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Modern Warfare Season 1 Battle Pass Overview

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Season 1 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is about to being, and the all new Battle Pass system has arrived!

Season 1 Battle Pass is live through Tuesday, January 28, 2020 at 10AM PT.


There is 100 Tiers to go through, including free and Paid tiers. In order to access the Premium stream, you have to pay for the Battle Pass which is — Call of Duty Points.

Here’s an overview of what’s in the Battle Pass:

  • 2 New Weapons (2 Free)
  • 1,300 Call of Duty Points (3 Free / 10 Paid)
  • 12 Operator Skins
  • 20 Blueprints (3 Free / 17 Paid)



Tier Free Rarity Name Type
0 No Epic Chem Division Operator Skin
0 No Rare NIGHTSHADE Operator Skin
0 No Legendary SKILL TRACK 55 Watch
0 No Legendary 60 MIN 2XP XP Token
1 Yes Rare THE PURIST Blueprint
2 No Epic Back to Back Player Card
3 No Legendary 60 MIN 2WXP WXP Token
4 No Common Sweet Mercy Emblem
5 No Rare Blackspike Knife Skin
6 Yes Legendary 100 CP CP
7 No Rare 30 MIN 2XP XP Token
8 No Rare WRONG TURN Blueprint
9 No Common NICE SUPPLIES Charm
10 No Rare URBAN HIP Operator Skin
11 Yes Common Broken Sticker
12 No Legendary 100 CP CP
13 No Rare 30 MIN 2WXP WXP Token
14 No Common Masks On Spray
15 Yes Legendary Holger-26 New Weapon
16 No Epic Breach Player Card
17 No Legendary 100 CP CP
18 No Rare IMPOSSIBLE TASK Blueprint
19 No Rare RECON Operator Skin
20 No Legendary SAND SNAKE Blueprint
21 Yes Rare Lethal Dose Emblem
22 No Epic 45 MINS x2 XP XP Token
23 No Legendary 100 CP CP
24 Yes Rare STICK ‘EM Charm
25 No Epic 45 MINS x2 WXP WXP Token
26 No Common Checkmate Sticker
27 No Rare STAY FROSTY (moved RD2) Blueprint
28 Yes Common ChemWeap Spray
29 No Common 15 MINS 2XP XP Token
30 No Epic DOWN RANGE Operator Skin
31 Yes Legendary RAM-7 New Weapon
32 No Legendary 100 CP CP
34 Yes Common ON ALERT Player Card
35 No Rare COLLATERAL DAMAGE Blueprint
36 No Common 15 MINS 2WXP WXP Token
37 No Rare Lethality Emblem
38 No Rare HADIR’S RIGHT HAND Blueprint
39 Yes Rare MINE OVER MATTER Charm
40 No Rare ARMORED UP Operator Skin
41 No Legendary 100 CP CP
42 No Rare MONOCHROMATIC Blueprint
43 No Legendary 60 MINS 2XP XP Token
44 Yes Rare Hot Headed Sticker
45 No Rare THE TRAITOR Blueprint
46 No Legendary 60 MINS 2WXP WXP Token
47 No Rare Biohazard Spray
48 Yes Legendary 100 CP CP
49 No Epic Smoked ‘Em Player Card
50 No Rare MARINER Operator Skin
51 No Epic BADDIE Blueprint
52 No Epic COG OF DUTY Emblem
53 No Rare 30 MIN 2XP XP Token
54 No Rare WALL HACKS Charm
55 Yes Epic LONG ARM Blueprint
56 No Legendary 100 CP CP
57 No Rare 30 MIN 2WXP WXP Token
58 No Rare Snakebite Sticker
59 No Rare STYGIAN Blueprint
60 No Rare BUCKSHOT Operator Skin
61 Yes Rare Mind Blown Spray
62 No Legendary DISCO STUD Watch
63 No Epic 45 MINS 2XP XP Token
64 Yes Epic Into the Dark Player Card
65 No Epic THE EJECTOR Blueprint
66 No Legendary 100 CP CP
67 Yes Common Death Toast Emblem
68 No Epic 45 MINS 2WXP WXP Token
69 No Rare BOMBS AWAY Charm
70 No Rare SOKOLY Operator Skin
71 No Epic SIBERIAN TIGER Blueprint
72 Yes Common Fetch Sticker
73 No Epic 45 MINS 2XP XP Token
74 No Legendary 100 CP CP
75 No Common Hazardous Spray
76 No Rare RIPTIDE Blueprint
77 Yes Epic Woods Cutter Player Card
78 No Common 15 MINS 2WXP WXP Token
79 No Epic GASSED Emblem
80 No Rare WETWORKS Operator Skin
81 Yes Epic BLOWBACK Blueprint
82 No Legendary 100 CP CP
83 No Common 15 MINS 2XP XP Token
84 Yes Rare SET TO BLOW Charm
85 No Legendary GILDED Blueprint
86 No Common Poison Head Sticker
87 No Legendary 60 MINS 2WXP WXP Token
88 Yes Rare Hazmat Savior Spray
89 No Epic Stalker Blueprint
90 No Rare OVERGROWTH Operator Skin
91 No Legendary 100 CP CP
92 No Epic Standoff Player Card
93 No Legendary LIFE SUPPORT Watch
94 Yes Epic CAUSTIC AREA Emblem
95 No Epic SWAMP WEED Blueprint
96 No Legendary 60 MINS 2XP XP Token
97 No Epic GAS THIS! Charm
98 Yes Legendary 100 CP CP
99 No Legendary CORRUPTER Blueprint
100 No Legendary Forest Ops – add in Operator Skin

Visit the in-game Battle Pass Section now to see the rewards and start earning!

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