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Treyarch says there’s still an Easter Egg to be discovered in Tag der Toten

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Treyarch is celebrating 115 Day for Zombies in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 with Double XP and more the Zombies players.

Here’s what’s live from now through January 21 at 10AM PT.

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Live today through Jan. 21st in Black Ops 4, we’re treating Zombies players on all platforms to 2XP, 2X Weapon XP, 2X Nebulium Plasma, and the Tungsten Tripler offer in the Laboratory! Jump in, squad up, and slay the undead all week long.

More importantly…however, Treyarch claims on Reddit that a certain Easter Egg in Tag der Toten has not been discovered yet. The studio dropped a teaser on Reddit with a short video clip of how to find the new Easter Egg that has yet to be discovered.

Here’s what Treyarch has to say…

Ever since the release of “Tag der Toten”, we’ve kept a close eye on the community’s Twitch streams, YouTube videos, and Reddit threads to see how many of the map’s meticulously-hidden Easter Eggs would be unearthed. And you’ve done us proud! We were impressed (as always) with how everyone came together to comb through every inch of the Siberian wasteland in search of its secrets… but there’s one surprise that remains undiscovered.

While this one’s just for fun, it does provide an extra-special challenge to keep things interesting once it’s found. Of course, we’re not in the business of providing spoilers, so we’ll let our friend Samantha give you a tiny hint:

Let the hunt begin! If you think you’ve found it, remember to back up your claim with video proof or it didn’t happen. Truth be told, we’re surprised this one slipped under the radar for so long.

SOURCE: Treyarch

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