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User of the Month August 2020 (Clueless won!)


User of the Month August   

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Hello everyone. I am glad to bring you another User of the Month thread after half a year, cause this month has been prrrretty solid (which might be an understatement), in regards to both Discord and the forums thanks to both (fear the) old blood and new blood. It has been a bright spot in this shit year. And I am really happy to give away the cyan robes again. Be sure to read the rules and have fun nominating and telling each other how awesome you are. 




1.) You can nominate up to three people with your post.


2.) Every nomination needs at least a brief explanation and a couple of links to posts and topics made by the user you want to nominate.


3.) Do not nominate yourself.


4.) The voting poll will not be edited in any way, regardless of request, so think your vote through before giving it.


5.) Admins can't be nominated.


6.) In order for a nominee to appear in the final poll, they must have at least two nominations from other users.


7.) While activity on the Discord is and always will be appreciated, this is mainly for activity on the forums.


You will have 5 days for nominating until the 6th September at 6 PM CET. Even in the event of me not formally closing the nominations at that time, any nominations after 6 PM CET will be ignored. Voting will last another 3 days (the 9th of September) Until 6 PM CET as well.



Past winners:


February 2020: Caljitsu, Bench_Appearo and Eric Maynard

October 2019: Project KMR

September 2019: KronoriumExcerptB

August 2019: ZombiesAteMyPizza!

July 2019: Boom 115

June 2019: Anonymous

May 2017: Blurryface

March 2017: RadZakPak & Anonymous

July 2016: AetherialVoices

June 2016: Spider

May 2016: DragonGJ

March 2016: anonymous & shirtlesservice

February 2016: NaBrZHunter

January 2016: Ragdo11706

December 2015: Tac

November 2015: Kill_All_Monkeys

October 2015: NaBrZHunter

September 2015: Shooter

August 2015: Lenne

May 2015: Amantha77

June 2015: RequixEclipse

April 2015: Chopper

March 2015: ZombieOfTheDead

February 2015: Nightmare Voyager

January 2015: Black Hand Smith

December 2014: Stop Mocking Me0

November 2014: Undad

October 2014: The boring guy

September 2014: the_clay_bird

August 2014: GRILL

July 2014: InfestLithium & ETEl2NAL407

June 2014: Jolteon

May 2014: Naitrax

February 2014-March 2014: DeathBringerZen

January 2014: Hells Warrrior

November 2013: 83457

October 2013: Boom115

September 2013: Samara & Slade

August 2013: TheBSZombie

June 2013-July 2013: RequixEclipse

May 2013: FatedTitan

April 2013: Flammenwerfer

March 2013: GRILL

February 2013: InfestLithium

January 2013: MurderMachineX

December 2012: PINNAZ & Lenne

November 2012: Electric Jesus

October 2012: punkrockzombie

September 2012: Jake-Duck

August 2012: MyLittleHellhound

July 2012: Rissole25

June 2012: PerfectKhaos

May 2012: MixMasterNut

April 2012: BlindBusDrivr

March 2012: way2g00d

February 2012: Superhands

January 2012: Ehjookayted

December 2011: Tom852

November 2011: OstonedshooterO

October 2011: LiamFTWinter

September 2011: Phillips455

August 2011: Faust

July 2011: TacticalInsertion

June 2011: MrRoflWaffles

May 2011: xAvengedLullabyX

April 2011: cjdog23

March 2011: xXDaRkLeGeNdSXx

February 2011: DigitalShadowZZZ

December 2010: Graffiti Skys

November 2010: Mikeh12

October 2010: Undeadwolfy

September 2010: RedDeadRiot

August 2010: AlphaSnake


Thanks again to @caljitsu and the gang for their brilliant work half a year ago. Always worth a shoutout. Also a shoutout to everyone who catched the Bloodborne reference and a major shoutout to everyone sticking with us and still being on this planet in general. It is fucking exhausting at times.


Have fun, if you have any questions yell at me and remember: Pasta is life.



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Do we post our nominees here? Or DM them somewhere else?


Edit: And yes, we are born of the blood. Made men by the blood. Undone, by the blood.

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1 minute ago, clueless said:

Do we post our nominees here? Or DM them somewhere else?

