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THE UNITY SERIES: Dunes | "Allonsperi"

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[translated from ancient Martian text]


All-powerful force above my [eyes]

Grant me a [nexus] of [power]

Use it to wash away the [needs translation]

[of] the sands which we roam


We were not worthy

We may never be of worthiness

We will join as one with the [Coalesce]


A million eyes breeded a million souls

We rise


Mask us in a perfect storm.

Allonsperi wills it to be so.


[TRANSLATOR NOTE: This translation is imperfect in areas, but we believe it to be an incantation of sorts - in relation to the recently unearthed artefact. The Orb. Perhaps, it is best to fit it under the pseudonym “Orb of Allonsperi”. But… regardless, mayhaps this explains more than meets the eyes.


Perhaps this is telling of a grander tale - perhaps, Allonsperi was meant to be some priest and this was their religion. Perhaps, these primitive Martians were… of a plentiful sort, but Allonsperi only wanted to create religious zeitgeist. As he must have seen the universe differently.


Perhaps this incantation created the orb. Perhaps the Orb is some kind of universal energy, and its power was able to wipe the planet clean of life… for it was unworthy in a universe of cosmic light.


Personally drives me crazy thinking about possibilities. All just assumptions and theories, though.]

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I'm gonna read the Unity threads when I have time. Look forward to it!

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