glide, Understandings define you. Understandings will show - you must land in Perspective.”


Heading into the Tower activates it similarly to the Tower from Citadel’s Regality Sector - the steps begin to alight behind you, and you are forced to slowly ascend, bit by bit, each blockage opening every five zombies you kill. Reaching to the top, you find a grand white ball adorning the sky, a visible black core deep within, and a ringed helix surrounding its curvature. Below it, lies a hallway towards one final door.


Upon walking forward, the ground will quake, and pieces will fall down into void. It is at this point where you’re obligated to push through with maximum agility towards the gate, through complete avoidance or hovering above the ground.


Upon reaching the area in front of the gate, a short cutscene will begin:


Alex trepidatiously approaches the gate. Within him, he feels an urge not to find what is within, but… also, within him, he knows that his mind will not be at ease without it. And so… he pushes that door open.


...he is then met with a memory that feels ancient to him: The day before the attack on his hometown. They were in the market, his parents, him, and he tripped. A rock had gashed his knee, a cut that could have been less deep, were he not running by so quickly. His parents notice his cries, and his mother tends to him - meanwhile, in the corner, his father buys him a bear, foregoing his place at the stall they were initially at… to comfort his son.


Alex was taken aback, just on the notion of recollection and shock by the meaning. It was a simple moment, but it read so much meaning. Up until those days before the attack, he had always wanted to stay quick-paced in life. Perhaps, he still was, and still did. But those days made him realize, even in the smallest of ways, that it was not a way to pursue life. It was just a means of pacing it. Letting it fly by so fast would only give him short, less meaningful memories to cherish.


To this, Alex grins, closing the gate, and causing the screen to alight white.


Alex’s Wisp, at the end of this cutscene, will then speak, before beaming rainbow energies into him and heading back towards Winged Graces:


“Thine vestige called life… you cannot always glide. Take it slow - and you will find something to appreciate. We grant thee Perspectives. You will see. Rise above.”


Step 7: "Of The Old Teachings"


“Follow, O Wise, and learn Thy Comprehension which you lost.”




Upon interaction with Vladimir’s Wisp, you will be whisked into a pipeline realm, translucent walls surrounding, letting you see most of the path forward. In turning around, however, you will find a thick, chemical, blue liquid rushing down the pipe behind you - it is with this inclination that you are obligated to run.


Twists and turns don’t really matter, no path is particularly easier, this is all in the avoidance of the liquid. Halfway around the loop, a ladder will drop from above, giving you the chance to reach to a higher level from the liquid - this allowing for more leeway ahead, and giving you a buffer, but also giving you no out. The walls surrounding the top of this pipeline lock you in, and the liquid will already be leaking its ways upward to you by the time you reach the top to this point. It is to this that you are obligated to pull out your Left Hand of God and use its Soulstrike ability to break a path forward - this, of course, ends up being a downward slide, going every which way, for at least a minute. During the descent of this pipe, a great many obstacles will find their way ahead of you, forcing you to stay vigilant and dodge most. The end corner comes, and you see the liquid approaching it, but before you can turn that corner, the screen goes white and starts a cutscene:


Drenched from the force of impact, Vladimir feels no pain or sting from the chemical, and finds himself transported once more. Ahead of him, a lone and singular TV sits on a pedestal, old and aged. Tuned to this channel was a meeting in the U.N., debating futures and colonizations, a concept familiar to him. As he walks away from the TV, tired of all the noise, he hears himself speak through it. “There are a lot of things I want to say, but I fear I will lose time and have fewer left to listen.”


Shockingly, he realized, this was his U.N. speech he was viewing, back when the Earth was first at risk of destruction… a destruction he couldn’t have prevented. Vladimir sat back at listened.


“The truth follows us around, always, but never has it been so dooming. The Eleventh Hour fast approaches us, and we are too blind to see it through our petty squabbles. I urge you, now, fellow compatriots, to end this! We can make ourselves a better future right here, today, if you choose to levy your tension and focus on our collective future.”


Vladimir looks away, reminiscent on this moment. The pain of that truth he felt that day, the loss of life that followed… and where they are now. He closed his eyes, and let out a long sigh. He could see it, the first impact… and later, the desolation of Eidolon… all he’d prepared humanity for, and they had not listened.


Vladimir knelt to the floor, all surroundings vanishing, as he weeped for man. Amidst his grief, his Wisp would appear in front of him, and comfort as he stood up.


“Thine mantled the Wisdom, but you foresaw nothing. Schemas of reality will forever be complicated. For you, however - Thine Wills command us to gift you Comprehension. You will bring forth the logic of a new age. Rise above.”


The screen then goes white as the Wisp approaches Vincent.


As the cutscene ends, Vladimir’s Wisp will beam rainbow energies into him, before traversing back to Winged Graces. Curiously, it has left the telescope alight as well, shining a spotlight straight towards the Coliseum of the Final Fates...


Step 8: "To The Broken Veteran"


“Come, rest and look, O Veteran of Psychic Wars. Come find within yourself thine Wills of Tomorrow.”




In making your way through The Stitchworks towards the direction of Thomas’s Wisp, the HUD around your screen will slowly become plagued by an effect of heat and fire. Upon interaction with the Wisp, the HUD will become consumed by it - a flurry of nose accompanying it. Flame, screams, shouts of… orders?


Indeed, the Wisp will transport you to a battlefield - but, not just any battlefield, but the one that Thomas found himself on, the day that his platoon perished. A great many soldiers surround you, and will be fighting against an equal - if not larger - army of zombies. Three light beacons surround the battlefield, screams of help echoing from them. It is here that you are obligated to pave your way through the commotion towards each and every beacon surrounding.


Upon approach of the beacons, you will find ethereal visages of a fallen soldier - McCullen. While the name of the game is to revive him, the task itself won’t lend itself as easy… as, two Margwas and five Furies will spawn. In dispatching these, however, reviving him should be easy - after which, he will remark, before quickly beaming over to one of the remaining beacons: “God, what happened? Better not be… eh, nevermind. Gotta find him, gotta find Thomas!”


