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The Meh

UNITY | A (Rewritten) Zombies Map Idea/Concept

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A Map Concept by The Meh

Weaponry, Characters, Story, Scenario, etc.: The Meh/RequixEclipse

Map Layout: The Meh

Editing/Ideas/Support: Nightmare Voyager, Lenne, anonymous, RequixEclipse, Richkiller


Time taken to create: March 14th, 2019 to September 23rd, 2019


Pre-cutscene: https://www.callofdutyzombies.com/topic/185837-futility-pre-cutscene-story-for-unity-rewritten/


Opening Cutscene:




A classical piano begins to play, a rhythmic yet off-beat tempo, as it fades in on heavy gunfire, a group of four standing close to the altar of a church. Zombies pour in on the left hand side of the screen, relentless and vicarious, as the group begins to lose their ground.


The camera focuses in on the soldier of the group, Thomas, as he edges close to a window. His LMG runs out of ammo, and he’s forced to use his secondary pistol. As he begins to shoot forward, a zombie lunges through the window and attacks Thomas from the back. He attempts to kill the zombie, and, while victorious, gets swarmed as more flood through the window and tear him down.


As Thomas gets swarmed, the camera pans to their doctor, Stacey, as each and every bullet she shoots finds its mark in a bed of flesh and bone. She’s backed between two pews as she runs out of ammo. Unwilling to die this way, she quickly pulls out a large knife, holds one zombie back and begins to kill as many as she can. Unfortunately, it proves to be too many to hold back.


As Stacey falls to the floor from the sheer strength against her, the camera pans over towards one of the scientists, Vincent, who finds a morbid sort of pleasure in the situation before him. As he begins to run short of ammo, and as zombies begin to claw and bite his arms, he still swings, stabs, and shoots what’s left in his guns. Before too long, however, he’s as swarmed as the others are.


Having seen the rest of his team, his friends, fall, and the zombies left in the church dead beside him, David stands. He screams to the sky, a gut-wrenching, sharp scream of agony, of inner pain. As more zombies begin towards the doorway, David decides to turn around, and look to the cross behind him, before kneeling down and praying. As he says “amen”, the zombies grab a hold of him, and the screen cuts to black at his scream.


The classical piano music begins to fade, as a soft, barely audible choir can be heard with it. A voice then speaks aloud:


“No, no… no. You must linger. You cannot die. For you must end this nightmare. You are the ones who will shine the light of providence. For you are… the Prophets.”


Map Layout:


Map Description:  “One would say life is like a portrait, but what is the purpose of a portrait if it cannot be what it wants? How does one change it, and does that shift monumentally change its stature? Its curvature? Its fate?”


As Round 1 begins, you spawn into a darkly-lit cavern. Before the group may question where they are, torchlight brightens the room as a booming voice speaks:


...in a way, you are all in what you may perceive as an Afterlife. But… it is an empty, void place. Alas, nothing is here. Perhaps, that’s all your Afterlife really is. Truly, however, you’re not here to live on in eternity only to fade. You’re here to save humanity from its downfall in the first place. You must justify the decline. Build the Machina Fini Mundi, and turn its gears so that it may alight the universe anew. Now… go, my Prophets. Exact your will, and you may change everything.


...oh. I almost forgot to introduce myself. You’ll meet me soon enough - but… you can call me ‘The Entity’. I understand this is all strange - don’t worry. You’ll catch on.


From that, zombies begin to spawn out of the ground. Two weapons rest in spawn, the Ballista to the left wall, and the Olympia to the right, in the back side of the room. Next to said wallbuy, Quick Revive resides. Across from the room from it, a Box spawn resides.


Given the circumstances, one probably wouldn’t last very long in this room. Luckily, there are two paths out of spawn to be taken, both costing 750 points to exit from.


The left-hand path leads out from the cavern, where you catch your first real glimpse of the rest of the map. The whole of the area surrounding you is rock, a forward path, and in the distance, you can see similarly from the other path, leading… elsewhere. Going forward from this left-hand path, you will begin to find stairways, one on the left and right, and two more in the distance apart. The first two stairways cost 1000 points to open, and the next two cost 1250. These stairways lead to relatively small “Isle”-esque landmasses.


The first Isle is designed reminiscent to a Doctor’s Office - and within that Isle rests a Shield Piece to the direct left, a KS-23 wallbuy (1000 points) to the right, and Electric Cherry straight forward. The second Isle is designed reminiscent to a well-kept Laboratory - stocked with chemicals and the like - and within it rests a lonely perk machine - that of Deadshot Daiquiri. The third Isle is designed reminiscent to that of Army Barracks - within it lies an Uzi wallbuy (900 points), a Box spawn directly across from it, and Juggernog across the ways. Finally, the fourth Isle is designed alike the second - a Laboratory, but desolate and scarce, dangerous and broken, vials and glass scattered around it. It contains an MP5 wallbuy (1000 points) to the right, Speed Cola ahead, and… strangely enough, a Jukebox to the left.


Passing the Isles leads to the “Power Room”, this door costing 1500 points to open. But, I would like to backtrack for a moment before entering this room and highlight the secondary areas on the second path from spawn.


Leading from the 750 point spawn door, a winding path leads ahead towards a large marble Coliseum - the door to access it from here costs 1250 points to open. Entering the Coliseum, a Box spawn is visible to the direct left, as is Pack-a-Punch in the middle of the room, and a shield piece on the far left of the room, nearby the door out of the Coliseum (1000 points). Looking to Pack-a-Punch at this particular moment, you might notice that it looks… off. A red aura barrier surrounds it, barring access.


It is at this moment that I would like to cover the functionality of special rounds in this map. Every 3-7 rounds, it acts like a special round might - starting with the guitar note and all, minus the ‘Fetch me their souls’ quip. Instead, the Entity resounds:


Time to test your mettle.


If you aren’t in the Coliseum, you are then immediately teleported into it, and assorted enemies are at liberty to spawn from a pool of minibosses, changing in amount and difficulty over time, and typically being random each special round. Whereas one round could be Hellhounds, the next could be three Panzers and one Margwa. Upon completion of the special round, Pack-a-Punch unlocks for time dependant on the difficulty of said round. After said timeframe, the map boots you out of the Coliseum, back to wherever you came from at that moment. Timeframes are:


Easy (Hellhounds, Spiders, Parasites): 30-45 seconds.

