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Horizon Zero Dawn Lead Producer Passes Away

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Dutch developer Guerrilla Games has pulled the curtain on some saddening news as E3 2019 comes to a close. The studio announced that its lead producer Patrick Munnik passed away. He was just 44 years old.

The news landed early morning Thursday, June 13. The Horizon Zero Dawn developers took to Twitter to deliver the news, saying Munnik is "no longer with us" and that the studio is "eternally grateful" for his contributions to the team.

Herman Hulst, Guerrilla's managing director and co-founder, shared his heartache on Twitter as well, calling Munnik a "reassuring presence" whose great humor and friendship "will be sorely missed by our entire the team."

According to a GamesIndustry.Biz report, Munnik joined Guerrilla in 2011, holding the role of senior producer for the duration of his time with the company. He worked on both Horizon Zero Dawn and Killzone: Shadow Fall.

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