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The Meh

THE UNITY SERIES: Citadel | "Order of the Synthetic Sun"

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“Order of the Synthetic Sun”




“109 KBLT, high flyers on the rise! Welcome back, folks - today we’ve got a special guest with us, here in the studio. Why don’t you introduce yourself?”


“Yo, my name’s Adeva, and… can I just say how excited I am to be here?”


“We’re excited too! So, talk to us about ‘The Citadel of Light’. That song’s been blasting the charts lately, and we would kill to hear your story on that song.”


“Yes, so… as I had written before, the song was about a man named ‘Andronimus’. Now, Andronimus was an interesting guy - he essentially held a high dominion over the Citadel he controlled, super powerful and advanced, the like, for its time.”


“What kind of stuff?”


“I’m not exactly supposed to say, but… it was some serious stuff. Enough that he could manipulate the otherwise stoic and archaic society he controlled into a religiously fueled zeitgeist - Andronimus as the figurehead, the ‘High Cardinal Priest’, as it were.”


“That must have been something to see…”


“It honestly was, truly. At least, I can imagine it was.”


“...and your lyrics tell us that he was troubled.”


“Yeah… he experienced visions of the future. A future that, at the end, ended up becoming true. That said, those visions actually helped lead to some of the biggest creations they had. Machines to harness a sun, and the like, are one example. Fallback plans aside, too, but, harnessing the sun was one large goal. It gave them… control. On a level they didn’t really comprehend.”


“That sounds… crazy.”


“...listen, man, a lot of things are crazy in this universe the likes of which we haven’t even begun to comprehend! To me, at least, these kinds of ideas aren’t foreign. You just need to know what you’re given and how to use it.”


“Wise words. Alright, folks, we’re gonna take a quick break and actually listen to the song in question - “The Citadel of Light’, up next! When we return, we’ll continue to talk on the song’s further meanings and give Adeva any lasting notes to add. But, other than that! Here’s the song.”



“109 KBLT - we play the hits so you don't have to!”

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