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The Meh

THE UNITY SERIES: Citadel | "Fall of the Synthetic Sun"

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“Fall of the Synthetic Sun”




“109 KBLT - radio may die, but we refuse to! Welcome back. Here with us in the studio is Adeva, and, before we took that short break, he shared with us some of the backstory of his song, ‘The Citadel of Light’. Adeva, if you may?”


“Yes, yes, so, Andronimus. So, the man kinda went nuts over his visions, right? All the ideals of their religious rise and all, all their machinations, it got to him. He went both mad with the power and mad… in a general sense. See, the nasty thing about their religion? They sacrificed a number of people to the cause of fulfilling a prophecy foretold to them.”


“A prophecy, eh? Any idea what that might have been?”


“I only was able to learn a little of what they had been given, but it had something to do with Angels. Of course, it wasn’t a literal prophecy - they interpreted it their way, and it was the wrong interpretation. They plucked random souls from homes, threw them into a trial, their ‘Regality Sector’, as it were… and they hoped they could find the group that could rise them from the reality they had created.”


“Their ‘religiously-fueled utopia’. Right?”


“Yeah. Not so perfect now. Anyways, that kind of sacrificial tendency, that creates bad karma. It bit them back, and hard. The fall Andronimus had seen was coming, and all he had done to prevent that fall only created it. Those lost souls, now corrupted, now came back and sought to destroy the Citadel.

...and so, they would.”


“You mentioned a fallback plan, though.”


“Oh, yeah. They did have one. One of their machinations were these machines that could siphon and unify the souls of the residents of the Citadel into one… being, or soul, to say. I believe they had four of those? Something like that. Anyways, they used those. It didn’t necessarily save them, but… at the very least, it gave them some form of life beyond the torment that would have followed them.”


“A dark fall for that place, huh?”


“Yeah… anyways, the Citadel is gone, now. But that’s okay. The important places are the here and the now, right?”


“Right you are, my friend, right you are. Alright, that’s all the time we’ve got - Adeva, do you happen to have any final remarks?”


“Oh, yep! You guys will like this one - I’m opening up a club next Sunday downtown, nearby the mall. It’s called ‘Winged Graces’, and we’re gonna be playing all kinds of music down there for you to get grooving to. I hope to see you all down there!”


“You heard the man - Winged Graces, go there. Alright, I’d like to thank Adeva for joining us today. My time’s done as well, I… imagine someone will be coming soon to pick up the work here at the station, but… regardless! I’ve been your host - ‘Rockin’ Ricky’, and, I’ll see you all tomorrow!”




“109 KBLT - we simply refuse to stop!”

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