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Welcome to the Equinox this is my getaway from the real world.

My name is Caleb Hampton.

After moving from Fremont, NE to the Capitol City (Lincoln,NE) and wanted to help support those impacted by hosting a donor drive.

  A.K.A "RequixEclipse" braving the endless waves of Zombies on Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

/Staff member for a Call of Duty Zombies Forum /StackUpDotOrg Stream Tema Member/Pro Gamer strreaming to a network of 8k+ loyal viewers. 

RequixEclipse LIVE [ZOMBIES [XB] BLACKOUT [R115] APEX 9:35 PM- 11:50 PMCST minute watch which is redeemed for rewards. The Donation Drive Featured Panel directly links you to this Campaign. This is to ensure 100%  of money donationed goes to the relief effort. 


For Stream Updates besure to follow @RequixEclipse 


  series of shelters have been opened to provide relief for those displaced and impacted by the March floods and blizzard.  I recently moved from Fremont, NE to the Capitol City and wanted to help support those impacted by hosting a dontations via Twich.
The American Red Cross is partnering with the following 15-shelters in Nebraska and Southwest Iowa:

  • Council Bluffs, Iowa (Salem United Methodist Church, 14955 Somerset Avenue)
  • Bellwood, Nebraska (Bellwood Fire Department (752 41 Road)
  • Boelus, Nebraska (CNR Center, 614 Delaware Street)
  • Columbus, Nebraska (DHS- East Central Health Department, 4321 41st Avenue)
  • Fremont, Nebraska (First Lutheran Church, 3200 Military Avenue; enter Mission Center on NW corner of campus)
  • Hader, Nebraska (Hader Fire Hall, 101 Front Street)
  • Missouri Valley, Nebraska (Rand Community Center, 100 S. 4th Street)
  • Norfolk, Nebraska (Lutheran High Northeast, 2010 N. 37th Street)
  • Norfolk, Nebraska (Bel Air Elementary School, 1101 N. 18th Street)
  • Norfolk, Nebraska (Sacred Heart Elementary School, 2301 Madison Avenue)
  • North Loup, Nebraska (North Loup Community Center, 112 S, B Street)
  • Pierce, Nebraska (Pierce Fire Department, 106 1st Street)
  • Plattsmouth, Nebraska (Plattsmouth Community Center, 308 S. 18th Street)
  • Randolph, Nebraska (Randolph City Auditorium, 119 N. Main Street)
  • St. Edward, Nebraska (St. Edward City Hall, 1302 State Highway 39)

The Red Cross said anyone who has to evacuate should bring the following essential items for each family member:·    

 * Prescriptions and emergency medications, Foods that meet unusual dietary requirements

 · Identification to show residence is in affected area and important personal documents

 · Extra clothing, pillows, blankets, hygiene supplies and other comfort items

 · Supplies needed for children and infants, such as diapers, formula and toys 

· Special items for family members who are elderly or disabled 


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9I want to thank those who donated. I sought out to raise $115 per stream. Out of 3 streams we hit $193.00 all of which went to the Red Cross Flood Relief effort in Nebraska/Iowa. 


I was personally effected and had to leave my home. The passed 2 weeks has been spent aiding family and friends who were impacted the most.



These sandbags were stacked by the Community of Fremont, Nebraska. Im thankful for to have experienced this. Even in our darkest moments after helping I find hope in this world. 


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