This is, indeed, repeated twice. After one activation of a beacon, an energy wave will suffuse towards the center of the field, upwards towards the sky, linking each and every beacon over time. Speaking of - upon approach of the second beacon, two Keeper Goliaths and three Consumed Keepers will spawn. Luckily, though, the first visage of McCullen will assist in killing these enemies with you. After reviving the second McCullen visage, the first will suffuse into the second, and he will once again remark: “Ah, shit… we winnin’ yet? What fresh hell’d you get us into, Tommy?”


Upon approach of the third and final beacon, a wave of Mimics (yes, the ones you’re thinking of, so cool I know) will rush towards you. Of course, killing these guys will lend you the opportunity to revive the final visage of McCullen, of whom will remark, before heading into the center of the field, a large energy beam now shining in the middle: “Thomas! There you are… fuck, you good, buddy? C’mon, man, we gotta get through this. Kill ‘em all, yeah?”


Upon approach of the center of the field, the energy beam will blast, causing the screen to go white, and a cutscene will start:


The battlefield, littered with fallen soldiers, becomes cleared of gore and despair. Fires rest and grass grows around the place, the sky clearing of smoke and fueling itself a new blue shine. Thomas, aghast and tired, sits down, as his platoon approaches and claps. Knowing that this could not possibly be real, Thomas places his right hand over his brow, dropping his gun from his left hand.


Seeing this, McCullen - now taking form as a normal human - approaches him. “Hey, hey… hey. Thomas. Stand up, man, we did it. YOU did it.”


Thomas looks McCullen dead in the eyes, before looking away. “...did what? Appease some deep philosophical piece of my soul? Don’t… don’t give me hope.”


McCullen reached his hand out towards Thomas. “...man, you’ve not changed a bit since… all THIS, happened. Stand up, for Christ’s sake.”


Thomas looked to McCullen, grabbed his hand and snickered as McCullen pulled him to his feet. “You were always a good motivator, y’know.”


McCullen laughed, for a moment. “Nah, I was just the guy that got you standing back up. You always had that will in you. I just didn’t want you to forget that.”


Thomas looked around, as the platoon surrounding him and McCullen gave one final salute. He looks back to McCullen, who has joined them. Nearly breaking down to it, he hugs McCullen. “Thank you, all. Honestly. For this. For reminding me of my cause.”


The surroundings begin to fade, as does McCullen, as the screen begins to upturn to white. McCullen speaks, before the screen gets consumed by that white: “Hooah to that… don’t worry, we’ll be with ya.”


Coming out of the cutscene, you will be returned to the piece of land you were at in The Stitchworks, with the Wisp beaming rainbow energies into your chest. The Wisp will speak, before returning to Winged Graces:


“Lo, how you have grown in ways of old… strong as you are, and yet so fragile to the scale. You can spare their life, you can fight for them - O Veteran, we grant you thine Wills. You will shepherd the dawn. Rise above.”


Step 9: "To The Beset Jester"


“Come, Play and Dance, O Jester of Mania. Come find within yourself Thine Tranquilities.”




Reaching deep into the deep depths of The Forest, you will find Vincent’s Wisp over a serene cliff view of the terrors that lie below. Upon interaction with it, you will be taken into a Colosseum, reminiscent of the one found in Unity. Surrounding the Colosseum, a larger version of Vincent will sit, caressing the sides, reaching into the walls, nearly breaking them, as his eyes glance downward with manic glee. Upon this, the surroundings will shine red, and a great many enemies will spawn - Panzers, Margwas, Zombies, Furies… a purest form of chaos.


In fighting all this chaos, blue spotlights will glide around the room, sporadic and heading everywhere, but hesitant towards the large hands that now sit alongside the Colosseum for a span of five seconds - the symbols on his hands (DC, TF) glowing fire-red. During which, you are obligated to slam down your Requiem of Desolation against it. This action will break the symbol, and cause the hand to recoil. After this is repeated to the other hand, the whole of the Colosseum will glow blue, as the large Vincent screams, and his face heads close towards the top of the Colosseum - to which, you will be obligated to blast your Requiem of Desolation up to the sky, defiant. Doing this will cause your screen to go completely white, and start a cutscene:


Vibrant, the dance floor of Winged Graces shines alight. Vincent wouldn’t have missed it, not ever. Adeva, opening a club, chasing his dream? Part of the only reason he helped create the guy, really. If he can’t be out here pursuing his calling, someone ought to.


Vincent lights a cigarette and stands backstage - from his vantage, he has enough of a view to see Adeva kill it with his set, and make the club bounce. Course, he shines a bit too much, gives the performance a little flare… it’s perfect, really. His song ends, and he beckons to the crowd. “Alright, starlights, business calls! We’re gonna take a momentary break, but when we return, we’re gonna chart some stars tonight! Y’all hear me?”


The crowd goes wild, and Adeva switches on a lighter dance mix, before turning to Vincent. Vincent shoves his hands into his coat, and grins. “You’re something, kid.”


Adeva smiles. “All part and parcel with the gig, Vinny!”


Vincent’s grin fades. “We talked about that nickname…”


Adeva brushes past Vincent, towards the exit to the back alley. “Yeah, yeah, yeah… c’mon, let’s talk.”


The scene then cuts to the alleyway, Adeva now smoking a cigarette with Vincent. The two exchange a glance as Adeva puffs the smoke out of his mouth. “How’d the trial go?”


Vincent scoffs, and looks towards the horizon. “Pretty well. Then, of course, y’know… we had that business at the Pillars, and… yeah. Not all too good. But, y’know what all that means.”


Adeva’s shine fades. “Y’all are gonna make the Engine…”


Vincent sees the demeanor of Adeva shift, and he makes a move to attempt reconciliation, but… reaches back, and continues smoking.


Adeva looks at Vincent. “Why you here, then? You should be attending to that whole escapade.”


Vincent shrugs. “Ironically, I’m not who I was before all this. It’s… too much, sometimes. I needed today. Course, I also needed to tell you the roadmap, because you got until March 15th before He arrives, and we activate that device… assuming it all goes according to-”


Adeva interrupts. “Yeah, yeah, I get it. Man, you don’t gotta tell ME when you need breathers. I get it. You’ve had it rough. Every human I’ve ever met has had your anxieties. But you handle it like a champ. So you need today. So what? Take it. Come dance. If this is the moment before you gear up, take solace in that. I know I will.

