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The Meh

Understanding the Aether, Part One: The Elemental Multiverse

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Hello, everyone. The Meh here.


I want to start out this particular part of the post by explaining that this is the first in a two-part series of posts detailing what I believe to be the core Aether. That is to say, what these posts strive to achieve is to catalogue a quintessential understanding of the Aether, and how interwoven its threads are in all of creation. Or… at least, creation in the context of Zombies, and the Aether Storyline. It would be hard to argue it in a real-world context. That’s one large can of worms.


I also would like to stress that, at the end of the day, this is my particular understanding of the Aether in current-form. While I wish for these posts to comprehensively detail the Aether in a sensible way, I do not believe that everyone will see the Aether in the same light… and I’m here to tell you that is entirely fine. The core point of all theories are to spawn a discussion to further identify a central understanding, to which we can all… relate to, I suppose.


Yeah, apologies if this all sounds weird. I fucking suck at the nice “official” speak people like to use sometimes. Regardless… let’s get into this.




It would be… remiss of us, as a species, to not think of the general concept of creation to be, in a simple sense, “complicated”. Cultures and religions thrive on deciphering the true cause of our being in current time. In Christian belief, it is said that God created the heavens and the Earth, and, in his particular brand of omnipotence, crafted the earth like a fine painting, in what we have interpreted to be only seven days - although, studies of the bible show that to be… less literal… but I digress. In a complete and wholly fictional contrast, the Pokemon universe began as an egg, which hatched into its god-beast, Arceus… who would then go to create beings that could control the forces that its universe could be founded upon - time, space, and antimatter. Those said beings would, in part, create the universe, so that it could become a vessel for further life, life that its god-creator could “nurture”, to say.


While I don’t wish to further delve into the details of the Pokemon creation myth - another time, perhaps - it is… nearly biblical, the way creation is represented in most forms of media, and on a broader level, all religion. Ironic it may be, then, that the Aether Storyline does not particularly have those base forms of gods, those all-powerful entities. Not yet. Not before creation. As, before the beginning, were there any forces at all? Did the Aether simply become a force of all existence? Rather, does the Aether dictate creation, and does it perhaps predate creation? What forces dictate the Aether? How does the Aether work?


It is, in the pursuit of answers, that I write this series of posts. To attempt to understand the threads that intertwine our world with a world beyond our mortal comprehension. To, as it may… decode our “genesis code”.


So. There’s only one place to start.




To create the cosmos in such a complicated pattern - or, no - to create the Aether in such a complicated pattern, a set of forces had to come into form that could twist that complication into a fine balance. It is my belief that, in that infinitesimal moment of the Aether’s - and the universe by proxy - that those primordial forces we’ve come to know as the core four elements: Fire, Electricity, Ice and Wind. That, to which, have repetitively shown themselves to come back around in some form over the course of the Aether Storyline. Be it in the form of staffs, bows, or ancient runes of creation itself, these core elements have a more symbolic meaning, alongside its literal uses.


Ice: The Cosmos


There exists an older Germanic belief that began circulating in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, that claimed ice to be the basic substance of the cosmos and its processes. Called “Welteislehre”, or, “World Ice Theory”, it went on to claim that, with these processes, ice moons, ice planets, and a “global ether” made of ice were what would determine the ultimate development of the universe.


Of course, the theory itself is of questionable origins - its creator, Hanns Hörbiger, did not claim this theory to come of any ordinate research or discovery, but a “vision” whilst dreaming. But, in the Aether Storyline, we have a rather clear reasoning to believe that it, in fact, does exist as a core component of Aetherial space-time.




As evidenced by the image above, we can assume that, perhaps Welteislehre is what makes up space in the background of normal space-time, but what we perceive as normal reality is a sort of dimensional foreground. The movement of time itself keeps the inner force in check - without time, all we have is cold, blank space.


That is to say, the space we’d have left is still… real. We like to perceive space as its own entity of nothingness, an empty void. But if we take time off the table and leave space in the current, that still leaves objects standing there. Immortal, and still, statues of a reality that lost pieces of a larger puzzle… and it’s cold. It’s just permeated by a pure ice at the end. It becomes enveloped by its new, timeless reality. It’s… quite dark, when you think about it. The Giant, by all means, can be interpreted by that picture to be akin to a temporal anomaly, due to all the actions that transpired.


Other than that particular ideal, we’ve seen what I would think to see sparse use and manipulation of the element itself, in those uses - the only true occurrence I can reason would be the Ice Staff from Origins and the Winter’s Howl (which, need I remind that it was always a prototype) - but that isn’t exactly the point of the element. On the grand scale, our universe works like one large engine, and ice, while its make-up, is a background event of its own. It’s an integral piece of a puzzle that goes under the radar often.


