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Hola, amigos. Recently I had a really long conversations with @KronoriumExcerptB on the Discord about Halo and what we love about it, and I've noticed in the past many conversations in the Best Friends Chat about specific parts of pop culture that two people have in common. I thought it would be interesting to have a thread where we can all gather to share the stuff we are passionate about besides Zombies. Maybe some of us can find some common ground and new bonds can be made!


Passions can be media like games, movies, books, shows, etc, or it can be your hobbies or collections. Maybe you have passions for history or biology. Whatever it is, feel free to share it and why you like it! Maybe you can convince some people to give it a look.



In the gaming sphere, I'm an on-again off-again achievement fiend. Many games I will start up simply because they have achievements that do not seem too time-consuming, and I sometimes end up really enjoying the game. I also pride myself in trying to 100% complete games I'm really into, especially big franchises. My proudest completions are the Black Ops Series + World at War. I'm also pretty close to having all Halo games completed up to this point and I hope to achieve that some day. Achievements just make me happy and that 100% just hits the right spot in my brain.



I'm also into writing, not so much the act itself which can be very hard to motivate oneself to do, but the science of it. I love analyses of games, shows, and films I watch breaking down what makes them work or what makes them not work from a writing standpoint. I could watch these types of videos all day. A couple good creators I'd recommend are Implicitly PretentiousLindsay EllisNerdwriter, and Lessons from the Screenplay. I'm also a big fan of RedLetterMedia for their opinions and reviews on films, and their long-form satirical reviews of the Star Wars Prequels are pretty much what started this whole genre of video and got me into it.



I look forward to your responses!

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So as you might have guessed from my posts on here, I love lore. But not just for Zombies.


I think it springs from being read to a lot as a child and watching films and playing games that were probably too old for me at the time, but whenever I get introduced to a new story, I feel I have to know everything there is to know about the characters, universe, etc.


For me, (other than Zombies of course), no series has captured my imagination like The Elder Scrolls. I've been learning the lore since I first played Skyrim in 2012, and am still learning, even to this very day, though where it was once stuff like when events happened, it's now crazy metaphysics.


Other than that, I really like music as well. I play the Bass and a bit of the Guitar and the Drums, and really hope to learn Piano at some point soon. I'd probably go crazy in amongst fictional lore without music to ground me, haha.

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Noice post idea, buddy!

11 hours ago, RadZakpak said:

Maybe you have passions for history or biology

Yeah that's me in a way. History as for not the Dark Ages, Golden Age, Colonial Era thing, but more the really ancient things, and more the way of life back then, the etnology/antropology thing, not necaserilly the actual events. How people lived in the very first city-like strongholds of mankind in Mesopotania, Eurasian nomads, Mesoamerican tribes, etc. Just the way how we evolved from apes into the society we are today.


Biology as in...everything? When I was a kid, I first wanted to be an animal docter, later a paleontologist. Hell, I'm doing my bachelor in biology at the moment, and I hold a passion for everything that lives, though I must admit that brain-related things hold a special interest from me, and I wanna do my Minor and Master in neurobiology. Pretty much the part where biology touches psychology, how we can observe, think, feel, be consiousness... It's so weird to think that our entire perception, our emotions, our ratio, is merely a result of electric signals in our organic neuroncells, and I have a strange obsession with that thought. 


But yeah, that's about interest. One thing I like to do is summing up random environment-related world problems and try contribute to solving those issues (hypothethically). I got an entire list on my PC, from dropping old iron playground equipment into the ocean to stimulate the growth/survival of coral reefs to developing a social media-like platform app where people can share their work in treeplanting and fundraising for more treeplanting. Whenever I have an idea I quickly write it down in my phone so I can later work it out.


I like music. Like everyone you would think but I recently met someone who didn't like music...oddly enough. But yeah, I like it to play music myself as well: Currently on piano and I am trying to learn myself akoustic guitar. Might wanna do electric guitar and drums (I know how hard that is but maybe later in life) as well. Piano for melody, guitar for chords and drums for rhitm....then it's complete.


Just like Cal I like to find out about the entire world of a game or movie, and I often find myself searching about such things on my phone while actually still watching the movie. After Call of Duty Zombies my favourite would be the Half Life universe.


I also have a fascination for the unknown, whether that is the absolulte depth of the oceans, the distance in space, uncharted jungles, abandoned buildings or those weird central-asian countries you never hear about in the news...


I also never refuse a cold beer on a hot day

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On 12/19/2019 at 10:55 PM, RadZakpak said:

Recently I had a really long conversations with @KronoriumExcerptB on the Discord about Halo

Quite recent, eh? I think I recall participating in that one. We were also talking about Sanity Not Included.


Great post by the way. Passions... it’s probably way too obvious these days, but I love writing and music. Writing about music, though... I don’t know if you guys are aware, but I’ve been doing that too! Over on a website called “The Metal Archives”.


Honest to god, it makes me feel confident as a writer and makes me love music more than I would have expected, writing these things. Feel free to take a look! https://www.metal-archives.com/users/TheMeh


(Don’t worry about the way I worded some things in reviews or profile description. The people over there are kinda into humor like that.)

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Passionate musician and I honestly this year has been very busy. A740970C-F75B-4C86-AA50-C1AA73F3E832.jpeg7081F00B-EA40-49D9-9ECF-C0D5D291CBB3.jpeg

I have been collaborating with other musicians and creating music this whole year and finally found a few really solid musicians To form a band and work on a project that will be released early 2020. That projects call Decades and Dimensions! 15 track album filled with a variety of Metal/Hardcore/post-hardcore/thrash.

It’s been about six months in the making now and I have been Dying to share with you all! 


I thought to myself hey what would treyarch zombie’s album be like If there wasn’t a little leak before the Actual CD came out so I teased a little bit?


What can I say the guys aren’t too happy with me but Only time will tell where our fates lie. 


1. MOTH (Man On The Hill)




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Music truly is bound to the human soul. We even send a sonde into space containing music from Earth, hoping that when/if it is found by extraterrestial intelligent life, it will function as a universal language.


It basically connects us all, independant of nationality, religion, gender, etc.

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I realized I haven't merry christmased you all yet, so let me do it with this comment. Apologies for doing so on the very last Christmas day, but: Merry Christmas! 


Its a feast that always marks the end of the year, acompanied by a feeling of melodrama looking back on it all (for me, at least). But an old year passing by means a new year to begin, and the term 'year' is something completely made up by us humans, with our brains always wanna make thing meassurable and comprehensible.


Alas, concerning last year I must say that I gladly and equally thankfully enjoyed y'alls pressence here. Like happiness there were countless of moments of sadness in my head last year, but every single time I went to CoDZ, read an awesome new post or comment of all you others, my friends, my fellow humans, I can feel good again. Realizing there are great people out there, all struggling with equally humanoid problems like me. Feeling the sorrow, awesomeness and joy of everyday life. 


You are my friends.


Danke :)

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Gaming wise, I absolutely love Blackout mode atm. It just exhilarates me in a way that zombies no longer can, sadly. I've been learning things from watching good players' streams and I've made friends with a few really good players/streamers who I've learned a lot from and it's been great to have them witnessing my progress and commenting on how quickly I've improved at the mode. Suppose that kind of progression has been missing from zombies for me for quite some time where I've played every iteration for the past 10 years and hit a plateau in my skill level long ago.


Outside of gaming, I love cue sports. I also really enjoy messing around with creating music, I never actually finish much but I just love learning about it, I'm more into the mixing and mastering side of things than anything though.

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