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The Meh

The Unity Series Retrospective | Part 4: "A Fear Lingers"

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Hey, guys.


The end of The Unity Series draws ever closer each and every day, you know. Truly. This month has been largely important in regards to my personal works. I started a two-piece theory, one I believe is sensible in a grand schema... along with releasing the rewritten Unity. Everything feels as though it's aligned rather perfectly, really.


...although it's funny that I might share that when... well, I have fears about that day actually coming.


I've inextricably wrapped myself in a knot with Unity - where, my vested and continual interests in being a part of this community coincide with my wanting to write and create Unity. You could argue it was my sole purpose if you wanted. While others told their stories, I decided to tell mine.

...and it felt grand. It felt important. Truly. But I couldn't imagine this day coming at any point in soon. I wasn't able to before.


But now I'm writing Prospect. Now I'm writing the final map. (I totally didn't write the ending three maps ago.)


...and so I'm struck with the reality that this thing I've worked so hard for is ending, this grand design closing its doors. As it may live on through memories or physicality, it finds itself nearing conclusion. So the simple idea that I could be so close to done scares me... likely because a part of me does not want this story to end.


I truly can't imagine myself in a place within the community nowadays without the constancy of Unity to think about. Nor do I know if my passion will remain the same. Nor do I know what my objective as a community member will exist beyond that final moment, that final... day.


But I have to deal with that reality and accept it. Because this story has felt like one needing to be told. Perhaps my issues lie in the feasibility that, maybe, the best I could do is let go of the love and replace it with another. I can only wonder what that love would be... ciphers? Mapping? Time could only tell.


I couldn't really think of a better way to deliver my insecurity on this one - if that's even what it is. I guess using this post was my way to vent and ponder where I might go after this story finds itself solace and finality. But - whatever choices I make before the day comes, whatever I decide - you guys deserve to know that you've made pursuing this story more than a hobby for me. You made it feel real. I could never thank you enough for that.


Every single action I've felt I've taken in pursuit of this story has felt like it was the right action - all because I had the right people and the right teachers. I owe you all. So... thank you.


(wow I gush a lot)


It's all coming together in this dream machine. I hope to see you there soon.

Per aspera ad astra.

-The Meh

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