That is to say, it’s the universe’s most important bass player ever. But that is a bit too simple a summary. Then again, nothing about comprehending the cosmos can be easy, when applied to a large scale like so.


So, we have the make-up of space. But we need to make this move, we need a flow or current, lest all we have is a void of cold energy. We need time.


Wind: The Flow of All Creation


I feel that, in trying to grasp time, we find ourselves lost in one large cacophony of confusion and ideals. There are a lot of different ways we can assume that time behaves, but it’s hard to identify exactly what we could personify it as. Personally, though, I’m privy to believe of it more like… a stream. A path of wind, in a way. Time moves forward, in a singular direction, but permeates in a million other ways.


It’s kind of similar to the “time is a river” parallel, in a sense. But, you could think of it as more. To have time in the equation with space is to have… a reality. A reality that life could nourish, and grow. All due to there being a first breath. A current.


I suppose all life could be broken down in a very similar light - a breath of life into the universe. Life itself is an evident ideal to incorporate into this same spectrum as well, actually.




Of course, it’s given to call that a large assumption on my part. It’s the least direct representation we really have. But it would explain a lot of minute details away, like the “hush” noises when events transpire in cutscenes, for example. Or, any sort of wind gust or breath, for that matter. It’s undeniably a representative motif of Zombies now - so, perhaps that could be a way to explain it.


Time is a largely representative theme of Zombies in general. Time… means everything.


On the literal side of the spectrum, we have seen a number of uses of wind and air through weapons, and time itself through other means. Weapons of thought are the Thunder Gun, Jet Gun (stretch, I know, but it does manipulate the air in a way, as would the Turbine) and the Staff of Wind. Other uses could include any particular method of time travel before the incorporation of portals, i.e. MTD overcharging and the Time Bomb. But, given the path of the story thus far, we should note how manipulation of time has caused trouble across most dimensions it has been found in.


In this way, we can see reality form. Space and time joined, and life forms across the cosmos, scattered across the four winds (assuming). Be it in its forms of humanity, or, more importantly, the Keepers and Apothicons - those who could manipulate more integral energies, more potently powerful primordial formalities.


Fire: The Light and the Dark


The Apothicons and Keepers resemble, in a grand light, a cosmic balance - a ying and a yang, two feathers upon a scale - of pure representation. One seeks to use the Aether in malevolent purpose, to destroy and seed creation with pure desolation. In a way, it’s almost akin to a power to unmake creation itself. But the Keepers, albeit prior revelations deeming them equally unfit to hold high morality, don’t exactly seek to destroy - but give the means to create. They created the Summoning Key as a means to travel among countless dimensions, countless realities. Ultimately, they use their power to permeate existence, be it through sheer interaction, through their creations, or through even more minute, small nudges.


Zombies GIF


In a way, we could compare their plight, their cosmic battle-locked fates like a fire, one that seeks to burn for eternity. A fire that yearns both for fuel and light, darkness and destruction. A fire with the power to create and destroy. A fire with the purity of its will. That is to say, while the winds could carry and breathe life into the cosmos, the will within that life to actually live, to create and destroy all around it, burns heavy within it. All because the air wills it so.


In a metaphorical sense, we could assume that free will stems from that pool of primordial will, as does the pure life force. Air only willed life, but the fire coursed lifeblood into the cosmos, to say. We collectively exist to an eternal flame kept alive by forces we barely comprehend… and we choose how to use our lively power of “being”. Do we create with it? Do we destroy? Does all the will of creation stem from that single primordial belief that we, for a lack of better words, are?


As we have come to see from the events that have unfolded before our eyes in the Aether Storyline, it’s easy to see that collective well sent everything spiraling down into a well of turmoil. We, be it because of the manipulation of outer forces, of outer elements, of a path to seek a purer ascendance, directed ourselves into a chasm of despair.


That’s all doom and gloom, I know. Sad stuff in that kind of context.


Of course, there are a few literal interpretations of fire to make. Through weapons, the Fire Staff and Bow can be thrown into that bin. With pure life force, we could idealize the concept of “vril” into the fold and assume that, with the life-giving properties of the VR-11, that its purpose mirrors that of the element itself - although we could perhaps connect it to wind all the same.


That leaves us with little left to knock out. We have the basic building blocks of the pure cosmos, and thereby, life. But with the concept of free will, with the ideals of creation and destruction abound, there’s always the threat of a deep-seeded corruption within. Those with powers enough to control the background energies of the universe could manipulate the universe to their whim if they wished it. But what forces could hold that kind of power? What kind of higher powers could transcend those the base universe already provides?


