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The Last Of Us 2 Extended Trailer Gives Story, Gameplay Details

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It's Outbreak Day, the unofficial celebration of Naughty Dog's The Last of Us series, and the studio celebrated with a behind-the-scenes look at The Last of Us 2. In the video, the team sheds more light on the story and some new gameplay mechanics for the upcoming sequel.

It starts with what appears to be early in the game, with Ellie and her friend Dina living in Jackson. The video mentions that Joel is living there too, though we've only just seen him for the first time in the latest story trailer. The first part of the story takes place with Ellie and Dina exploring an area through the snow, and apparently this is where Ellie and Dina express their feelings for each other.

Though that's a tender sentiment, the mission itself is dangerous. Naughty Dog noted that it wanted to make enemies more threatening this time around, so even runners are more threatening. Ellie has new capabilities to her advantage, like increased agility and the ability to squeeze through small spaces. A new workbench also serves as the up-close look at your arsenal as you upgrade weapons. Later in the gameplay portion, we see enemy dogs who can track your scent, as opposed to most enemies who can only see or hear you.

The Last of Us 2 is coming February 21, 2020, and we got extended hands-on time with it. You can now download a new free dynamic theme. We also received word, however, that the game won't include multiplayer.

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