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Apex Legends Players Are Dominating Solos Mode By Teaming Up

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The new Solos mode in Apex Legends is a free-for-all, every-person-for-themselves affair, where there can be only one winner.

The new mode, which launched alongside the Iron Crown event, is a traditional battle royale set-up, where 60 players are dropped onto the map and only one ultimately survives. Everyone is in it for themselves in this mode -- at least in theory. As it turns out, many people are teaming up before the match has started, making pacts to work together to make it to the final circle.

Posts on Reddit (like this one) point towards an issue with players teaming up, giving them a huge advantage over players who are legitimately playing solo. As Eurogamer discovered, queuing up at the same time as a friend so as to end up in the same Solos round is not difficult - they were able to do it four times out of five.

Solos mode is intended as a limited-time event, but the game is also in hot water with fans for some expensive weapons that have been introduced for the Iron Crown event - the Raven's Crown axe will cost you the equivalent of $170, according to Kotaku. Because of this, a lot of Apex Legends fans are unhappy with the game this week.

Whether or not restrictions will be introduced for Solos, or matchmaking will be changed, remains to be seen. You can track the changes being made to Apex Legends through the game's public Trello board.

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