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The Meh

THE UNITY SERIES: Dunes | "Excerpts from Eidolon"

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“Excerpts from Eidolon”


Data Log Entry #22151. Two months have now passed since the first landing onto Mars. Words from Providence bode well - the stories preceded themselves. Our construction of a suitable base of operations has been more than successful, and our efforts to re-colonize and terraform the planet of Mars have shown themselves to have tremendous prospect. Minus a few particulars, of course - note to self: water in biodome needs to be cleaned and decontaminated.


...nonetheless, in honor of the occasion, Providence has given us Omega-Level Responsibilities and a name very well suited towards us - Eidolon Base.


Of course, along with the Omega-Level accesses, with it came the indefinite veil of secrecy - as we were the only ones with the knowledge of the elements that went into our tech, our research further into the tech, and thereby, the element itself, has become shrouded. No one can know, or will know, beyond the veil of Providence.


As per instructions, we have been told to begin mining deep into the area - studies of this particular site have shown through to Providence that there is more to it than meets the eye. Until we see that for ourselves, however… I digress.


End Log.




Data Log Entry #22201. As it would seem, Providence was right to suspect something to be lurking right beneath us. As per instructions, we dug into the ground nearby. Of course, those close by the Housing Area were… perturbed… but, nonetheless, it paid off - about what we suspect to be 50 meters below the surface, we came to a temple entrance. When walking inside, we came to find what looked like a worship area - and, placed in the middle of that room, was an Orb, with a purple hue.


Alien languages painted the stone tablets it was stacked upon - our linguists gave us a rough translation after the fact: “Allonsperi” - but regardless, it had shone with a light strong enough to brighten up the entire room. Almost hypnotic.


We wish to study this further.


End Log.




Data Log Entry #22212.




On the verge of monumental discoveries, we… encountered a setback.


It should be noted - before any of the following events occurred… in fact, on the exact day we found the Orb, that obelisk on the Face… appeared. We have zero reasons or theories as to why - all we may run by on the matter is that the Orb and the Obelisk are linked. By what, we… aren’t entirely certain. Prior energy scans on the Orb have been mostly inconclusive. What we have been able to get were… massively different, by comparison to the powers of the element. Beyond that, even. Enough that we may assume that, not only is this not of elemental origin, but… cosmic, perhaps.


Not that it really matters, given that, upon more scans, a worker perturbed the placement of the Orb, which caused the entire chamber to start shaking and… before long, a cave-in was inevitable. Luckily, the Orb was salvaged, but… honestly, the loss of something so alien, so… magnificent… it’s heartbreaking.


But… at least we still have the Orb.


Now all we need to figure out is how these statues littered above the Biodome and other areas of the site came from…

...and why they seem to feign fear from everyone looking in their direction.


End Log.




Data Log Entry #22245. We’ve begun encountering issues across the Colonization Zone. Sites are beginning to go dark - and any attempts of sentry and/or recovery missions on the sites have failed. At this point… it’s a waste of resources. Needless to say, our thoughts on the matter are… disappointment, anger, and sadness.


But, not all of that is geared at the large scale disappearance and loss of life we’re experiencing. We’ve been getting more local reports about happenings we can only describe as “crazed” and “erratic”. People often docile and nice, going mental, clawing their eyes out - you know, normal crazy stuff.


We’ve started having that here, too. Just the other day, someone jumped off one of the landing pads. We’ve locked it back since, but not before a returning ship decided to knock out a couple of the landing pads on return, crashing and killing the passengers.


All these symptoms, all these crazed people, they all mention the same thing.




...any and all mention is being logged, and those that do mention voices are being kept under lock and key.


God… forgive us all…


End Log.




...yes? I hear you.


I don’t know… I don’t understand.






A single convergence… what the fuck are you talking about?




i am me and he is i and i am the universe

energies within me burnnnnn

Allonsperi give me your grace


we burn these dunes for the Eidolo- no epsilon no eidolon no epsilon no eidolon no epsilon







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For anyone reading this far: Thank you for reading! This was the first in a... numerous amount... of "Extra Lore" pieces I wanted to make for The Unity Series. I plan to punch out a lot of these this particular month, so, feel free to keep your eyes on the main post - linked [HERE].


Again, thanks for reading! Per aspera ad astra.

-The Meh

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