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The Meh

The Dark Aether does not exist.

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Hello. The Meh here.


I know - you're reading the title right now and thinking to yourself... 'what? Of course it does. The Dark Aether's a thing and has been since Black Ops III!' Y'know, you'd be right in that assessment - as a narrative piece, the Dark Aether is a fundamental, universal constant and literal piece of everything. It does exist, and I guess that's an antithesis of this post... right? Not one bit. Truthfully, I don't believe that "The Dark Aether" is a convenient way to personify things - AT ALL - in the way we've seen it represented.


But, to quantify just why The Dark Aether makes no sense, we need to discuss - in layman's terms - what we can accentuate the core Aether being.


Let's start with an analogy - think of the dichotomy between both Heaven and Hell, just as an example. Not as their personal counterparts, not by their representatives, not by any of that... but by their notions. Their existence and force alone. Two high powers, of both light and dark.


In truth, the "Light Aether" is very much like that - it's the high place within metaphysical creation, a high energy that mortals simply cannot comprehend - or, to take a step further on, the whole abundance of the Aether is incomprehensible to all lifeforms, even those who can wield its power - that, if anything, is the core reason why it might be able to corrupt and contort its holds onto creatures.


We interpret, and justifiably, have seen, these forces coalesce into a core ideal - the side of the Aether and the side Agartha/Monty's Perfect World rest upon is intended to be the light side, and the darkness we've understood as "Dark Aether", and the darkness we assume to see the Apothicons - The Shadow Man, Doctor Monty, and the like - we could think of that more the same, on a metaphysical level - a deep, oozing energy of darkness - antimatter.


Which is why, with Tag der Toten's ending, their narrative use of the Dark Aether simply as a void of pure nothingness bugs me. Immensely so. Nikolai seems to grasp and explain that all these evils, all these events transpired, the whole Aether, they are cast away forever into the darkness, abandoned to nothing. That's what a void is, truly - a deep nothingness. But, again, we must consider that: a.) To have cast the Apothicons away so long ago into a darkened nothingness outside of creation and call that "Dark Aether" does not imply their turn and use of power from that realm, if such a realm is implied as pure nonexistence - unless that nonexistence is their power, and all this is a catch-22 that makes no sense; and b.) To have destroyed all of the Aether, you would have to destroy the Dark Aether, so as anything to be created ever again isn't left to desolate darkness and despair of causality to its powers - and yet to use the Dark Aether as a void of nothingness, is its own catch-22, out of the fact that you cannot simply destroy a void of nothingness.


Narrative-wise, it fucking kills me. Notwithstanding, that writing this way for the Dark Aether completely misrepresents the Apothicons as a force of darkness - they're just aliens who got locked in a closet.


Hopefully, you guys might see why, and help me understand the troubles I've wrought in my understanding of it. I know, this whole thing was off-the-cusp, but I can't really stay silent about it without driving myself fuckin' mental.


Per aspera ad astra?

-The Meh

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I know this is a weird post, but it is an important one for me. This has been on my mind since the Tag ending - which, don't worry, cooking up something for that.


It bugs me, being a person who both wants to understand and prides their understanding of the story, the Aether, all of it... I want to justifiably post the second post for Understanding the Aether, but I confess that this has felt like a slight roadblock.


I hope y'all can unravel this for me.

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I share your frustrations, mate. Maybe it has something to do that "beneath creation" could mean something different than a literal void of nothingness, but rather negativity in general. Think of negative energy, antimatter, whatever. All these energies hold a great force, while unexistent in our world. I've always found this quote of Richtofen in Buried very interesting, and I think it has to do with this all:


Richthofen: All this talk about energy, it’s so vague, ja? Its best not to worry about it. Just think of the big ones, positive and negative, north and south, light and dark, good and evil.


Basically he describes that there is to speak of a polarization, two opposing sides. We always assumed this was Heaven versus Hell, Agartha versus Aether or something, but maybe we are one side, and the Aether in general is the other. It was said by the Kronorium that the Keepers ascended to become the wards of the universe, but when Pernell ascended he became the Avogadro and corrupted, appearing the same as the Afterlife in MotD (with both electric powers). 


Think about what is said in Tag about the blood:


Yena: The blood uses negative space which exists between the molecules. This negative space provides an influx of energy. Which we believe fuels the blood, giving it the ability to move.


And in Blood of the Dead:


Maxis: The power of your blood could theoretically be used to open a portal und escape your present reality. If you can direct und focus enough energy through your blood, you may be able to tear a hole through the Aether und step through. How much blood will be required? I do not know. But given the concentration of Aether in your veins, it’s likely best to not over do it.


I believe they talk about the same energy in the blood. Primis seems to have gained this power because of all their interdimensional travels, so does travelling through aether generate negative space in your blood? 



Yena mentions the energy in the blood (which would be Vril according to your theory) is generated by the negative space between molecules, causing this influx of energy. We theorized before that the Casimir Effect/Mechanism creates a vacuum that theoretically could generate infinite energy. In the Moon Easter Egg, we charge the Vril Vessel with the Casimir Mechanism (note that it is named Vril VESSEL, like the energy it transports is actually Vril). I could certainly see a connection between generating Vril out of a vacuum and generating Vril out of negative space. 

So perhaps, a negative realm rather than a void?

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This was mindblowingly complex. For now, I want you to know I appreciate it, and am mindblown.

On 1/3/2020 at 6:25 PM, The Meh said:

Apothicons...[are] just aliens who got locked in a closet.

Pahahaha I love it. But true to the trope, leaking evil in a can.

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@RichKiller found this interesting picture on the Moon loading screen:



See how it has the word 'Casimir Mechanism' next to it. Richkiller noted that it resembles a Feyman diagram, where a negative charged electron (e⁻) and a positive charged positron (e⁺) annihilate, producing a photon that becomes a quark–antiquark pair, after which the antiquark radiates a gluon. One interesting feature of photons is that they are quantum effect in the way that they can behave both as particles and as waves. We also see that negative and positive energy (electron/positron) become positive and negative quarks, which are particles a.k.a. matter. So we have positive and negative matter! Is this proof for the existence of a negative realm, one beyond creation of our positive realm? A world underneath ours, an Underworld, which is a word often associated with Hell: a realm full of darkness and also a realm the deceased go to. For those whove seen Stranger Things, I imagine this as some kind of upside down, a negative realm. And how does the Casimir Mechanism relate to this?


m at work now so got no time, but interesting stuff to dive into later :)

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It was today that I realized the Apothican mystery box in the twisted version of Morg City goes down into some kind of liquid. Down to a netherworld beneath our observable universe?

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