...even if, y’know, I think three weeks is a shitty timegate.”


Vincent laughs, and throws down his cigarette, as Adeva does. “Y’know, you ain’t that bad, kid.”


Adeva smiles, heading into the club again. “I try my best.”


Vincent, before heading back in with Adeva, takes one final glance away, to the end of the alley.

The screen then goes white.


Upon the screen returning to normal, Vincent’s Wisp will beam its rainbow energy into him, and speak before returning to Winged Graces:


“Thine past finds resolution. Jester of Mania, lost in tranquil madness for too long, be still. We grant thee Tranquility. You will find your part. Rise above.”


Step 10: "To The Lion's Pride"


“Come, Speak and Learn, O Lioness. Come find within yourself Thine Understandings.”




Upon reaching The Highway and activating her Wisp, Stacey will be transported into a blank room - grey, but reflective, almost mirroring her on all walls. Nothing else appears around - no way out, and alone within. A whispered hush surrounds, but evident to the direct left of you. It speaks, repeating: “Inquisitor. Creator. Sufferor.”


Moving towards this whisper sends the wall flying backwards, creating a spiral, leading towards another grey room, with intermittent splashes of red, green, yellow and blue. These color splashes are not necessarily random - the walls must be interacted with in the order that they flashed, and upon the order being achieved, the wall will open again.


Instead of this room leading to another grey room, this opening leads downwards to a set of stairs - visions beset aside them, visions of Stacey’s past. Visions of tests she attempted and failed, visions of the church, visions of Intuition and communion with the Entity. Nearing the bottom, a door will open, and the stairs will thrust forward and push her in. Blocking her.


In the middle of this new room, a brain in a jar sits - strapped deep into machinery, said machinery alight in energies unfamiliar to Stacey. The machine will mimic the voices of the Wisps: “Curiosities kill. Understandings within you, you won’t find. DEATH, indeed…”


In this, a short miniboss fight will commence. The name of the game is simple: Get close to the brain, and interact with the machinery aside it five times. The problem? The brain will conjure energy chains to block, whip, and trap Stacey. Alongside, a great many zombies will spawn during this fight. The problem, in a sense, is agility.


This, of course, is indeed possible and able to be done if you can keep constant, consistent agility against the chains and make your rounds around the machine. After the fifth activation, the brain will float to the bottom of its jar, dead - causing the room to shake, before breaking apart…


...causing Stacey to fall into Sanctum Dei. The impact shakes her, but does not break her focus. She looks around and takes in her surroundings, before looking upwards. The area that the Entity used to occupy would lie vacant, if not for a smaller, white orb in His place. Stacey sighs, and glances towards Ex Machina. “Christ… this day could not get any weirder…”


“Tell me about it.”


Stacey looks shocked, back towards the white orb. “Entity? That you?”


The room hums weakly, a presence enough for her to identify to be true. “...seems so. This is me, now. The process was completed.”


Stacey looks away, withholding her angers, before turning back towards Him. “Why? Why did you deceive us? Why would you let this happen… again?”


The Entity’s being moves closer to Stacey. “If it were my choice, I would have cast him away. You must understand. My will has not been my own for many millennia now. Now, now, only now… it’s a shame, really, as now I am as he was. Dormant, in his core, a collective knowledge for him to pull from. I only speak to you now because you were able to gain access through… overcoming a part of yourself. Sacrificing a piece of yourself, in a sense. A final, elusive and clever gambit. But, bear in mind, that cost.”


Stacey sighs. “I know. I know, okay? I know. This is a burden, Entity. This knowledge has nearly drove me mad. What you’ve told me. What do you think they’ll say when they learn? The nature of this fight… gods, why did you count on ME for this?”


The Entity breathes a hopeful trepidation around Stacey. “You must protect that knowledge. Lock it away for the futures ahead. For now, the present attacks. The Visions, they will guide and give you understandings, and I will grant them. As I always have.


Stay strong and overcome. I have given you so much burden, and I am filled with the remorse of this. Let me give you this, for one last communion.”


Stacey looks into the Entity. “Okay. Let ‘er rip, then, I guess.”


The Entity moves towards Stacey’s head, as the screen goes white.


After this impromptu cutscene, the Wisp will beam rainbow energies into Stacey’s chest, and speak before it heads back to Winged Graces:


“Let your mind be quelled, o Lioness. Be still, for nought have you any need to question any longer. We grant you Understandings of the Universe. Let thee be the one to Revolve, to Resolve. Rise above.”


Step 11: "To The Forgotten One"


“Come, without sorrow, O Lost. Come find within yourself thine Prosperity.”




Upon reaching The Mall and approaching the clothing store on the second floor, you will find David’s Wisp circling around a female mannequin. Interacting with the Wisp will take David into a darkened, labyrinthian-esque realm (the labyrinth looking more… forkish, than one might assume) - many openings alight with a shine of white. In spawning within the maze, a female voice will echo throughout it, screaming for David.


The general idea behind the pathways ahead follows a trend like this: You will walk out of a starting hallway, and be met by a long stretch of three hallways ahead, with the aforementioned light shining down from them. The source object for these lights, as it turns out, are light portals. Of course, just walking through, and brute-forcing your way in this maze isn’t particularly recommended, since a flurry of unfortunate fates can befall you if you were to make such a choice (i.e. general death, a swarming horde of zombies, the portal just closing because you’re a fool, or… worse things…), and so the general tell of when or if a portal is worth traversing falls in the use of the VCM-15. In a sense, the gun breathes life into the portals, and shifts their color to indicate good (green), or bad (red).


As for how many times this must be done, and the intensity that arises in each entry to the portal - there are seven of these instances. The first portal room is free of issue, but entering the second leads to a hallway full of zombies, and five portals. The third is a room with a single Margwa, and seven portals. The fourth is a horde of Keepers and Furies, with 12 portals. The fifth consists of Parasites and Insanities (Meatballs), and a total of 9 portals. The sixth room consists of two Keeper Goliaths, and 18 portals. Every time a correct portal is activated, the echoing voice from before screams, warning you to turn, wishing you to run.