Medium (Thrashers, Furies, Keepers, Jumping Jacks): 1 - 1 ½ minutes.

Hard (Margwas, Panzers): 2 - 2 ½ minutes.


Of course, it is possible to just activate PaP whenever - I would be remiss to tell you that it’s barred like that. But to do so, you would still have to clear a small wave of enemies.

Guess that’s just the price for power.


Back to the main map layout, though - past this, the path straightens out for a bit, up until a path aside it emerges to your right. This particular “fork in the road” leads to a closed-off “Clock Room”, and, walking towards the door, you find a prompt telling you: “The time is not yet right...”. So… going into this room is not exactly an option just yet.


Moving forward, we reach the “Power Room”, this side’s door only costing 1000 points to open. Inside the power room, a Buildable Table rests on the right hand side, Der Wunderfizz to the far left, alongside a shield piece, and the Power Switch residing in the middle of the back wall from that.


Upon activation, the screen momentarily flashes bright, and outside, the bright greenish fogs lift and the oblivion below changes hues to a darker orange, whereas the sky above them turns bright yellow.


The Entity sounds:


...and so, we can begin. I have faith that you will understand soon enough the path you have undertaken. So much to do, so… so much time. But not enough, all the same.


Well… let’s get to work.




Dr. Stacey Cadwell:


Character Appearance: Medium height. Long, dark-brown hair, red eyes. Ragged and bloodstained white trench coat and khakis. Close-to-breaking glasses. Noticeably large scar on left cheek.




“Post-Outbreak… hell - Post-Fucked Earth, I guess you could say I was… some sort of doctor.


...you’ll have to forgive me, I don’t remember the name of the base we were set in. Needless to say, we tried to help people there. We took in what civilians we could. We had enough food to last. We had the means to grow more. It was a good system.


But we were trying to fix this, the best we could. As fractured as we thought the world was, we wanted to try to cure the stains surrounding us. Some plan that was. I tried… so hard. Forgive me for letting you down.


Needless to say, the base is gone now. I must have wandered for weeks. Helping where I could. Trying to forget the horrors I saw… the horrors I caused. The inhumane things we did to acquire a salvation that didn’t exist. Soon enough, I met Thomas. He has been nothing but kind. Soon after, we found David and Vincent holed up in another base, and… the rest was history, I suppose.


I think we were all broken, though. I don’t think any of us wanted to stay…

...and our choice was rather unanimous.


We’re a day out from a town, I think. There’s a church there, if I recall.

I haven’t really got a clue why we’re even recording these mementos. I don’t know if there’s anyone left with ears to hear… or eyes to see. But it could still be worth remembrance, I suppose. Screaming about how we were here.


Whatever. I can’t say I care.”




Upon activation of Stacey’s ability, she is able to run faster and revive faster for approximately 30 seconds. These abilities stack with Quick Revive and Stamin-Up, giving a 15% boost within the ability timeframe, and a 5% passive boost.

Sgt. Thomas Mayes:


Character Appearance: Tall and strong in stature. Bloodstained U.S. Army trench coat unbuttoned to show a less bloodstained white shirt, with khakis. Gun holster attached to belt. Lighter brown hair (slightly growing back out from a military cut), blue eyes. There is a notable scar on the back of Thomas’s neck.




“Life is… a rather tough mistress. Growing up before the Outbreak and subsequent desolation of Earth was always a good perk. My parents weren’t exactly the best, though. Yeah, talking about ya, Dad. Fuck you.


...well, I guess at this point I understand, actually. Dad, I should thank you a bit. You made me tougher than I thought I could be. It’s… too bad you weren’t the same, I guess. You perished with Mom after the Outbreak, and all I could do was… run. Kill whatever undead I found. God, it’s… strange to think about all this.


What was left of the U.S. Military was in shambles - most bases dissolved into wars of their own over the sides of a battle they didn’t understand. Voices only they could hear? I don’t think I care for the words of the crazies, but… it was intriguing for the short time I knew of it. Whatever the case, I ended up coming across a worthwhile base, and I joined up. It was… good. It was a distraction from the obvious.


...and I was proficient. I was ruthless. I shot up to some high ranks faster than I could have anticipated. I was offered high ranks, Lieutenant up there as one of them… but, I was content as a Sergeant. God, our platoon was full of bright minded people, too. Can’t help but remember half the conversations I had with McCullen. He was maybe the single funniest man I ever knew.


...it didn’t last, though. The one time we wanted to bring the fight back… the one time we wanted to wipe the place clean of those fuckin’ dead ones. The platoon didn’t last. It was almost like a tsunami of bodies.


We tried to retreat. McCullen was right on my side, and he was a damn good shot. It couldn’t have saved him. Oh… god…


I just ran. I ran again, and again… I only ever ran. I was the only one I recalled making it out. I felt like nothing at that moment. My life, my rank… my codes, just… worthless.


I wandered for a while after that. I knew what I needed to do at that point. It was only by sheer coincidence that I met with them… Stacey, David, Vincent. As crazy and as destroyed as they looked - it at least gave me comfort that I wasn’t somehow alone in my decision.

I’m on my way home now. I’m content and ready for it.


No more running.”




Upon activation of Thomas’s ability, he essentially acquires armor - without Juggernog, it will take 6 hits to down him. Stacking with Juggernog, it takes 10 hits. Meanwhile, during this, weapons will have a slightly higher damage. This effect lasts for 30 seconds, unless you happen to go down, which it immediately ends.


David Oxford:


Appearance:  Shortest of the group. Least bloodstained as well, wearing a labcoat and black pants. Black hair, somewhat of an orange-yellow eye color mix. Homemade necklace with two gold rings attached. Most visually normal, per se.




“Everything hurts.


I… guess I need to talk about myself. What’s worth talking about, I don’t know.


I was a scientist - as was Vincent. Hell, I guess we were peas in a pod, the two of us. Knowing some of the things Vincent did, though… man. I almost feel bad for the way he is now. I’m only glad he holds contentment in his heart. Like us.


But… I could never really be content. Not anymore. Not without Tracy.


