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Development Log for "Museum of Unnatural History/Aethereal" #1

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Because of the little push I needed thanks to Anon I have decided to announce my first of many projects that I will be doing using the BO3 mod tools! For starters, I want to announce that the project itself will consist of multiple maps that take place after the supposed ending that was Tag Der Toten on BO4. That leads to multiple questions I'm sure, but you must bare with me as I won't simply reveal everything to you all at once, I mean come on this is the Zombies community after all, if I just gave you all the answers there'd be no fun in that! What I can give you however, is the basic story of the first map of this story of mine.




After the events of Tag Der Toten, Samantha and Eddie pursued the bright light in the pitch black darkness of the Dark Aether leading them to a brand new world free from the corruption and timey-wimey fractured world that Group 935 inadvertently created in their experiments with Element 115. A full blown universal restart where the two of them were free to live their lives away from the hell they once were doomed to endure for all of eternity. Samantha and Eddie would live out their entire lives free from the corruption of the Apothicons in peace and harmony in the new world. Billions of years would pass, and the secret of the world that came before this one would be taken to the graves of the two souls. A duo of history professors named Dr. Daniel "Echo" Wilson and Dr. Arthur Grantz respectively are fired from their University jobs because of the University deeming their studies to be "unusual and potentially destructive" to the University's public perception. Depressed and eager to prove their life-time of studying the occult/spiritual world to be true, Dr. Grantz finds an ally from the past who shouldn't be alive. Mr. Rapt, a "knowledgeable occultist" makes contact with Dr. Grantz and tells him great stories about what the world was like when the world of the occult meshed with the world they know now. Obsessed with seeking a chance at redemption, Dr. Grantz continues his conversations with Mr. Rapt for months on end without the knowledge of Dr. Wilson. Mr. Rapt tells Dr. Grantz that he knows how and where to obtain the artifacts and information to prove this time in history once existed and offers him something he cannot refuse.


I'll just end it there as I would rather not get too carried away because I want people to experience this as if it were a true Treyarch Zombies Experience. I will not even bother giving a release date for this, because god knows when I will actually finish it, but I refuse to give up on it like I have with so many other projects of the past. With this being said, this is ProjectKMR signing out, and I hope you are as excited as I am for this project!

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Really interesting story! I hope someday I'll have a PC that can play BO3, and I'll be able to try out the map.

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Sounds like a real Lovecraftian and Zombies story, scientists getting involved in dark cults. Look forward to what more it will lead!

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Hello fellow map designer working with a story revolving around Mr. Rapt! I'm very excited to see how your story unfolds, especially since it's meant to be a sequel in the linear universe where 115 no longer exists as opposed to a gap-filling story within the Aether's extensive jumbled mess of strings making use of what's there. Can't wait to see/play!

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