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Probably the most "appropriate" re-introduction I've made.

The Meh

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Hey, guys. Meh here.


It's been a while. I've been out for a couple of weeks or months now, and... I felt I should explain that a bit, really. To make one story short: For those that are newer to the site, I've been around since maybe 2014 on CoDz, and I've been in the CoD community in general for as long as I can remember. Ironically speaking, I've seen PTG rise and fall somewhere inbetween that, but... let's not talk about that. Most of what I do around the site has been a bit of a balancing act between playing and criticizing the Zombies mode, and actually creatively writing maps based on that mode itself. As much as I'd love to toot my own horn... again, not the place for it. If you want to read that stuff, check out Zombie Labs, I suppose.


Recently, I've gained the role of Dweller, and I do want to try to upkeep that role as best I can while I still have the chance. A bit unfortunate in regards, though, was the release of Black Ops 4, and... yeah, it was a bit chaotic - the past few months hearing about this game have been as well. My PC ended up not performing all too well, and I've been out of the loop here due to that. I'm only just now coming back after dealing with that.


I... know that this all sounds a bit like I'm shrugging a lot of it off, but if I'm being honest, nothing big or significant really happened since I was out... other than Black Ops 4. Most of the reason I was out was due to my ineptitude to keep my PC up to a decent speed and in working fashion.


But, hey, I'm back now. I'm glad to be.


So... yeah.


I've written too many of these introductions, I'm very aware of that. This is as awkward for me as it is for you.


In any case, though... per aspera ad astra.


-The Meh

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Welcome back, Meh. ❤️


Missed ya a whole lot on le Forums.

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Nice to see you back!

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