She was the only other person in this world I gave a damn about. After the Outbreak, a lot of people got together, a lot of scientists convened on how to combat what happened. Tracy was maybe the one person in that group I was confident understood my ethos about 99% of the time. She was my rock.


I knew I could always tell her how I was feeling. I could tell her the way I was raised, the pure sadness of it - I think she understood. She, at the very least, was able to heal my sadness for a time. A bright light in a weary world. I loved her for that… and I’m glad she loved me.


We actually kind of held our own ceremony for it. I salvaged my parent’s rings from home and… well, that was that, really. I could have spent my life with her…

...oh… god, Tracy… I’m so sorry about what happened.


I should have been there. I should have saved her. I should have taken the hits, the scratches, the bites. I should have been the one to die, but… no. I failed. The worst part about losing someone is when you have to be the one to hold them in your arms… and you feel their pulse change. Lower. Their breathing stilt. Their skin as it turns pale.


I could at least save her the torture of a return. She deserved it.


The base was in ruins after that. I almost appreciate Thomas for rescuing us. But… it couldn’t have come too late.


I just want to be with her again. I would give anything.

I guess that’s why we’re heading to this church Thomas keeps speaking about.


I’m okay with that.


I hope I may see you again, Tracy. Soon enough. I will.”




Upon activation of David’s ability, frames of his past appear for a split second, and an audible scream from David sounds. At that moment, it is as if time distorts - the speed at which you move is fastened, as the zombies around you are almost moving in slow motion. This ability comes at a cost, however - during the 15 second timeframe it gets, David can take maybe one or two hits less before going down… even with Juggernog. Use with caution.


Vincent Frehley:


Appearance: A stained-red labcoat, and black pants. Blood vials attached to his belt, indicating “research” and sampling of undead blood. Slicked-back brownish black hair, with slightly purple eyes. Most notable are fresh scars on both backs of his hands, the initials “DC” on the left and “TF” on the right. What these stand for are unknown.




“Fuckin’... why do I need to do this? You know DAMN well what I am.


Jesus Christ… guess I’m forced to talk. Howdy ho, neighborinos, it’s your friendly neighborhood maniac, Vincennnnnnnnt Frehleeeeeeeeeey! Let’s talk about his life! WOO! Yeah... fucking let’s go.


...ah, sometimes I make myself laugh.


Fuck, uh… blah blah, life is life. My parentals, they didn’t understand me. Doctors thought I was crazy - ADHD, maybe… schizophrenia, though… that was a big boy word. They gave me medicine, if I recall. But that medicine made me feel sad. I felt lonely.


God, school didn’t fucking help either! All of them were pricks!


There was this one kid I recall… he was a bigger prick than anything else. I remember… god, his parents were… hmm. Mad? Well, I guess I would have been too, if my son were found like that. Oh well. He’s gone now, right?


After some issues I got a higher dosage - and everything was normal. But I knew and felt the reality around me and I knew this world was fucked for the longest time. Can’t you imagine how CATHARTIC the Outbreak was for me?


I met with David at some point during all that. Sad guy. But I think knowing him actually helped me a bit. Normalize the chaos. And his girl friend Tracy, was… yeah. They were a good couple. Sad that it happened the way it did. Watching that shit happen to him hurt, for sure...


...fuck, I don’t care enough about this. You guys KNOW my story! You expect me to be super crazy on record but it doesn’t matter if I’m not! YOU KNOW WHAT I AM! YOU KNOW WHO I AM!


...god damn...


...let’s just get to the fucking church already. I’ve got some things to atone for, myself.


...but, uh, before I cut myself loose. Thomas - you find a worthwhile stache of foods and supplies and the one thing you wanted the most was a damn tape recorder. Really? Nostalgic asshole...”




Upon activation of Vincent’s ability, the screen goes red. Vincent loudly laughs, and pulls out a machete. This is essentially a Rampage Mode, where Vincent is able to one-hit and blast through zombies for 15 seconds.






Ballista (wall; spawn) [Upgraded: Infused Arbalest]

Havelina AA-50 [Upgraded: Ascent Apocalyptica]

M-700 Predator [Upgraded: The Blood Dragon]

USR [Upgraded: Underling of the Soul Redeemer]




Olympia (spawn) [Upgraded: Hades]

KS-23 (wall) [Upgraded: Kinetic Splicer-2300]

USAS-12 [Upgraded: Unnaturally Sectioned Avulsion Splicer-12000] (Upgrade uses explosive ammo)

Pancor Jackhammer (aka The Jackhammer, etc.) [Upgraded: Mjolnir]

Model 1887 [Upgraded: The Nightmare Voyager]

Gnasher [Upgraded: The Ravager]


Assault Rifles/Tactical Rifles:


M16 [Upgraded: Skullcrusher]

S6 Stingray [Upgraded: Siren’s Symphony]

AK-5 [Upgraded: Aetherian Killer]

Galil [Upgraded: Lamentation]

AUG [Upgraded: AUG50M3]

M27 [Upgraded: Mystifier]

SOAR [Upgraded: Superb Operative Annihilation Revelator]




Mauser C96 (Vincent spawns with this) [Upgraded: Boomhilda]

Glocke (Stacey spawns with this) [Upgraded: GL-935 Assimilator]

TR01 Ghost (David scientist spawns with this) [Upgraded: The Grim Reaper]

M9 (Thomas spaws with this) [Upgraded: Agent 009]

Desert Eagle [Upgraded: Vulture]

Remington New Model Army (wall; Buried only) [Upgraded: Sassafras]

Raging Bull [Upgraded: Matador]


Submachine Guns:


UZI (wall) [Upgraded: Uncle Gal]

MP5 (wall) [Upgraded: MP115 Kollider]

PDW-57 [Upgraded: Predictive Death Wish-5700]

Beretta Model 1918 [Upgraded: Barracuda]

Skorpion [Upgraded: Bane of the Nile]

Sten [Upgraded: Hive Mind]

P90 [Upgraded: P115 Pulverizer]

Grease Gun [Upgraded: The Black Hand]

Mac-11 (dual wield) [Upgraded: The Big Mac]


Light Machine Guns:


RPD [Upgraded: Relativistic Punishment Device]

