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Fortnite Rift Zone Locations: Where To Visit Rift Zones Guide (Season 10 Challenge)

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A new batch of Season X challenges has arrived in Fortnite: Battle Royale. This week's set is dubbed Worlds Collide, a callback to the tagline of Season 5, and its tasks fittingly revolve around objects from that season, such as rifts. One of the challenges asks you to visit a Rift Zone. If you're not sure where those can be found, we've put together this map and guide to help you out.

Where Are The Rift Zone Locations?

Rift Zones were one of the new environmental features introduced at the start of Season X, and they're capable of transforming an area of the island--as we saw earlier this week, when a Rift Zone reverted Mega Mall to Retail Row following the game's 10.10 update. There are only two Rift Zones thus far--one at the aforementioned Retail Row, the other at Tilted Town--although more may crop up as the season progresses. In the meantime, you can see where all of the current Rift Zones are located on the map below.

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How To Complete The Challenge

Once you know where the Rift Zones are located, this challenge is simply a matter of going to that area. You only need to visit one of the zones to complete the task, so pick an area, then glide there at the start of a match to clear the challenge. You can watch us do the mission in the video at the top of this guide.

It's important to note that this challenge is unrelated to another one from the Worlds Collide set that asks you to use a Rift. To complete that one, you'll need to find a Rift and activate it to warp to a different part of the map. There are several of those scattered around the island; we've jotted down their locations below.

  • On a hill east of Pleasant Park, near the Durr Burger head
  • In the middle of Loot Lake
  • On an icy island in the southwestern corner of the map
  • East of the Viking Village, just north of the frozen lake
  • Just north of Paradise Palms

Be sure to also check out our full Fortnite Season X challenges roundup, which we'll continue to update as this season progresses with additional tips and guides for Fortnite's trickier missions.

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