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Solo Quick Revive - Friend or Foe?

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This thread is for the uses and thoughts of Quick Revive in Solo games. I am not deciding for you whether or not to use it, but I'm bringing the options and views to mind.


Usually folk respond to Solo QR as either:


Cons: "It is a wasted perk slot, I would have gone further with a decent perk instead", "I usually die again immediately anyway", "I only want 1 down (whether for fun of 1-lifing it, or for leaderboard cred)". 


Pros: "It is free lives, I can continue to higher rounds", "It counteracts BS deaths, so I do not need to start from scratch".


And there is validity in views from either side, depending on your playstyle and your personal taste. Again, I'm not gonna tell you which view to hold dear, it is your game, love it your way. But I want to bring a different view to light that I feel is overlooked, though I've personally mentioned it before;


And that is; using QR Solo to 'change class'. For me, from my earliest zombie days of WaW, I love the in-game evolution, early game-start-stabs to camp strategy, to camp and move strategies, to kiting. 


In WaW Solo, you had 3 perks, only buying QR if it meant an extra gun slot on Shi No. There was no real strategy with perks beyond "should I get Double Tap now or wait for a couple of rounds to not burn through ammo 30% faster?".


Along came BO, with some perk options. Moon/Hacker, you could change up your class, but generally you got the perks that worked for you and moved on.


In both BO and BO2, I never really felt the need to change perks much, to be honest. But along came BO3. I find myself often wanting different perks as the game progresses. Generally, I find myself evolving the match from early stabs and circles, to camping to high 20s or so, to training strategies.


While I can simply use Perkaholics (+dashboard) or Unquenchables (or Soda Fountain + Hacker on Moon), I usually tend to run Classic GG (I hit master prestige in under 5 weeks, I can't always use Megas).


So, I sometimes use the strategy of QR for a class change.


Early game, I 'need' only Juggernogg for stabbing. Then, I add Speed Cola, Double Tap 2, and Widow's Wine (if able) for an easy camp strategy, but later, depending on map and WW available, I may not need or want certain perks anymore.


Revelations: Fisty the Squid gun and Thundergun? Don't need DT 2 anymore.


Training? Sometimes I want to W'sW train, sometimes that is too annoying (small training area) and W'sW gets used up almost instantly.


Training? Many guns reload quick enough, or reloading time simply does not matter. Speed Cola can be passed over.


Training? Maybe I would like Stamin Up now.


I think that I made my point.


SNN example: Comm room is closed, I'm camping that alcove until wrecked, Juggernogg is in Comm room, so I camp with QR, W'sW, DT2, SC. Once they get me (usually round 25+), it is time to change strategy. I get revived, open Comm, Get Juggernogg, Stamin Up, and 2 perks depending on my guns and how I plan to proceed. Wunderwaffe means I need Speed Cola, but bullets guns means that DT2 would be wise. Do I want the joy of training with W'sW, or do I pass on that in favor of more orderly circling?


In this scenario, I'm not wracking up deaths, nor am I training with camping perks or vice versa. I know that by 30+ on SNN it is less likely to recover from another down, so no point in buying a second QR (at my skill level).


Anyway, I hope I got you all thinking outside of the usual "2 sides to QR" box and maybe see it a new way.


Thanks for reading my muddled thoughts, and happy gaming!



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Truly, I have never looked like this to the perks. Im a simple player and not a real tactican: I buy perks without the idea that I might wanna change class. Thanks for the post!

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Truth be told I personally never really questiond QR and for me personally I usually tend to get it, on my best game of Shadows (I believe it was 55 or 50) I got a down very early on at round 7 or 8 or so. If I didn't have QR on that game I would never had my best game at least not in that point and time on Soe. 


But if I only want a quick game I just play without it.


Happy gaming to you as well and thank you for sharing your muddled thoughts. 🙂 (I had to look up the translation for muddled, so thank you for extending my vocabulary.)

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15 minutes ago, Lenne said:

...my best game of Shadows (I believe it was 55 or 50) I got a down very early on at round 7 or 8 or so. If I didn't have QR on that game I would never had my best game at least not in that point and time on Soe. 

I used to always run it too. I relate so much to your statement; I used to feel that one bullshit death in the begining often led to a great game after that first early down. Haha.

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