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Don't Be Shocked If PS5's DualSense Ends Up Being Expensive

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We're awaiting Sony's next PlayStation 5 Showcase event, where we hope we might finally hear word about the PS5 price and release date. But the console isn't the only piece of new hardware Sony is releasing this holiday season, and there's reason to think that its main accessory could heft a healthy price tag of its own.

Though much has been made of game prices remaining largely static in defiance of external forces like inflation, the price for extra controllers has actually been creeping upwards. Controllers were once lower-priced than games. A controller MSRP matching game prices at $60 is actually a relatively recent phenomenon. Nintendo has taken it even further, offering individual Joy-Con controllers individually for $50, or bundled as pairs for $80. Its Pro Controller is also higher than the norm, at $70.

Meanwhile, Sony and Microsoft have both found their own ways to increase income from accessories. Microsoft offers custom controller colors through its Design Lab, and the pricey Elite controller that comes with special features. Sony hasn't created its own equivalent of the Elite controller, but it does offer a back paddle attachment.

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