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The Meh

THE UNITY SERIES: Citadel | "Dawn of the Synthetic Sun"

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“Dawn of the Synthetic Sun”


“Are we up?”


Stacey looked off the Entryway’s Terrace of the Pillars of Creation. In the distance, she could see the newly-forged Citadel, a mountain basin, and the dome covering the area itself. It looked beautiful from here, and yet so distant, nearly minuscule. But… perfect, almost.


Thomas appeared next to her, a smile across his face. “Everything’s running. We’re about to give them something more, though. An energy source, right? That’s what you wanted? You know it’s only going to make them curious.”


Stacey scoffed, turning her attention back to the Citadel. “You’re forgetting the point of all this, Thomas - it’s a Trial, the whole thing.”



Thomas motioned towards her. “...and we’re just supposed to displace all those people. For the Trial.”


“Yeah… pretty much. At least they’ll have an idea of what to believe. I get the ethics are questionable, but we have to do this.”


Thomas turns to leave. “I understand. Just so long as this isn’t a vain search, I… understand.”


Stacey looks on, grinning. “It won’t be. We’ll be able to fi-”


Before she could finish, the door shuts behind her. To that, she scoffs, looking onto the Citadel once more, and snapping a finger. “Entity, make your final adjustments.”


Well ahead of you. As she hears it speak, a bright “sun” looks to phase into the Citadel. I should probably inform you that you have company coming. In the meantime, however… hope this is a suitable form for you.


“Perfect, Entity, thank you.”


At the moment she said that, she hears a familiar phasing. Not of Thomas, but…


“Hello, Adeva.”


She turned to meet his gaze. He was in his human form - probably for the better - although nothing could change his electric blue eyes. Definitely fitting into the crowds a bit, though - always keeping up with the “hip wardrobe”, as he would call it.


Adeva smiles. “Yo! How’s my favorite woman doing?”


Stacey shrugs. “Adeva… that’s lowkey sexist, you know.”


“I don’t actually mean any-”


“I’m kidding, Adeva. I take it you’re here to see what we’ve been working on?” Stacey points to the Citadel in the distance. As she does that, he appears in front of her.


“Oh… don’t worry, I saw already!”


Stacey pauses. “...you what?”


Adeva raises his hands. “Yeah! Cool piece of work, that. I just couldn’t help it - jumped over just as the Sun came into view. Majestic, that. Could totally use some refurbishing, though. But I think that one guy knows what he’s doing, over the-”


Stacey raises her hand to Adeva, to which he smirks. “...I know, irresponsible actions, irrevocable circumstances.”


Stacey sighs. “...who did you talk to? What’d you tell him?”


Adeva innocently raises his hands. “It’s not my fault, I swear! It was this “Andronimus” guy. I only talked about how cool the Sun was, and how… well, they could totally use it.”


“...you mean to tell me you told him how? They weren’t supposed to know yet.”


Adeva smugly shrugs. “...girl, you know how I am when I’m excited.”


Stacey places her palm to her forehead. To Adeva, she looked… not disappointed, not angry… just tired. “Adeva… look, no more of that. Unless you can manage to be five times more inconspicuous about it.”

Adeva jumps. “Always! Alright, I’ve gotta bail, there’s some heavy gigs over on Earth and you know just how much I live for it.”


Stacey grins. “I do. Have fun, yeah? Fly back, with winged graces.”


As Adeva phases out, he responds. “...y’know, as much as I’m not a fan of your weird lines, I’ll give you this: That’s a cool club name!”


Silence cascades the Terrace again, and Stacey is left an onlooker. She exhales one final sigh, before taking one final look to the Citadel.


“I hope this Trial works out.”

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