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Undertale Developer Toby Fox Gives Substantial Update On Sequel Deltarune

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Toby Fox, the lead developer of the wildly popular indie game Undertale, has provided a new update on the development of the game's sequel, Deltarune. As fans well know, Deltarune's design process has been somewhat unorthodox since the beginning, with Fox planning to release the game chapter-by-chapter. In the post, Fox reveals that the overall outline of Deltarune has been completed, and estimates that Chapter 2 of the game is around 80% complete, though he says it might be closer to 50%.

In the blog, Fox reveals intimate details of the game's production process and his own personal difficulties, noting that he has begun to suffer from severe wrist pain that made it difficult to write or compose music without taking frequent breaks to rest his hand. He also stated that he spent a significant portion of Deltarune's development time since the release of Chapter 1 trying to find a new engine for the game, before deciding to stick with Game Maker, which he also used for Undertale.

As he wraps up Chapter 2 and moves on to Chapter 3, Fox ends the post by noting that he is not the only person working on Deltarune, asking those who would like to contribute to the project to contact him. He also reiterates that Deltarune will ultimately prove to be a much more complex game than Undertale, despite their obvious similarities.

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