HK21 [Upgraded: H115 Oscillator]

Chainsaw [Upgraded: The Shredder]

RPK [Upgraded: R115 Resonator]




M2 Flamethrower [Upgraded: Scorched Earth]

Panzerschreck [Upgraded: Longinus]

War Machine [Upgraded: Dystopic Demolisher]


Wonder Weapons:


Ray Gun [Upgraded: Porter’s X2 Ray Gun]

Ray Gun Mark II [Upgraded: Porter’s Mark II Ray Gun]

The Railgun [Upgraded: The Divider]:


It's like a sniper rifle. But the power of the bullets will make you think of it like it would be a laser-esque bullet. It’s a one-hit until Round 12. Will hit many zombies with one bullet. When upgraded, it will become “The Divider”. Comparable to that of the one sniper rifle from "Cordis Die", you can charge up the gun to give it more power, at the cost of bullets. A truly devastating weapon.


Bo Staff [Upgraded: The Requiem of Desolation]:


Created by RequixEclipse, the Requiem of Desolation stands as the Prophet’s main specialist weapon, and is acquired through the course of the EE. Whereas the explanation of how to acquire the Requiem of Desolation lies below in the EE, I wish to explain the abilities of this staff.


Backstory wise, the Requiem of Desolation was forged in both light and dark energies - cascaded in the deep primordial ooze of creation. At the birth of creation, it urged to feed. All it could do was feed. It watched life birth into creation, willed by constancy, and it was zealous…

...and so it would wait, in a realm beyond, wrapped in timely coils, where those who could find the keys could wield its powers… so it could finally feed.


As for the abilities of the Requiem of Desolation, the weapon itself feeds on spiritual energies (or, for a lack of better words, souls) - energizing itself with each kill upon a zombie, powering up the staff over time. Said energy can be spent on special attacks/abilities, i.e. Mortal Siphon (the capability to siphon souls into the rod to gain a health boost (one or two hits)), or Mortal Coil (the capability to thrust forward and burst through a crowd of zombies in a blast similar to the powers of a Thunder Gun).


If you save up said energies, however, you are able to activate a mode in the staff called “Overdrive”. When it reaches a state of “Overdrive”, the staff then becomes collapsible - connected together by an arc of life force, and said life force is tethered by dark matter - said power enough so that it sparks off of the edges of the staff itself. Similar to how a Nunchuck functions, this mode gives you faster mobility and fast swinging at the cost of losing very small chunks of health. During “Overdrive”, you have the option to burn all the energies in that mode away using a power called “Desolation Incarnate” - which essentially functions as a large laser blast that can wipe out an entire crowd… at the cost of being left with only one hit before going down.


Using this weapon is dangerous… unless in the right hands. The forces that be would quake at the idea of what you would do with it.




Monkey Bomb

Molotov Cocktail




Mirror Shield: The idea behind this shield is that it’s intended to refract certain attacks. Be it from a Panzer shooting a shock charge, or a Margwa’s elemental attack, these can essentially be rerouted back to the source if you’re agile enough to use it against them.

It may even have a use beyond that…


Machina Fini Mundi (EE): A machine born of strife, a machine that will change everything…




Desolation Cells (10G): In Unity, acquire the Requiem of Desolation and reclaim what was lost.

My Body Is A Cage (15G): In Unity, free those who were lost.

Universal Change (20G): In Unity, find the means to power the change you wish to see.

We Fly Towards Providence... (50G): In Unity, step into eternity and build the Machina Fini Mundi.

...And The Pieces Fall Into Place (100G): In Unity, fix the universe.

Performing His Wonders (5G): In Unity, use the Requiem of Desolation to obliterate 20 zombies at once.

Music of the Spheres (20G): In Unity, find all the Records and play them in the Jukebox.

Off The Rails (10G): In Unity, kill 10 zombies with the Railgun using only a single bullet.

A Masochist’s Dream (20G): In Unity, survive to Round 20 using only your spawn pistol, the Havelina AA-50, and M2 Flamethrower only.




Quick Revive [500/1500 points; Located in Spawn]

Juggernog [2500 points; Located on Isle #3]

Speed Cola [3000 points; Located on Isle #4]

Electric Cherry [1500 points; Located on Isle #1]

Deadshot Daiquiri [1500 points; Located on Isle #2]

Der Wunderfizz [1500 points; Located in “Power Room” (NOTE: Certain perks are available for acquisition in other areas during the EE. That said, the perk selection I’m about to mention are the only perks Der Wunderfizz doles out. That said… perk selection available includes: Double Tap II, Mule Kick, Tombstone, Vulture Aid Elixir, Timeslip, Victorious Tortoise, Secret Sauce.)]


The Jukebox (Easter Egg Songs):


The Jukebox in Unity functions rather similarly to the song radios in Nacht/Verrückt, and the Jukeboxes in custom maps prior - with minor differences. Innately speaking, certain songs (i.e. Dead Ops Arcade songs) are available and play normally in the Jukebox. If you want to hear certain other songs, though… well… you gotta work for that.


In the easter egg, while visiting maps prior, you may find the means to play the songs of old… and perhaps, acquire the means to hear more.



White Record: “Lullaby for a Deadman” [Located in Verrückt: Kitchen]

Red Record: “Beauty of Annihilation” [Located in The Giant: Z-D]

Black Record: “Shockwave” [Located in Classified: Porcine Research]

Blue Record: “Coming Home” [Located in Moon: Behind MPD]

Cyan Record: “We All Fall Down” [Located in Die Rise: Nearby Sliquifier’s workbench]

Old, Dusty Record: “Always Running” [Located in Buried: The entrance behind the moving bookshelf in the Mansion]

Yellow Record: “Dead Again” [Located in Der Eisendrache: Next to the building table in the Pyramid Room]

Golden Record: Dream Theater - “Octavarium” [Acquired via EE progression]


MAIN EASTER EGG: “The Machina Fini Mundi”:


NOTE: Contrary to the original design of this map, you now have the ability to access the main map during EE steps. A portal between the two is open to wherever you’re at in the Easter Egg, minus the final step.