Nominations go in here. 🙂

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I would like to nominate three outstanding individuals who have made some great posts and I've had the pleasure of interacting with this past month:


1. @clueless - Clueless has already made some banger threads like The Giant is the map that indicates the cycle is broken and Travelling the New World. He's also had tons of interaction and speculation on the Discord, and made some great comments on older theories on the site.


2. @NotAnAn0n - He kicked off this month right with his thread on Element 115 and Edward Richtofen: A Miner's Son. All around great theorist and worthy of the robes!


3. @RichKiller - I've known Rich long enough to consider him a friend and he's brought some fantastic new ideas to the table throughout his tenure. Last month in particular he posted his Latin Songs in Zombies thread with an impressive amount of research done.

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@anonymous, who roots theories in reality by digging into real-world conspiracies and theories.

A topic I moved to a new post to keep the other on it's own topic. Anon had brought up this point in the past, Anon and RichKiller among others go back and forth a bit with details on what defines the Aether.


Anon's History and Mythos of Aether



@RichKiller, whose points bring up details we often overlook.

RichKiller working on the use of Latin throughout Call of Duty and specifically Zombies and the inferences it has.


Anon and RichKiller among other users going back and forth cracking down Shangri-la's Loop


@Rapt, who cuts into very fine details making sense of even the smallest things.

Rapt's Work on the Venus Cipher


Rapt's Eagle Eye spotting that the Kronorium is upside down at certain points


All three of them among working on the Stone Tablet in Shadows of Evil


These three have been super supportive to everyone and have been very active, and I wish I could nominate more for there's at least a good half dozen more I could add under the same premise. 

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There are many people around to appreciate, older and newer.  Selecting just a few leaves me with a bit of uneasy feeling, but I have come to understand that  
User of the Month is truly about showing appreciation and not about glory coming from popularity. I really appreciate everyone around, with no exception.  There are certain people who deserve a shout-out for their recent great work: 

@Rapt has brought many interesting ideas to the (sacrifice) table, with threads such as "The kronorium should be read upside down",
with great attention to smaller details that have significance in the bigger picture, such as his comments about the worms and the green light.

@NotAnAn0n's thread on element 115 has created an interesting discussion regards questions lying in the core of the story, such as the 115 color and the Vietnamese influence in Shangri-La. NotAnAn0n also looked into older quotes, delving into Ultimis Richtofen's (as well as Primis Richtofen), again managing to create an discussion. 

@clueless's passion to underlie the true meanings of the zombies storyline has surfaced with threads such as the one about The Giant and his fan-made concepts for zombies maps. Also very recently he managed to create a discussion revolving gameplay, which is not common around here. 

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I am happy so many new faces joined the family last couple of months, many of which are fully familiar with the story and theories. Where have you all been so long, haha!


I'll begin with the story fanatic @clueless: Not merely does his brain seem to contain a vast amount of knowledge, his theories and comments are always a joy to read. Not only that, his comments on others' are often very extensive and well-written, and open a new, outside-the-box point of view to certain things. Here he posted an eye-opening theory about the Hanford Sanatorium and Tranzit's backgroundan interesting discussion about the role of red and blue in the story, and he participated in the Shangri-La cycle thread with nothing more than great comments.


Moving on to @Rapt, our Shadows of Evil Egg hunter with a sharp eye for details. I gotta admit man, at your first comments I thought you might be Blundell or something trying to give us hints 😛. Your discoveries have motivated me to dive into the gameplay/director's cut trailers and watch them very closely, as well as starting Easter Egg hunting in Shadows of Evil myself. Not only that, he seems to be the man who actually understands the nature of a non-linear time cycle and grandparadox, something I still struggle to comprehend.


And last but not least, @NotAnAn0n is another story fanatic of who we had to honour to join us lately. His threads about 115 and Richtofen have already been shared, but this man definately deserves the nomination as well. Something I wanna say about all my three nominates, Clueless, Rapt and NonAnAnon, is that they are goodfellas above anything. They are awesome people to have a chat with, and right now I already feel like we know each other for a long time. You guys were CoDZers all along

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Great to see 4 peole are already on the board so to speak, warms my heart, which is why, I am going to shout out some other folks as well. Before I forget it or something. haha

The first person who should be in the mix as well is good old @Tac for his work in regards to the viral thread, which is still ongoing and I also can't wait to see how the timeline thread will look like as soon as it is done. Also let us not forget his voice on the Podcast der Toten.