Upon reaching the seventh room, instead of it being another hallway, it is instead reminiscent of a room David would know. Indeed, a laboratory is where we find ourselves, the roof of which immediately getting torn asunder, with a purple void entity approaching down. We find this to be the source of the voice from before, and it speaks to David: “Why, where, when… it’s so dark… LEAVE!”


A short, miniboss fight occurs at this point - the abilities of this entity being vaguely similar to that of the Tempest from Cold War, with added kick and a charge-up electrical shock that can kill the player near-instantly, without proper preparation - of course, the shield and Ephemeral Genesis being that preparation. The method of takedown for this miniboss is of relative simplicity: With a downtuned timer of 1 minute for David’s ‘Void of Sorrows’ ability, using this will drag the entity down towards David, and allow him to use the VCM-15 against it - causing the enemy to scream, yes, but cauterizing and calming the erraticism of its skin.


Upon four rounds of this, the entity will drop to the ground, and kneel - looking down towards that ground. It will speak: “Oh, god, the pain… it’s ending? Who… David?” - after which, the entity will lurch itself into one last portal. Entering it starts a cutscene:


David’s eyes adjust to the bright, white light that surrounds him. Ahead of him, he sees a cherry blossom tree - and under it, the entity sitting in front of a koi pond. The effervescence fades from the entity, and the purple haze retracts upon his approach to the cherry blossom tree. By the time David reaches it, the identity of whom this entity is is revealed to be that of his long-lost lover - Tracy.


To this, he is shaken. “I-is… no. It can’t be, you can’t be here, you’re not…”

Tracy laughs. “Real? Trust me, I don’t believe it either. Death just wasn’t enough for this ol’ soul, y’know?”


The two laugh as Tracy stands, and reach towards an embrace. David’s eyes gloss as he takes in… everything, as it should have been - and everything as it was, the softness of her skin and sweet cinnamon smell from her hair. It was…


David sighs. “I… could have done so much more. You have no idea how sorry I am.”


Tracy turns to the koi pond, still locked in embrace. “What, stop them from taking a bite from me? David, that’s just life… fate is as it is, sometimes. There’s no changing what must eventually come.”


The fish swirl in the pond, locked in a limbo of ying to yang, constant equilibrium. David looks away, as to not let Tracy see his tears. “It could have been me. It should have been me. You should be standing with us.”


Tracy scoffs. “Oh, David, c’mon… hey, you still got the rings, right?”

David looks to the locket on his neck, and mutters affirmation, that of which Tracy grins to. “Well, then… how can you think I ever left? I was always there. A part of you…

...course, I haven’t the faintest idea how you’ve managed to conjure all these different energies, commune with gods and defeat demons, but… honestly, I just assumed you were having a really interesting day.”


Both laugh, before she then turns to David, to look him in the face, one last time, for one final embrace.


“I… know something will come, of this whole thing you got going on, right now. Something that will shake up… your whole group. Make you all something other than what you are now. And you will find it hard to grasp that reality, but I want you to remember this love. I want you to remember that alone. Love everything. Love humanity. Love yourself.

...and, love me too, yeah?”


David looks deeply into her eyes, and kisses her, one word coursing through his mind.




Upon the ending of this cutscene, the screen will shine a bright white, then return the player in front of the mannequin - it now having a symbol of two rings ingrained in its chest. Interacting with the mannequin will blast rainbow energy into David’s chest. The Wisp will then float out of the mannequin, and speak before returning to Winged Graces:


“One last embrace, for the Lost one. Change, and become another who thine love will cast above. We grant you Prosperities. Let your embrace last all eternity - and let thine rays cast the Universe. Rise above.”


Step 12: "Resolve"


Upon the final resolution between these wisps, they will collectively speak:


“O, Eight Divine… you understand, now. You are your Music, you are the Spheres. You… are a Singularity of Light. We bestowed these gifts, seeded of a time before… these visions, of the time to come, because we knew you could hold them in your heart. We knew that these were the Fates destined, Always, Fates abroad. We knew them. For we are Coalescent. WE are the Visions of tomorrow. Let Thy Will prosper as you guide yourselves to the right path.”


After which, the beams of the Coalescent Visions will all fly back towards Winged Graces. Heading back towards Winged Graces, Adeva will speak upon entering the club again:


“I see your trips with the fancy lightbulb made you guys brighter than ever. Well, hey - not to be a downer, but I still need energy to facilitate the building of a Stairway. Those friends of yours weren’t much for help, either - all they did was enter the Resurgency Mechanism...


...wait, wait, wait a minute. That’s got me thinkin’. What did you guys use to clear out that Mars base? It was an Orb, right? Ah, yes - the Orb of Allonsperi! Funny story about that - I… miiiiiight have dug that up after you cleared out. Before that path in time cleaned itself up and corrected its course and all! I swear, I didn’t mean ill to it. That all said, though... fascinating thing. Did some tinkering, and… it still receives energy.


So - here’s my idea: If we can feed their energy into the Orb, along with yours, while maintaining said energy… maybe we can use that as a receptacle? The Resurgency Mechanism could certainly hold it. Your Deus Ex Machina, as well - we could power that thing up even higher than it already is if we properly go about this. Yeah, this could work!


...ah, damn - trick is, I lost it some time ago. I know it’s somewhere here… try checking around. The Forest may very well hold it. Just… be careful? I would hate for you guys to get hurt because Adeva made a bad choice again meddling with forces he didn’t quite get.”




Perhaps a simpler step, the Orb of Allonsperi is indeed held within the forest. Resting in a crevice of the largest tree among the rest - old, world weary, almost forgotten… kept alive because of the proof of its heart. Taking out the Orb will shrivel this tree to dust.


After which, taking it to the Resurgency Mechanism is advised - having now created its own sort of receptacle on its other end, via the result of the Coalescent Visions having now joined back into it. All that’s left is to place it into the Orb and Deus ex Machina into the machine. The screen will quake and blast of energy for a moment before going white, then back to normal - to which, the now upgraded Deus ex Machina can be acquired.


Step 13: "Per Aspera Ad Astra"


“...good shit.


Look, I’m not going to sugarcoat - this process is going to be dangerous, and… the Epsilon will likely destroy the club, as a byproduct of it. Worst part being… well, someone needs to stay back and let this thing run its course.