Electricity: The Ascendant Aetherial Energies


Innately speaking, 115 - or, if you’d rather call it so, Divinium - is an incredibly volatile element. Innately, it is just as powerful as it is in that volatile light. Throughout the Aether Storyline, we have seen 115 represented in a flurry of ways - pre-Zielinski, it was always just another element that we were expected to understand as powerful, one that could create the scientific zeitgeist Group 935 wanted. Come the Blundell era of Zombies, we come to see 115 not only in that light, but it gains cosmic perspective - 115 is like the connective tissue of the universe; the collective webbing, the strings, what ties everything together.


It not only ties together each and every primordial, elemental concept we’ve already covered, but broadens it - the Aether, to its core, relies on the energies of 115 to facilitate it all.


...so, perhaps it is ironic that the one thing we can personify 115 to be is pure energy. Pure energies that we have seen represented both in literal form, and in the incarnations of electrical output.




You could surmise from this that any and all interaction with 115, and thereby Aetherial energies, are beyond dangerous. But just using the element isn’t enough, really - because we have been, and keep doing so, over the course of the story. No, there’s a deeper truth to that matter.


We’ve been experiencing control of the Aether in dirty hands - the hands of those who would wish to see this power bent to their will, those who would seize all of creation, or perhaps even permeate creation, under the pretense of that power. We’ve been experiencing Aetherial manipulation beyond our wildest dreams. Why would it be that the MPD could generate such fields of static electricity? How could it be that sheer contact with the element and any Aetherial artifacts could open that realm of corruption?


Whether or not you take the idea of the Dark Aether into consideration or not, what we need to understand here is that both forces of this fight have seeded humanity, post-contact, with the means to permeate reality with these kinds of horrors. Let alone the fact, that these higher lifeforms have altered and shifted the perspectives of many a soul in the broader multiverse. They’ve been touched, marked, by the Aether’s energy. Changed, warped. Enough to see their only goals to be of owning that power. To control that power. To ascend to a level where they could. Such powers not only came to Richtofen, Maxis and Samantha by proxy, but there was another soul that was able to mimic that same level of control, and ascended beyond pure matter.




It was Pernell, the Avogadro, who was able to seek and achieve that level of pure power. But we’re giving it a lot less credit than we could to just say that he ascended. What he was able to become was not just a byproduct of the research. He wanted to merge with the Aether, and… well, we’re to assume that, in this form, he did. Because electricity, by that simplest of forms, is Aether, as 115 is within its deepest of energies. 115 was just a doorway. 115 is Energy. Energy is Aether. Aether is everything.


...of course, given the order I’ve constructed for myself, I imagine you want to see some “literal uses”. But you should understand, there are many. The MTD, the Wunderwaffe, the Staff of Lightning, practically anything 115-derived that creates, distributes or uses energy and/or electricity. It’s… easily the most used element, and I honestly get why.




...and thus, we have the Universe. More broadly, we have a multiverse. We have the Aether. We have reality as we perceive it in form - dictated by forces beyond ourselves, but forces we interact with on the daily. These forces permeate existence as we see it - and whether or not we use them, whether or not we see them, we now know they’re there. In the background. Always moving. Always… churning. Always running on the engines that pushed them into being.


That… is enough of me, though. I want to know - what do you guys think? How do you perceive the universe behind the Aether Storyline? How do you conceptualize the Aether? I would certainly like to know what you guys think on the matter.


Next on the cutting board is a burning question - why does Earth seem to be the most important place of all creation? Why does the Aether’s manipulation seem seeded deeply - and only - in the grasps of our planet, our… magnetic poles, to say? More on that in the second part, to which I will update this post by linking it [HERE], for viewing pleasures and ease.

(Of course, if you're viewing this as of the day I've posted this, that second part isn't out yet. It will be, though! Eventually. I promise not to post it three months from now.)


Other than that, though! I have been The Meh. I hope you enjoyed this post.


Per aspera ad astra.

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I know I wanted to leave crediting out of this post, but my vanity demands I thank a few faces before heading off towards writing the second part of this... and other things.


Chief among those are @anonymous, @Tac, @RadZakpak and @caljitsu for keeping the Discord discussions burning alive each and everyday. Without those in-depth ideas, I fear this theory wouldn't have seen past the light of day.


As for other faces, Nightmare Voyager (as always) and @NaBrZHunter deserve accolades for getting first looks on the post and giving me important insights as to the ideas I chose to intertwine with this.


Seriously, thank all of you.


Second part's on its way. I hope you guys will enjoy it.

-The Meh

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Whoa, there can be said alot about this theory, but first of all: Brains! This topic is just as amazing as extended, really. A true masterpiece certainly belonging to the Asylum category.


Let's begin straight ahead: 115 is mentioned to not only be the web holding everything together (good connection to energy, there), but also being the fabric of space-time. I imagine this with some kind of metaphore like a building brick. Except, while space is 3D, space-time is 4D, as time is the extra dimension. 4D is often visualized with a hypercube, as like every X dimension can be depicted as two X-1 dimensions connected with each other. Connecting two 3D objects, let’s say cubes, with each other, creates a hypercube, or tesseract. 