Step 1: “Tempus Fugit”


Time is everything. Time is necessary. Time will reveal the world as we see it. Time will reveal The Golden Record, the music of the spheres. Time will heal the desolation ahead.




For this step to be activated, all players must stand in the Clock Room. As you walk in, a faint chime can be heard, and all the clocks begin to click with sound. It’s here that you need to locate and tune seven different clocks in a specific order (map outline shows placement and order) to 9:35.


Upon the final clock being attuned to 9:35, a Grandfather Clock in the middle of the room appears, and opens itself to reveal a receptacle for four Bo Staffs. It’s at this moment you’re available to take said staffs.


Now, the staffs themselves are weak in this form - maybe best for a Round 15 one-hit - but you need to kill 100 zombies with the Bo Staff. As the staff reaches towards that number, purple light begins to illuminate over it, and at the 100th kill, the staff itself bursts with intricate patterns made from that purple light.


At that moment, you need to then head back into the Clock Room and place the Bo Staff back into the receptacle. Upon doing this, you are locked into the room for a full minute as zombies rush into the room. As soon as that minute passes, the receptacle sounds and the zombies despawn. Upon heading towards the receptacle, the staff is now visibly powered up, and has changed forms - it is now the Requiem of Desolation.


After the upgrade process is complete, you are automatically thrown into the Coliseum, and a flurry of assorted enemies will spawn - waves of dogs, three Panzers, and one Margwa. Upon killing the final Panzer or Margwa, they drop The Golden Record.


Step 2: “A Story’s Beginning”


Upon acquisition of the Golden Record, the Entity speaks:

At last, we can undertake this path with which all time may marvel. Play the Record, and revisit the Night where everything began. It all started with a dream. Our wishes can only manifest with a place to hold them.

...insignificant as it may be to a grand design. Poetry, right?




For this particular step, you need to take the Golden Record to the Jukebox on Isle #4, and, upon it beginning to play, the map’s colors begin to shift and change for a moment, before a portal spawns directly behind you.


Said portal will jettison you to Nacht der Untoten - a version desolate and in ruins, but not completely inaccessible. Whereas the top floor no longer exists, the ‘HELP’ door remains intact, and ajar. Entering the room, the Box spawn still rests, and beside it, the same table with the Radio resting on it.


...ironically speaking, this step requires you to take that table. Upon acquisition of said table, a portal will spawn behind you once more, taking you to Verrückt.


Step 3: “Red Mists”


I can feel the screams permeate here… tread lightly. There is someone still alive here. They… might be useful for something. Grey matters align in this Asylum. Matters of one of the lost men.




This particular step changes very little from the original version of ‘Unity’ - minus perhaps the access you are given to Verrückt (from Quick Revive to the Kitchen). Among that area, a psychotic man roams around, untouchable to the zombies, but… unhinged and lost to reality. He attacks players on sight with two Sickles, and moves quickly.


A bit spongy to kill, of course, but after doing so, a jar will spawn on the counter in the Kitchen that you have to grab. Head back to the body of the “Psychopath”, and acquire his brain. After which, another portal spawns, this one taking you to Shi No Numa.


Step 4: “Trials of the Hanged Men”


Countless souls have been torn between the realms of life and death. The man you see in front of you, he was onto something. He was lost all the same. Borne to seed the path of destructive men. We seek to change this. We need the ropes, and we need the wiring. Connective tissues of reality aligned here, and we will take advantage of that.




This step remains the same as the original ‘Unity’. We need to acquire wiring from broken machinery among the map - most manifesting as piles of wiring. At least three appear in random spots across the available areas of the map, that being between Spawn and Doctor’s Quarters (pathway via zipline).


Added, you will have to shoot Peter’s ropes down. As sad as that is.


An added bonus to this step, however, follows after the portal spawns. If you linger for longer than 30 seconds, the Entity will speak:


...you wish to lay him to rest, don’t you? As you could have wished for yourselves. You are more selfless than you know.


Very well, then.


For a moment, the portal to the next location will close, and in its place, a shovel will spawn. In the Doctor’s Quarters, a wooden cross spawns in onto the ground, to mark a place for a grave. Heading towards it prompts you to ‘dig a grave’, as it were. Doing so will start an animation of your character doing so, as the Entity speaks once more.


You… probably don’t know this man… or how he got to this location which you are not familiar. Not many recall anymore, those words of the lost. He was the outer eyes looking in on the world, this man… he gave his life for God and Country. A poor sacrifice it was.


His name was Peter. He deserved better. But instead, he was torn. We can change all of this. We can save everyone with the actions of our wills. Do you see?


The screen cuts to black for a moment, and returns to see your player character placing Peter in the grave. The Entity speaks once more.


There are those beyond that would appreciate and deem your actions just. As would I.


A bright green light spawns above the grave, as the Entity continues.


I wish to give you commemoration for said action. I… only wish I could spare more for the rest of you. Go ahead and take this - the spark of life floods deep within you.


The green light opens to reveal a Wunderwaffe DG-2 - only available to one person to take. Upon acquisition of said Wunderwaffe, the portal to the next location reopens above Peter’s Grave.


Step 5: “Nola Infinitus”


You can’t hear them yet. The chiming of bells. Those Angels are coming, soon enough. But you must rise to the occasion, regardless, if you wish to see. We’re all caught like flies in traps - but you, you can break the trap, and direct your power to charge the keys.




The portal from Shi No Numa will send you to your next location - The Giant (which, yes, is the version from Black Ops III). The only accessible areas within this part of the map are Spawn to Z-A. Regardless - the most important action to take right now is to activate the Fly Trap through the usual means (PaP’d weapons… OR, if you have it, the regular Wunderwaffe from the last step). But, instead of shooting it only once, you need to keep shooting it. For a moment, the normal start-up goes, but then a large boom can be heard, and the screen flashes white.


As the screen returns to normal, you visibly see that the map now has shifted - quaked, erupted with both the energies of 115 and darkened magma, torn into the ground from the Fly Trap. Three lights beam up from the crater the old Henge once stood from, and they reach up to the roofs of the site - one towards the peak of the Mainframe Mechanism, one towards the roof of Z-A, and one towards the “Help” sign on the roof of Der Riese.