You guys need this Stairway, and you need to finish this. So… do me a solid? Do what you were made to do. I’ll hold off the Epsilon as long as I can - I’ll make sure that he can’t destroy all the things we’ve worked so hard for, either. As soon as things are said and done, the machines will be phased somewhere… useful. Their destiny still lies with you. Me? Well… hopefully, I can get out! If I die, though… well, at least I did for you guys, eh? At least I died helping those I love… and doing what I love. That’s all there is. That’s enough for me.


The process is beginning. You need to go. I’ll do what I can to distract the Epsilon. You, though? 


Kick his ass.


Per aspera ad astra. Always and forever.”




[Stairway Ascension Song #1: “Knucklehugs (Arm Yourself With Love)”, by Diablo Swing Orchestra]


Upon the end of the dialogue with Adeva, he will thrust you out of the club, the doors shut as the club itself manifests into electrical energy. Said energy is suffused into Adeva, as he bursts into a leviathan of pure energy - large enough to reach into the stratosphere and tear everything asunder. As tendrils of the Epsilon descend towards Adeva, he raises his arms, shouting out his final exclamation: “You want them? You won’t have them! FIGHT ME!”


It is during this interaction that you will be thrusted between jump pads, to the beat of the song, up until the first verse is about to begin. These jump pads will take you high into the sky, about halfway to the placement of the Coliseum of the Final Fates. From here, the Stairway will consist mostly of intermittent jumping puzzles - be it between platforming, wall-jumping, wall-running… the whole nine yards - as well as a number more of jump pads.


During said first verse, amidst this rush of movement, Adeva will be fighting against the Epsilon - the Epsilon thrusting a few tendrils into his sides, Adeva dodging others and eviscerating them. As the song continues into its second chorus, three distinct beams colored to Adeva’s form alight behind him. Sillhouettes form in the middle of them, in the form of the Resurgency Mechanism, Unity Engine and Machina Fini Mundi. Adeva, in the meanwhile, will be shown to have his form diminish in size over the course of the sillhouettes’ formation - enough to see him entirely, as compared to just his chest area down to his feet.


Reaching into the last ten seconds of the song, a mass of tendrils will form ahead of the path, holding off the players. Adeva will send a massive electrical storm from his hand towards the tendril mass, only for the Epsilon to audibly scowl and form a tendril to stab Adeva’s incoporeal form through the middle of his chest. The beams behind Adeva will falter in formality ever so slightly to this.


The Epsilon will then speak: “You stupid fucking insect! You’re… willing to cease for this? For their gain? For continued, tortured causality? You must know how this all ends…”


Adeva’s form will turn back to a mostly human shape, keeping its size, and lacking corporeality around the exit wound of his chest. He will audibly pant, rip out and break the tendril in his chest, and wipe blood from his mouth.


“...yeah. You wouldn’t get it. Shame, really. Would’ve been a much lovelier chat if you were on our side, my guy!”


To this, Adeva will double the intensity of his blast to the tendril wall, and the beams of energy behind him will double in power, sending the machines upwards into the sky. A sea of tendrils will then thrust towards Adeva’s direction, to which he will look towards the players at the Stairway and smile.


“Go. Y’all deserve to win. I’ll do my duty.”


Adeva will then take the brunt of the tendrils heading to him, as the wall in front of the players will dissipate, alongside Adeva.


[Stairway Ascension Song #2: “Almost Again”, by Strapping Young Lad]


The Epsilon will speak for a moment, before the second song begins: “What a shame. Or, well, not really. I found him annoying. Tick, tock… you’re running out of time... and space!


I’ll see you starside.”


Immediately as the song kicks into gear, the path behind the players will become swamped in tendrils, before breaking apart entirely - as such, it is advised to begin moving ASAP. Ahead of the players, a jump pad will rest. Ascending from it leads towards the next area, but the jump between will be met with tendrils that will hurt the players - in such, shooting at them as you ascend is recommended for your assured survival.


The final ascent on the platform is ahead - a large, and yet divided space, two paths diverging for Prophets and Angels. In reaching this path, the planet below will alight in explosive flame, and send a heavy hail of lava and molten rock into the paths - and yet, regardless, heading forward is the only way. Whereas the Prophets’ path consists mostly of mantle-able cars, wall-runs and dodging of the aforementioned environmental hazards, the Angels’ adds all the same alongside a set of divergent, large-spanned pits between five large globules of water - the trick being to glide between each one for survival.


The paths will both converge at the top, at the front of the Colosseum of the Final Fates, as the screen cuts to white, as the song crescendos to its end.


Step 14: "Armageddon"


[Pre-Boss Fight Cutscene Music: “The Final Agni Kai”]


As all characters reach the top of the stairway to the Colosseum, the player’s camera view is taken control of to show the Earth falling in on itself, faster and faster, until it rips everything apart. An explosion wipes the planet away, leaving rubble and dust, while completely destroying what was left of the Stairway. Nothing remains of the planet below - not a single piece of the map before it survived.


To this grim reality, the Epsilon chuckles, and the player’s camera turns back ahead to the Epsilon, in his “human form”, standing in front of the players, as he begins to speak.


“You guys were able to make it, huh? That’s just swell… another loose end. Just like your little pet… what was his name? Adeva? Something like that.”


Adam: “You bastard...”


The Epsilon chuckles. “There were those in the world who said the same about Jesus, y’know. The ‘Bastard Son of Nazareth’. Controversial stuff… but hey, humans believe what they will. Anyways… what do you think you’re gonna be able to do?”


Stacey: “You’re going to burn, Epsilon. All of your sins, all of your putrid hate… we’re gonna wipe it all away.”


“Well! Aren’t you a bit more cheery than usual. I’d love to see you try...”


Thomas: “Cut the bullshit. What’s your motive, Epsilon? What are you going to gain from all this? Why is the end of this universe so important to you?”


“Huh… here I thought you were the smart one. You know what I have to do. This universe, it’s a paradox… one that you caused once you activated the Machina Fini Mundi. What were the words… universal segmentation? Ehhhh, semantics… but, look: it’s not supposed to exist. Your actions to perfect and shift your reality have centered it on an axis that wants nothing more than to close itself to the darkest corners of the multiverse. Fundamentally, every single bit of the cosmos wills this plane to burn, but you persist it… you know how wrong that is. Causality was meant to spurn, but cyclical, recursive pattern… it’s madness. It needs to burn. For the sanctity of reality.”


