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I have not said anything until I had the chance to sit down and play each of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Zombie maps. 


I believe that most (not all) have focused so hard on discovering all there is to find in the game as fast as they can. So much so that they miss the connections and little bits of special information that has added to the overall storyline.


There are Ciphers on Ciphers yet to be decoded which amazes me. This is by far hands down the best Zombies experience to date. Why? How? 


The story is being driven forward not only with a “New Story” but the ÆTHER story is not over. We received 4 Zombie maps if you purchased the season pass with the game. Remember when we only received 2 maps? 


There is so much discussion that needs to be made HERE. Not on YouTube, not on twitch, or even reddit.


What’s changed with the Zombies community?

We stopped talking about what theories, ideas, and strategies we found. There can’t be just @anonymous @Blurryface @InfestLithium@RADAUSTIN27@RadZakpak @Tac Myself etc.. we are not the only people in this community. 


If you got issues with gameplay.. I wish the best for you, but the game itself is amazing. Just because some people have normal expected issues with a game that just launched shouldn’t take away from the actual content of the game. 


Come on my peeps knock this BS off with the community fighting.


We are all fellow survivors here.


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@RequixEclipse Firstly, thanks for the tag. Glad you see me as one of the very few still active survivors lmao.


I completely agree with you. BO4 is one, if not the best zombies experiance the community has had yet. Okay we can all agree it may have took a step back in some ways such as leaderboards, stats/barracks, lack of calling cards/camos etc but like you said - remember when we only had 2 maps or even 1 back in WAW? The game has came a long, long way since then. BO4 is a fantastic games. 4 Maps on launch, a new storyline and not forgetting our first DLC map which I am in love with!


Who cares about being first to solve an egg, it wastes it for everyone else when the egg is literally done within the first few hours of it being released. There is so so so much more to these maps. Take Classified for example, okay maybe no main egg apart from the cutscene but the map is still great to play and enjoy. So many people are just rushing in, completing the main egg then saying the game is trash and has no content when it bloody well does.


The only things I would like added is a dark matter / diamond camo for zombies just like mp gets for the grind.

A better barracks system where I can see how many kills etc with certain guns

The ability to go up black market tiers while playing zombies

and finally the ability to use black market variants on zombies.


Thats the only things I would love to see happen, but I'm not gonna call the game trash because it doesnt have them yet.


Come on CODZ community! Get back into loving what brought you all here and stop rushing things and just enjoy the game.


Also while im typing this I may aswell explain my short little dissapearence I had there - sorry I had a bad case of the flu but im back now lmao.


If anyone would ever like to play some games hmu! Eggs, High rounds, Map exploring - ANYTHING, lets play!

I love this community and I call it home, I would honestly love to see it become very active again!

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#1 Thing that we need to do is understand what’s going on and what has happened.


Yes we may complete the Easter Egg, but I don’t believe enough people take the time to comprehend what just took place story wise. Either they flew by it or they are completely new to the COD: Zombie Saga. 


Black Ops 3 Calling Cards were easy and obtainable. In Black Ops 4 has given us more Calling Cards, but we actually have to work for it.

I believe those who obtain Dark Ops Cards feel like they actually accomplished something most have not. They have been rewarded a banner for their friends to envy. ?


I honestly can’t say that there needs to be more. We still don’t have all 4 DLCs for the complete game.


Tis not a sprint but und marathon my friends 

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