As they find their places, you will immediately find that the gravity of The Giant has been altered - lowered, perhaps. You can now momentarily reach above the normal jumping heights… enough to reach these areas aforementioned. The essential thing you need to do here is just shoot them, and they will meet at the Giant Robot’s head, for a moment, powering it - only to beam back down into the door next to spawn - Z-D, if you will. Immediately after powering the Giant’s head, the laser will shoot off from it.


It is here that you need to strategically place yourselves in a manner with the Mirror Shield that will direct itself towards Z-D, destroying that door, making it available for entrance. Inside of Z-D lies a newly forged, powered Energy Core - a circular device, bright… but hollowed, in the shapes of a spiral, with a circular object in the middle.


After acquiring the Energy Core, the next portal will spawn directly behind you.


Step 6: “Projections of a Dying Light”


Humanity’s creations were its distractions, no? Ironic that the desolate path could lead to that which we could escape from the reality we lived. Experience another. There’s a power in that. Power to be exploited. Power that could save… everything.




The portal out of The Giant jettisons you to Kino Der Toten, to the main Cinema room. There are three red switches on the walls of said room (to the left and right side barriers and where the Bowie Knife would originally be located.


All of these switches need to be activated at the same time - and, during all of this, another person needs to be shooting the Teleporter prongs with an upgraded weapon, or the Railgun (which works much better for this step). Upon doing so, the Teleporter will begin to violently spark, both inside the pad itself and among the prongs themselves. The electricity will arc straight towards the Projector Room, connecting the two in a sort of way.


It is at this moment that you must teleport - and this will take you up to the Projector Room, for the sole purpose of the acquisition of the Projector… which has shifted. Changed, brimming in ethereal blue energy.


Upon the acquisition of the Projector, another portal spawns behind you.


Step 7: “Empowered Secrecy”


You have done… oh, so well. I could say I was proud, but you would not be able to tell.


Everything about this place you stand now, everything was made for lies and deceit, pain and suffering. Just as Waffenfabrik was. Powerful men borne the fruits of a horrid labor. While the resource we need is seemingly insignificant in the grand scale, it is guarded with tendrils masked in serpent coals. Tread lightly.




The portal from KDT takes you to Five (in Classified form) - specifically, the Labs. Upon arrival to this section of the map, variations of the Nova Crawlers spawn in - mostly gaseous and electrical, but also fiery varieties. Around the Labs, you can find a red power switch in assorted areas - the least rare of which being in Porcine Research.


I know - not a very interesting step.


Upon acquisition of the power switch, another portal spawns.



Step 8: “Focus Lost”


Take a deep breath. You live as the Universe does. Dark mechanisms controlled those that were strayed from the realms after. We can’t dislodge the golden spiral, but… its conduit, the stone that focuses it. That, we can extrapolate.


The golden spiral can wait for now. I know exactly where we need to go. Be ready. Fight for tomorrow.




You spawn from the last portal onto Moon - and, because of the events that have transpired before this instance, the need for a P.E.S. is lost.


To begin dislodging the Focusing Stone from the Golden Rod, you need to use the Mortal Coil ability of the Requiem of Desolation on the pad that holds it. Upon doing so, a demonic voice recoils, screams, and a flood of zombies is unleashed in the room. They never stop spawning.


It takes three Mortal Coils to fully dislodge the Focusing Stone, and each shot spawns a Margwa, all of different elemental variation. The portal out of this area opens as you take down the final Margwa.


Step 9: “The Static Sky”


The universe functions in a frigid fluidity. Countless seams in reality have shown those alive the truth - and those who have come along manipulated the fluidity in the wrong ways. The Machina, it needs stability for its energy. The items we need look insignificant - but it will stabilize. It will… suffice.




The portal from Moon will take you directly to the power room of Die Rise - where pipelines will lay on the tables of the room for you to gather. Likewise, the room for the Sliquifier build table is available to access - to which, you need to deconstruct.


I know, it isn’t a star studded step either!


Upon acquisition of these parts, the next portal spawns.


Step 10: “A Gleaming Razor’s Edge”


Reality is patchwork. Reality is locked in phases. Reality is… often disappointing. But reality is necessary. There are tools to warp you away from it - masking secrets that could turn the tides - shift everything.


We are on the precipice of something wonderful.




[NOTE: Any tacticals or weapons replaced from this step will be given back by the end of it.]


The portal from Die Rise jettisons you to Buried - the Mansion and Maze accessible chiefly over all else. In the place of the switchboard on the couch, a lone Time Bomb is left, its clock cracked. Acquiring and using this Time Bomb will justly cause a malfunction in its use - the screen shifting and wiggling as it shines white.


It sends you into the Maze - but… different. The realm around you is gray, and a single white light shines in the middle of the Maze, where the well used to lay. Moving forward towards the light will give you a prompt: “Hold [action button] to acquire the Deus ex Machina…”

(Yes, this is Voyager’s).


This weapon does not belong in this place, and yet… it rested dormant. It may be calling to us…


Picking up this weapon, you are tasked to find three rifts in the Maze and shoot them with the Deus ex Machina - and all link towards the center of the Maze again, the spark becoming more and more luminescent over time. Upon the third and final activation of a rift, a beam will shoot up - head towards the middle of the Maze and a conduit of energy will be made (in a shape similar to the Energy Core; surrounding it in its design) to be picked up.


It is at this moment that time shifts back into being, and the well in the middle of the Maze spawns in, broken apart already. All that is left is to jump in.


Step 11: “A Golden Future”


...we fly towards providence. There is but one piece left to this… this “grand scheme”. Ancient evils guarded this place. Ancient evils warded this place. All for the golden spiral of the gravekeeper. The lepers would weep. Recovering the golden spiral would mean to send a warcry. The path left ahead will reek of the darkness - but you will act as the light to shine through the storm… as you have, time and time anew.




The portal from Buried sends you to Der Eisendrache - the Golden Rod sitting in the grave of the Keeper ahead of you. Heading towards the grave prompts you to dislodge the Golden Rod, and doing so will shake the screen as it goes white… another demonic roar sounding...


From this moment on, the doors out from this area are barred - and a flood of Keepers spawn in against you. Wave by wave. Over time, 10 Margwas will spawn (one at a time), and each is required to kill. After all 10 are killed, the screen will blast white once more, and the grave will break into pieces, as the Golden Rod rises in bright orange colors.