What if we don’t take a cube but another object, existing on location A at time=1 and on location B at time=2. What if we take, for example, a human. His entire life, from the moment he existed till he died, is the fourth dimension. The fourth component is TIME! The hypercube is nothing else than a visualisation of this.


Ice being the cosmos is an interesting idea, since at the universal coldest temperature, 0 Kelvin, particles stand still. No movement, and absolute cold. For movement of particles, you need time as well, thus your connection to Wind. So with Ice and Wind, you would think you've got the pillars behind 115, the fabric of space-time. 4D building blocks. However, reading your ideas about influences of the Flame and the Electro-energetic web surely convince me otherwise. Indeed, there must be a factor behind energy and influence. I wonder if this all can correlate to my Leylines post. Great post, once again!


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12 hours ago, anonymous said:

Whoa, there can be said alot about this theory, but first of all: Brains! This topic is just as amazing as extended, really. A true masterpiece certainly belonging to the Asylum category.



12 hours ago, anonymous said:

Let's begin straight ahead: 115 is mentioned to not only be the web holding everything together (good connection to energy, there), but also being the fabric of space-time. I imagine this with some kind of metaphore like a building brick. Except, while space is 3D, space-time is 4D, as time is the extra dimension. 4D is often visualized with a hypercube, as like every X dimension can be depicted as two X-1 dimensions connected with each other. Connecting two 3D objects, let’s say cubes, with each other, creates a hypercube, or tesseract. 


What if we don’t take a cube but another object, existing on location A at time=1 and on location B at time=2. What if we take, for example, a human. His entire life, from the moment he existed till he died, is the fourth dimension. The fourth component is TIME! The hypercube is nothing else than a visualisation of this.


Y'know, I didn't even begin to consider the deeper quantum side of this theory - but that's a really good point to make. The metaphor in general is... honestly amazing.


...a bit of a side expansion to all of this, NV messaged me shortly after I posted this and he gave me some insight I found valuable as to his interpretation as what these elements truly represent, and I'd find it appropriate to share it here:


As Voyager sees it, Ice is more representative not only of space, but in the bulk, space-time in general, it being a "universal process" I wasn't even thinking of under the realm of World Ice - although, his reasoning was the same as yours: 115 being the fabric of reality. This goes hand in hand towards explaining The Giant away as more of a disturbance in the status quo - one is left, while the other is frozen.


As for fire, since it is more the opposite of ice, he saw it more as a pure destructive force - thematically tying more towards aspects like the destruction of Earth via the Rockets, Maxis' icon representation in BO2 (despite being essentially able to control electricty - weird aspect of the icons to have), among a flurry of other things ("burning down the house", "blood turned to ash").


Wind, as well as all of this, has a bigger role (that I should have thought of before) - that of "Change". Still connected to time, but more along the lines of temporal displacements and the events that branch off into fractures and multiverses. It's why we'd have a western town under a mining facility and a simple man who cared for his king trapped there.


...in short, this was his layout:

Ice = Order (Space-Time)

Wind = Change (Temporal Displacement)

Electricity = Power (115/Aether)

Fire = Chaos (Destruction of... well, everything, but for the sake of argument, all these elements)


I can't directly mention ya anymore, Voyager, but thanks for keeping on top of me with all this.

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If ice would be space and time, that reminds me of the crystalline 115 on the SoE scrap. Question to you: Any idea what the Apothican Sun exactly is and does?

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14 hours ago, anonymous said:

If ice would be space and time, that reminds me of the crystalline 115 on the SoE scrap. Question to you: Any idea what the Apothican Sun exactly is and does?

Well, there are a few theories we could make, but mine would be this:


The Apothicon Sun might very well be a pure source of 115 (Aetherial energy). The Apothicons use these likely to tap into its energies, and become powerful - while seeding other realities with its power. Souls also might have a way of contributing to that power, given that the Shadowman tells Primis to give up and embrace the warmth of the Apothicon Sun at least once. 


...and considering how many countless zombified people probably exist under the spells of the Apothicons now? Probably a powerful sun!

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I didn't really knew where I should post this, but I suddenly had this thought: What if Vril is plasmalized 115? In Origins, we see the conversion generators drawing power of the Element when they converse it from gaseous into liquid, making it drop one step in the states of matter (solid-->liquid-->gaseous-->plasma-->Bose-Einstein condensate). As energy must come from something, I assume energy gets less the lower in the state of matter table. The most powerful state of 115, I assume, is Vril, so could it be possible if it is in plasmaform or possibly even Bose-Einstein condensate (one big superatom). When we concentrate 115 in Shangri La into the Focussing Stone, it is theorized we obtain Vril. Die Glocke was also believed to generate Vril and plasmalize objects.

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