Which brings me to my next nomination: @RadZakpak it is not without reason that he is pretty much at least mentioned once in every UotM thread that I have started, puts so much work into the Podcast, his storybook and all of his threads in general. And without him the Pasta fun time would have never happend. haha That is already enough to secure him at least a mention on here yet again. But of course I'd be stupid to ignore his song analysis threads he made for Shockwave and The Gift.


Now onto my dutch brother @anonymous , but not only because of the obvious reasons... we all know his strong knowledge in regards to this story and his brilliant work here on the forums, but his Mc Donald's thread in the forum games section made me giggle so much, I had to point it out again.


These are my three nominations, but I would also like to point out @Lioss10 who will definitely be someone to watch during the next month. 🙂 


And again, cause I can not stress this enough: Thank you for being here, everyone. It means a lot.



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Ahahaha yasss!


"By the gods, fear it, Laurence!"


1. I swear I'm not shitposting when I nominate @Lenne for triggering a viral pasta outbreak on the CODZ Discord that was super amusing and had a fun, moral-boosting effect, as members new and old transformed their usernames into pasta-puns, or just generally labeled themselves with types of pasta and shared the pasta gifs and memes. How did this help the forums? Well, it was delightful to watch newer members jump right into the fun and silliness that fed the genuine, lighthearted, and fun atmosphere that has always been CODZ.

And yes, I know @RadZakpak is much to blame, but let's face it, there was a lot of spaghetti sauce flying around thanks to Lenne. I think the best way to celebrate this unique and naturally occurring pasta viral (simultaneous to the Black Ops Cold War viral) is to acknowledge it with a splash of Cyan!




2. @Tac for his massive contributions to the viral, and stepping back up into his classic role as an archivist and scribe! And as always, hyper-active in the Discord.



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  • Lenne pinned this topic

Heya, everyone.


The poll list is done and you guys can now get to voting. ❤️


gun speaking GIF by South Park

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I'm hardly ever here with an occasional lurk. So my opinion is ... meager, but...


I've caught Clueless and Anon's posts, both interesting and/or engaging. Clueless is winning so I gave Anon a vote (can I say that part or is it secret?).

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Nice one on pointing that out, PINNAZ. ❤️


Good evening / day / morning / night everyone. Whatever time it is make it a good time.


Not to steal the spotlight from Treyarch's mp reveal for the new game in less than an hour, but we can celebrate one of our fine members on this list, as you might have guessed nothing has changed at the top of the voting board since 83457's "spoilery" message, which means @clueless has won the right, to wear the cyan name tag both on Discord and of course on the forums, I will yell at the admins to give you the robes as soon as possible.


Just joined a little over a month ago, but you quickly became part of CoDz' DNA which doesn't happen too often, the same can and will also be said about Rapt and NotAnAn0n. It is really great to see so much good new blood and brains become a part of this old forum. Brings a tear of joy to my eye.


Also gotta shout out your username which is the most unfitting ever since Ehjookayted, who I miss very much as well, but that is another story for another day. Point is, you are far from clueless and even further from heartless.


Thanks a bunch Clueless and everyone else who nominated and voted. It is all part of the fun.


Much love, stay strong and see you all next month. 


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Congrats @clueless! A well-deserved win!

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I honestly don't know what to say besides I'm so honored! Thank you guys!

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  • Tech Admin
Tech Admin

Enjoy the cyan robes, some great users have worn them in the past. I think I left some jelly babies in the pocket.

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2 minutes ago, Hells Warrrior said:

I think I left some jelly babies in the pocket.

They're suspiciously warm....

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4 minutes ago, Hells Warrrior said:

Enjoy the cyan robes, some great users have worn them in the past.

I am honored to hold onto it!

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  • Moderators

W00t w00t! Congrats, Clueless, you rightfully deserve the title! What a night to become UoTM 🙂

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Awesome! What a win! Congrats @clueless

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