Upon picking up this final piece, the screen goes white...


Step 12: “The Machinations of a New Dawn”


...and the pieces fall into place. A new dawn approaches upon the activation of the Machina Fini Mundi. Fate lies in your hands - would you not seek to cleanse the portrait? Just be warned: The path beyond activation… will be led in trepidation. With which will weave, beyond victory. But that aligns in perfection.


For you are the Prophet light. Angel dawns lie ahead, and you will arm them. Per aspera ad astra.




The screen returns you to a darkened hallway - behind you, the pieces of the Machina Fini Mundi lays in pieces, and you are prompted to build it. Upon the building of the Machina Fini Mundi, the hallway itself will alight with bright white light, while others alight red and flash. A short time afterwards, the Entity speaks:


...it would seem that the forces that be aren’t exactly happy with the meddling of the universe to our wills. That… makes sense. He doesn’t have a sunny disposition towards the plight. Regardless - fight on! We are almost there!


The door ahead from this hallway opens to reveal a horde of zombies rushing in. These zombies will keep spawning - but that is to your advantage. The Machina Fini Mundi must feed on the souls of the dead, and it will require 300 kills. As soon as that number is reached, the Machina Fini Mundi will flash and hum, and the machine will prompt:


“Hold [action button] to cleanse”...

...and thus, you are left to activate the Machina Fini Mundi.


End Cutscene:


For a moment, the screen flashes white, and many images of molecules and atoms splitting appear, before cutting back to black. A resounding blast of noise and power is heard, before cutting again to white. For a moment, clocks sound, shifting and clicking backwards.


The screen clears, and the ending portions of “Samantha’s Rest” begin to fade in, as we pan down towards the vibrations below - a small metal pad with a walnut rests on a table. Hovering above it are two scientists, with prying eyes - Richtofen and Schuster. The words sound: “Commence Test Run #149.”


As the test fails, a glint in Richtofen’s eyes shines - he is made aware of the future aligned in his path, if he proceeds forward… and he feels guilt. At that moment, he tells Schuster to stop - none of this is right. He then disconnects and destroys the small metal pad.


A moment later, Maxis walks into the room, and Richtofen smirks. “Schuster, I need you to attend to other matters. Please, leave the room?”


Schuster obliges, and, as the door closes, he notices Maxis shares the smirk that Richtofen had.


Richtofen looks to Maxis. “So?”


Maxis brushes his hand over his face, as if he’s lived a lifetime longer than he wanted, a lifetime corrected. “What is to be said? I think we both know what we need to do.”


The camera pans as Richtofen and Maxis shake hands, a light of hope shining between them, up to the darkness beyond the room, to Thomas and Stacey. Secret onlookers of this time as it passes.


“Thomas… are we certain these were the right actions to take? We’re talking about universal segmentation… we’re astray from the multiverse. Alone.”


Stacey looks to Thomas, and the look on his face washes all her fears away. “Stacey… look at them. They’re understanding. They’re… happy. All of them will be. This is for the best. Now, we have work to do. Let’s go. The Entity needs us at the Pillars. He says… we have a project to attend to. A task to uphold.”


“Yes, yes…”, Stacey says, standing high again.


The camera begins to fade away from their focus, back down to Earth. It is suddenly daytime in America, and we pan down to a church. Wedding bells sound, and a couple rushes out from within the church, a crowd following closely behind. As the bride throws her wedding bouquet into the sky, we realize that the bride is, in fact, Misty, and Marlton stands beside her. The wedding proceeds, and they rush into their car, heading towards their reception.


As the two embrace, Misty experiences sights and visions of a lifetime before, one she wasn’t sure she had experienced. It stopped her in her tracks, and to Marlton, it was as if she’d become strained. Distracted. To this, he motions his hands towards her face, and the two look into each other’s eyes. Misty begins to laugh, and they embrace again, the camera panning up and out of the car.


The camera comes out from the car to a bar, and to the inside, where we find Russman, in a corner stool. Two empty cups lay aside him. His face is stricken with a sleight of grief. For a man in his position, however… it made sense.


Another man notices Russman, sees his grief, and walks over to him. “Care for a drink? It’s on me.”


The camera pans to Stuhlinger, looking to Russman for an answer, hopeful. Russman smirks, and obliges his offer. “Sure. But I ain’t one for sharin’.”


“No? That’s alright - neither am I.”


The two laugh, and the camera pans away, the screen darkening. A lighter, ambient version of “Samantha’s Lullaby” plays, as it pans down to an alleyway, to a man - Nikolai - slowly awaking in drunk stupor, beside a pile of garbage. In front of him, a woman looked to him, unsure if he was okay, or dead, or anything. Nikolai could see her, but he could not understand why she was able to judge him by his sight - but reality dawned onto him, and he realized that his state was pitiful… and it was this poison, this alcoholic depth. He shattered the bottle beside him, and stood up to meet the woman’s gaze… but she was gone.


The camera goes dark, and fades back in shortly after, panning down to a sidewalk of a suburb in the late 1940’s. A car drives up to where the camera rests, and a man steps out. The camera follows the man’s feet as they reach towards the front door. The man knocks on the front door, and a moment later, he is met by another person’s feet - smaller, a child - and she audibly gasps.


As the camera slowly begins to pan, she speaks. “D-Daddy? Is that you?”


A familiar voice speaks back, as he lifts her up in an embrace, and the camera follows to meet his own face - the face of Dempsey. “Yep. I’m home… and I promise not to go anywhere.”


The camera then pans into the house, and the scene shifts to that of another building - styled in pink blossom petals and stalks of bamboo. We find Takeo kneeling down on a pillow, sitting with the Emperor, drinking tea. A momentary silence follows before the Emperor speaks.


“I am proud of you, Masaki. You deserve to know that. Our dynasty is over… but… men like you, keeping the samurai spirit alive and well. I could not ask for someone more loyal.”


Takeo comes to find a singular tear flow down his face. “I could not have asked for anything more myself, sir. Thank you.”


The camera pans upwards, past a now-mounted Path of Sorrows on the wall behind Takeo.