Thomas: “...and you think that this is the best option?”


“Well, you’d be surprised to hear - I’ve tried everything else. It’s not pretty, and it always ended the same - with you. Here. I don’t expect change from this, but eventuality will find me. I will get what I want.”


Jeanne: “But you’re wrong, Epsilon. You must see that. Creation alone is an imperfect system, it can’t ever be right. Wiping away this universe isn’t going to fix anything. You’ll just be disappointed by the outcome.”


“Eh. Maybe. No use in standing around waiting for that outcome, though.”


The Epsilon’s “human form” dissolves, and mass tendrils of red light come out of it.


“Well, no time to lose, right? Let’s end this. I’ve got work to do.”


[Boss Fight Music: “Agni Kai (Metal Remix)”]




As Phase One of the boss fight begins, three pillars will rise out of the ground, nine symbols abound them alight as they rise up. Momentarily, the Epsilon will shoot light needles towards the player as his base mode of attack - three hits will down a player who has Juggernog. Regardless to the facts, however - after about ten seconds, the symbols on the pillars will shine brightly once more, three of which will shine red instead of white across all three pillars. The player will be required to shoot the three symbols with either an upgraded sniper, Railgun, or a Wonder Weapon.


Shooting these symbols on the pillars will spawn in three distinct rock platforms alongside the Epsilon. During which, the Epsilon will begin to charge an attack for 30 seconds that will, if not prevented, insta-kill players on impact. At this moment, you need to rush upwards towards the rock platforms and scale them, enough to reach the Epsilon. When reaching the final platform, two distinct openings will appear on the sides of the Epsilon, showing the Ebony Heart surrounded by a red ethereal energy. To disable said barrier, and thusly stun the Epsilon (thereby stopping him from using his instant-death attack), the player with the Deus Ex Machina needs to shoot it towards the Ebony Heart. After which, you will be able to deal damage to the Epsilon for ten seconds, before the platforms collapse and the Epsilon forces you back to the pillars.


This process is repeated five times, and after the third, the Prophets will be unable to scale the platforms, as they will be too high for them to jump to - only the Angels will be able to scale them. That said, they will be better suited to deal with the zombies around them, and the pillars, during this point of Phase One. Added to that, the final run of this process will alight every symbol on the pillars, and only one will be red across each pillar.


Upon completion of Phase One, the Epsilon will lurch back, and sound:


“Gah… shit. You’re all a lot stronger than I had anticipated you to be. No matter - you will still fall to me. The forces I control are unfathomable… malleable to my will. You’ll be better off cowering.”


After this is said, Phase Two begins, and the Epsilon’s larger offensive will begin - with which, he will begin to spawn in an endless wave of Margwas, while lurching tendrils down into the ground to attack players, along with the aforementioned light needles.


With these abound, however, one might be able to notice that the Epsilon’s left two tendrils uncovered behind him. Adam and Thomas, not unlike how they managed with Intuition, will be required to run towards these tendrils, and grab them out from the ground - the action of doing so lasting them upwards of seven seconds to do. After the tendrils are in their grasp, the Margwas will stop spawning and… suddenly, alongside that, the Machina Fini Mundi will phase into the area below the Epsilon. As if, by fate, it knew to be here. Either way - the tendrils will need to be connected to the Machina Fini Mundi. Doing this will incapacitate the Epsilon for ten seconds, which opens up the area under the Epsilon itself for damage to the Ebony Heart. After ten seconds pass, the tendrils will dissipate, as will the Machina Fini Mundi, and the Epsilon will once again push players away.


This particular process will need to be completed three times, and after each, the base glow of the Epsilon will feign, the cosmic body of which will grow smaller, and the Ebony Heart’s lights will be vaguely visible to the player.


After the third completion of this process is complete, the Epsilon will scream angrily, and sound again:






This will thusly begin Phase Three, the final offensive of the Epsilon, and… thusly so, the final phase of the boss fight. The Epsilon will conjure up his light body as he did in the opening cutscene - except, completely covered by light. The ground itself will become covered with black and white splotches of light, and any areas players are found in will cause said player to be grabbed by the Epsilon’s tendrils, and, unless they can break free of the grab within five seconds by shooting the tendril’s darkened weakpoints, they will be killed through a gaze attack.


Unsighted, however, and you might be able to sneak back behind the Epsilon, where now three tendrils spawn. Whereas Thomas and Adam were required to grab the first two before, Jeanne is now able to grab the third. After doing so, not only will the Machina Fini Mundi spawn in, but the Unity Engine and the Resurgency Mechanism will as well, each connected still by lines of energy. Connect all three of the tendrils to each device, then place the Deus Ex Machina into the Resurgency Mechanism. The machines will churn violently with energy, before unleashing a high-damage blast of energy into the Epsilon, causing the screen itself to go white for a short moment, before returning to normal, the Epsilon having fallen close to the ground.


...the fight looks to be over, from this vantage, but nearing the light body of the Epsilon will cause him to outstretch his arm, and thusly will also cause an immense blast of energy to be conjured, blasting the walls off of the Colosseum, and forcing the players onto a smaller section of the Colosseum, as the rest of the Colosseum will break apart, the machines with it, and the Deus Ex Machina.


The Epsilon will make one final push with his light body, thrusting out his arm towards the player, as you will be required to deal more damage with guns, special abilities, or whatever is at your disposal… as the Epsilon nears closer and closer…


...and the screen gets brighter, and brighter…


...and, as the screen reaches its whitest, a large blast is heard.


End Cutscene:


The screen returns to normal. The Epsilon’s ‘light body’ becomes normal - still attached by a tendril, but in a human form - more vulnerable and weak. The Ebony Heart, now almost wholly visible through his cosmic body, convulses, as the light surrounding becomes slightly more faint.


The Prophets and Angels stand, their fingertips burning bright and shining the colors within them. Adam steps forwards to the Epsilon’s human body, and places the Left Hand of God slightly above his head, as he speaks.


“You’ve destroyed enough today. We’re ending you. Right here. Right now.”


