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Destiny 2 Traveler’s Chosen Exotic Trailer Showcases New Weapon

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As players wait for the impending arrival of Destiny 2: Beyond Light on November 10, the ongoing Destiny 2 experience still has some new content to offer up. The biggest new addition is the Exodus questline, which became available at weekly reset this week. Complete the multi-part quest, which focuses on evacuating allies from the planets being overtaken by The Darkness, and the new Traveler’s Chosen exotic sidearm will be yours.

Traveler’s Chosen is actually a refit of the sidearm Guardians first acquired at the launch of Destiny 2, during the mission that saw the fall of the old tower. The new version has some sweet new tricks up its sleeve. By nailing final blows with the gun, you’ll be granted stacks of a buff called Gathering Light. Each stack, in turn, improves reload, handling, and target acquisition. You can subsequently consume those stacks to grant grenade, melee, and class ability energy. That combo of abilities is sure to make the weapon a popular option for many players, as it could help facilitate some particularly strong streaks of enemy killing.

Check out the trailer for the new exotic weapon below. The Exodus questline, and the resulting Traveler’s Chosen sidearm, is free for all Destiny 2 players.

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