The camera then fades to the Catwalk in The Giant facility, as Maxis watches men deconstruct Teleporter Z-C from above. Richtofen walks towards him, holding Samantha above him, on his shoulders. Both seem happy, and Maxis chuckles at the sight. As both Richtofen and Maxis share a look, though, he senses that there’s something else left to be said.


As the commotion dies down, Richtofen and Samantha’s gaze turns towards Z-C. Richtofen speaks. “So… all is well, yes? Germany lost the war, and our research is now being buried. It is for the best, isn’t it?”


Maxis nods. “Indeed. You and I both know what all this technology, all this power - what it did to us. I fear Sam does as well… regardless, though… everything is right this way. Humanity doesn’t need us to find purpose.”


Richtofen looks to Maxis. “Do you think it’ll be hard to adjust?”


Maxis looks down to the floor. “Perhaps… none of us really can put our experience to words. I doubt any of us will be able to completely grow to normal life again. But… we weren’t made to break - we’ll make due. Somehow.”


Richtofen smirks to the response, and his gaze returns to Teleporter Z-C. “You know, the Illuminati will go crazy over this stuff.”


Maxis stares at Richtofen. “Wait - I thought it was the Freemasons the whole time!”


The camera pans above, and the screen turns to black one final time.


A morse code message then appears on the screen, for a moment, before disappearing:


.-.. --- --. / . -. - .-. -.-- / ----- .---- ..... .---- .-.-.- / -.. .- - . ---... / ... . .--. - . -- -... . .-. / ..--- --... - .... --..-- / ..--- ----- ....- ..... .-.-.- / - .... . / . .-.. . -- . -. - / .- -. -.. / - . -.-. .... -. --- .-.. --- --. .. -.-. .- .-.. / ... -.-. .... . -- .- - .. -.-. ... / --- ..-. / - .... .. ... / --. .-. --- ..- .--. / .... .- ...- . / .--. .-. --- ...- . -. / ..- ... . ..-. ..- .-.. .-.-.- / - .... . / .. .-.. .-.. ..- -- .. -. .- - .. / -. . ...- . .-. / -.-. . .- ... . / - --- / --. .. ...- . / ..- ... / - .... . / .. -. ..-. --- .-. -- .- - .. --- -. / .-- . / -. . . -.. .-.-.- / --- ..- .-. / .... . .- -.. / ... -.-. .. . -. - .. ... - ... / ... .... --- ..- .-.. -.. / -... . / .- -... .-.. . / - --- / -- .- -.- . / .... . .- -.. ... / .- -. -.. / - .- .. .-.. ... / --- ..-. / - .... .. ... / .. -. / -. --- / - .. -- . .-.-.- / .- ..-. - . .-. / .- .-.. .-.. / -....- / .-- . / -. . . -.. / .- / ... -.-. .- .--. . --. --- .- - .-.-.- / - .... .. ... / .--. .-.. .- -. . - / .. ... / --. --- .. -. --. / -.. --- .-- -. / .. -. / .- / -.. .- .-. -.- / ... .--. .. .-. .- .-.. / ... --- --- -. / . -. --- ..- --. .... / -....- / .-- . / . -..- .--. . -.-. - / .-- .- .-. / ... --- --- -. .-.-.- / .-- . / .. -- .- --. .. -. . / -.-. .-. . .- - .. -. --. / .- / -... .- ... . / --- -. / -- .- .-. ... / .-- .. .-.. .-.. / -.. --- / ..- ... / -... . - - . .-. / .. -. / - .... . / ..-. ..- - ..- .-. . / .-- . / .-- .. ... .... / - --- / ... . . .-.-.- / .... . -. -.-. . ..-. --- .-. - .... --..-- / - .... . / .--. .-.. .- -. / .. ... / .- ... / .-- . / ... . . / .. - / - --- / -... . .-.-.- / -.-. .. ...- .. .-.. .. .- -. ... --..-- / .- .-.. .-.. / -.- .. -. -.. ... / --- ..-. / .-- --- .-. -.- . .-. ... / .- .-.. .. -.- . --..-- / ... .... .- .-.. .-.. / -... . / -.-. .... --- ... . -. .-.-.- / - . .- -- ... / .-- .. .-.. .-.. / -... . / -.-. .-. . .- - . -.. .-.-.- / .- .-.. .-.. / .-- .. .-.. .-.. / --. --- / .-- . .-.. .-.. .-.-.- / -.-- --- ..- / -.-. --- ..- .-.. -.. / ... .- -.-- / .--. .-. --- ...- .. -.. . -. -.-. . / .... .- ... / ..-. --- ..- -. -.. / ..- ... .-.-.- / . -. -.. / .-.. --- --. .-.-.-


The screen cuts to black.




Creator’s Notes and Acknowledgements:


Well… I did say I would do it. Here it is - the remade Unity. Its final form, you could say. The perfect version. It’s kind of strange, really - I actually feel as though this is what the original should have been. This version manages to hit areas where the old simply wasn’t able to reach. Perhaps, that’s the point of an art - it begins and bathes in the imperfection of being new to itself, but becomes honed and something more over time.


Then again, you could argue the same of all art. But… I’m kind of just going on a tangent here.


I’ve got to thank a few people for this one - the first being, always, Nightmare Voyager. I say it all the time, but it’s true! The man’s a gem, and his insight into my world, my characters, my maps… it’s simply invaluable. I’d be nowhere without the guy. I can’t help but appreciate that he’s able to give me some of the things he does.


Next on the chopping block: @anonymous and @Lenne. You guys are like the fans I imagine sit in the back on the bleachers, screaming and cheering in undying support, and… I appreciate that quite a bit. You guys are probably the most supportive in my work and all my posts, and… damn, it makes me feel wonderful. Thank you guys.


You could say I saved the best for last - @RequixEclipse , I do owe you a bit for lending me the idea of the Requiem of Desolation. It’s a wonderful idea and I’m able to incorporate it in ways I didn’t think I could. Among the other countless things I could thank you for (support-wise, of course)... that always stood out. So… thank you for that.


Well, guys! This means there’s only two maps left… and one path left to take. A singular future.


I can’t wait to show you guys what I have in store.


Per aspera ad astra.


-The Meh


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