The Epsilon punches down at the floor with his right hand, causing it to crack, as he cries small glistening black tears. “You… you can't. You know that, right? This doesn’t just end with me. You don’t even grasp the reality of all of this. I know you don’t. You don’t know what you’ll become after you swing that sword… if you manage.”


Adam looks down, the field broken to show the world that used to live as nothing more than cosmic dust - small paraphernalia of the world before floating away, becoming nothing more than tears in a nebulous rain. He looks towards the group, all attentive to him, his actions, what he chooses. He looks down to the Epsilon, and the beady cosmic body behind him. Adam’s view then shifts to his hand, a streak of blood coming off of his pale white luminescent skin, evaporating away with the rest of time. He closes his eyes, remembering the pain and suffering abound their journey to this final moment, this… end. In that singular moment, his decision was made - and, in a way, he believed that everyone else could see that answer, deep in him.


Seeing the path that they all see, Adam opens his eyes and looks back to the Epsilon.


“No… but I don’t think we’ll ever have to find out.”


Adam raises the Left Hand of God. “Any last words?”


The Epsilon looks down, quietly… and then chuckles, thrusting light tendrils with what energy is left to him to their souls, their hearts, in an effort to tear them out…


“Yeah… even if I burn to dust, the rest of this universe will still cease with me!”


The Prophets and Angels lurch down to their knees, in effervescent cutting pain, as the Epsilon laughs and laughs on, the life essence of all eight of them visibly being pushed out into the Epsilon, as the cosmic body behind grows larger and larger.


..and yet… something is off.


A heartbeat.


The Epsilon hesitates, noticing the breath of space stopping. Surging. Forming.


A pulse.


Suddenly, a pain within his form crushes his light lower and lower, the bodies of the Prophets and Angels now frozen, their eyes and mouths shining beams of light reflective of their colors up towards the stars. Their bodies, as they begin to dissipate, forge one coherent pushing force to strike the Epsilon. As it descends, the Epsilon howls - now unable to hold his human form, as it dissolves back into the cosmic body.


”You- you… what are you doing?!”


The voices of the Prophets and Angels prey down to his lifeforce, drilling into his hivemind with each scratching word like talons:





The Epsilon, furthermore growing erratic in form, akin to the destruction of the Synthetic Sun, whimpers and whines. “This… this is… impossible!”


The now forged hivemind of the Prophets and Angels forges the remaining energy of their bodies into a ball of light shining like a comet in the night sky, becoming a Singularity of causality itself. The newly forged Singularity chuckles, as the energy suffusing into beams forms itself to one converging blast of light, ready to burst the Ebony Heart, consume it, lock it away. The voices of Angels and Prophets, now coalesced into one:


“This… is where you were wrong.”


The blast of energy hits the Epsilon, and the Singularity pushes itself inside the blast, to force itself into what blackened form of the Epsilon that is still left, the Ebony Heart.


“I- aGh - buT I aM-”


The Singularity pushes once more, cracking the Ebony Heart:

YOU ARE A PARADOX. You are nothing more than an evil that has trampled the universe in the might of the machine god you think you are. You will not survive. I will cast you from creation, never to return.”


The Ebony Heart cracks further, light beginning to escape in an unstable erratic pattern. The Singularity’s being lurches towards the cosmic body of the Epsilon, suffusing all around it, as it speaks, beckoning and bending reality to its words: 


“For, I am one. I… am all. WE… are creation.

I am the Entity - I am the Coalescence… and you... WILL never win!”


The Ebony Heart breaks, and the screen bursts into white, then black.




The screen fades back in, revealing an open field of grass during the night. Flowers bloom, and people dance and play across it - perhaps, in celebration of life itself. They do not know why they celebrate, yet know that whatever they celebrate for must be for a deserving and just cause. For today, they live a life worth living - and perhaps that is all they truly desire.


The lonely old astronomer, away from the celebration below him, awakens at his perch at the top of a hill. His telescope still beside him, he looks into it, to the stars, to the nebulous rings above him, a splendor of light abound them. All of a sudden, his eyes are cast upon the Pillars of Creation, a godlike nebula of beauty and perseverance in his mind. Amazed, he is struck to find a new star within its wake. Brighter than anything he has ever seen before.


...and, as if in a dream, a voice speaks to him… in the back of his head. He thinks to himself, is this God? The voice speaks:

“Do not folly, do not fret. For we are with you for all, and the Earth will last forevermore.”


The astronomer, in his state of pure shock and happiness, walks down to the commotion below, and the screen then begins to zoom out from Earth. The Coalescence narrates:


“The Day has passed. The Day was fated long ago… we could never see that.”


The screen zooms out further from Earth and out of the Solar System, as the Coalescence continues:


“We realized our fate. We were never meant to be gods among men, together as paragons. In fact, the plural terms are all folly, by what grand schema we’d found.”


Asteroids and stars fly by the screen, and the Pillars of Creation form into view, and the screen begins to slow:


“We see now that our task was always aligned. We will protect the Universe. Seeding it with life all across time, breathing effervescent eternity unto the stars. We will prosper, for our causality, and for the sake of the human race… we will protect them…”


The Coalescence, akin to a white ball of light, almost brighter than a star, forms into view, centering to the screen.

The screen then switches to black.










Creators Notes and Acknowledgements:




Well… that’s it. That was the last map in The Unity Series, guys.


What a journey.


Writing this story has been one of the most surreal experiences that I will ever have as a part of this Zombies community. From the beginning to the end, I was involving myself in a story that was bigger than anything I’d ever done before. I never expected to write anything after Unity, but, when I applied myself to the ideas I created, everything worked. It felt… beautiful. It felt… more than me. That was a catharsis I could never have felt heavier.


If I have any tips for anyone who has ever had an idea in their life… all I can tell you is to go for it. Write. Live. Draw. Do anything you want to do. Don’t ever stop yourself. Don’t ever let yourself doubt your ideas. Just go for it. Because it isn’t for the validation of others when you make something you’re so passionate about - it’s for telling yourself you did it. You created this. You’ve done something beyond what you thought you could do. You made a vision of a world bigger than you, one that you could escape to, apply yourself to.


That’s what matters.


When I wrote Unity, I thought it was the best map I’d ever written. It was sloppy and not easily explained, but it was… great. All of the pre-BOIII anger about the story dragging on culminated into one map that would decisively put an end to its story… and, I liked it. I think plenty of people liked it. The map is highly regarded, and that’s fair. It’s almost bolstered because I almost feel I nearly predicted the course for Revelations, but… honestly, I’m not going to make the comparison. It would be petty to compare the two at this point. Irregardless, it understandably found a rewrite and an unforgettable impact on my own personal narratives.


Dunes came at least a year after Unity. As I have always said, for so very long now - I never had thought I wanted to carry on Unity’s story. But… I wanted to write more map concepts. I had such a passion and wanted to do one again. At the time, I was entertained by the fact that people had still been freaking out about Mars and it was almost ludicrous. So… I wrote in the general idea of Dunes, and… shortly after, I had an epiphany. I realized a path with Dunes. Dunes helped me realize that I could take Unity and make it evolve into something more than a map. More than a world or vision - a series of maps dedicated to its own pure insanity.


So, don’t mistake whatever else you hear. When I created Dunes, I birthed the entirety of The Unity Series in its wake… and it was glorious. It would only get better for me with Citadel. Of course, Citadel had its own cycle of problems, in regards to time constraints, life, and just… problems. Be that between personnel or not… I would rather not dwell. I began to believe that I had found myself with no time because I didn’t think to give it time. But, I pushed through, and I got Citadel out, and… if I’m being honest? Citadel is the most impressive and involved map I have created to date. The single best piece of my work. My magnum opus. I will always love Citadel, and will always consider it the staple of The Unity Series.


...and, well, what’s left to say about the rest of the series? I mentioned that these last few parts were to become the most ambitious ideas I’ve had. Intuition wasn’t a map more than it was a story. Whereas I can imagine aspects being created for a map to exist, I could never really see it past pure literature. I respect it for that. Prospect was always bound to be just as ambitious, and it took the scale of what I wanted to do and branched it to newer heights - just as it may in wrapping up old loose ends.

And… well, here we are. A hugely dynamic and somewhat dramatic conclusion for a series I’ve worked on for just about… 7 years? - which, I think is about the time I’ve been on CoDz for. Dedication… doesn’t really put into perspective just how deep my rabbit hole was.


I can’t even begin to comprehend words that would make my appreciation known… this is absolutely surreal to me.


I could never have gotten this far without the help I received.


Nightmare Voyager (or, @Intelligence Quotient/IQ on Discord) - This man is… just a wonderful person to know. I met him here on CoDz (and somehow never knew you on PtG), and yet he has consistently helped me in every facet of my creative process. He may not have been able to help so much for Citadel, but he was able to come back at the latter end of it and help me get it to be one of the best maps ever. After having known him and his creations for what is the better part of five years, there’s no question in my mind that he is one of the best creators I know… if not, just one of the best people I know. Undoubtedly so. I was only ever able to get as far as I could with this because he was there to help me pave the way. As a creative director, as a fan of the work… and as a friend… he’s an overall amazing person. Through all hardship… through all doubt… through all adversity. He may not be around as much as he used to on CoDz itself, but I want to make sure that, in some way, I can throw an appreciation of the sort of “legacy” he had around here (if not, to honor it), and so on this series, by proxy. So… Voyager… from the bottom of my heart, in the most sincere of ways... thank you. So much. There aren’t words left here for me to describe just how much appreciation I have for all of this. Truly, there aren’t. You deserve… more than just my thanks, sometimes. Truthfully. Though… a part of me hopes that what I can give of it would be enough to make you proud. As… well, that’s all I could ever be with you around, to help me. Prouder than ever. Keep being you. Move forward and create, be it with me in new endeavors, or with a new crew, with your own ideas.


…and, y’know what they say. “Never cruel, nor cowardly.”
Thanks again, Voyager.


@HitmanVere - I can say that you, for one, Hitman, are also a pretty great person to know. You came around the time I had Citadel in the works, and you were as nice as to accept my requests in regards to help at a time when I needed it. It was… very sufficient, for what it was. Now, after the rest of this story has been done, I still see you as a relatively large asset for what work I was able to produce. That, and you’re an overall great modder and creator for actual maps - you’ve even opened up the possibility of me seeing Dunes - rather, the whole shebang - become a reality. That’s… more than surreal, that’s absolutely unreal. I appreciate all you’ve done for me, I really do. Thank you, Hitman.


@Lenne, @anonymous, and @RadZakpak - It feels like a stranger inclusion, but… I would feel remiss if I did not include you guys into this. In a way, you guys contributed better than most, be it in a way that gave me further food for thought, insight to ideas, or just to be genuine friends. The lot of you have helped me on this venture, this path. In more ways than one. I almost find it difficult to put to words how appreciative I am that you were all so accepting of ideas in CoDz. You made this story, this fanbase, this forum, feel like more than it was for me. You made my path growing up through the site beyond insightful… and that impact simply will not ever be lost to me. You guys were just as much rocks to me as anyone else could have been. You deserve to know that. From the bottom of my heart - thank you… so much. (also if I ever leave CoDz (...or take a break... wow) or the site ever gets shut down, you all have free permission to call me a big ol’ plum boi


...ok so I typed this acknowledgement part WAAAAAAAY before I made that post two days ago, this is definitely ironic.

you still have permission to call me that, or worse lol)


Oh, and, thanks, @Carnage Evoker, for being a god at moral support. Dunno if I’d have finished this when I did if you didn’t sink that positive vibe into me, in that last grind I did to get it out.


And, lastly… I can’t thank you guys, the readers, enough. I don’t think I’d know what to do with this series if nobody read it, let alone know the appreciation for it that I do know is there, without the readers being there. You are one of the most integral of reasons I’ve had for writing The Unity Series. So… thank you.


Welp, that’s a wrap, right? End card, punch-line? We’re done now, yeah? Well… not quite. Time for a celebratory end, a happy ending. Time for everything to come full circle… and time to close the book. The epilogue for The Unity Series, titled “The Requiem”, can be read [HERE]. This acts as both a sort of “Credits” for The Unity Series, and the definitive end to this story. I truly hope you like it, and… I hope that you liked this crazy, fever dream story of mine. 


...and now, I must move forward. I’ll see you all starside. Per aspera ad astra.


-The Meh

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