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Verrückt Camp Spot (Solo?).

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I've not seen this mentioned online, and it is mostly for solo, or hanging by yourself apart from friends. I know most players on this site do 100 rounds on WaW NDU with just their knife, so this may not impress many here, but I hit Round 25 standing still in this spot, using only regular GG and wall buys, so maybe some players would like to try it.


Open Jugg side through power to Speed Cola. Leave door by Trip Mines closed. Go around to Quick Revive side, open L-Car-9 room and the stairs to Vesper/ICR room.


Buy Vesper and ICR (I recommend pimping them out with Fast Mags).


Stand by Vesper Wall Buy, look at entrance to balcony. Line up the pole of the fence (that surrounds the steps) with the middle bar of the window that is just to the right of the balcony entrance. Standing there, almost all zombie heads align, except for the ones that come through the wall from your left. None come around the fencing behind you, though I chuck Trip Mines back there in case I get backed up or grab ICR ammo mid-round. After 20+ rounds, you need some lucky drops, but it is intense.


My early strategy is to hold DT2 area until forced into Wunder Fizz area, then just walk back and forth shooting window and hallway zombies until pointed up enough (STG Wall Buy there, usually paired with MP40). 


DT2 and Speed cola are primary perks, then do Juggs and W'sW. 


I used GGs: Stock Option, Armamental Accomplishment, ABH!, IPS, Sword Flay (for early points).


Happy camping!

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I don't have chronicles but may like to try it out in the original Verruckt. You think it would work there as well (with the WaW wallweapons and sprinting zombies)

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10 hours ago, anonymous said:

I don't have chronicles but may like to try it out in the original Verruckt. You think it would work there as well (with the WaW wallweapons and sprinting zombies)

Not so much. BO3 pathing is different, and the fast mags on the modern guns are key; Speed Cola alone and the original Double Tap would not hold up either.


On the flip side, WaW camp strategies don't work as well in BO3 either. 


To camp WaW Zombie Verrückt solo, open Juggernogg side through to Speed Cola room. As long as you don't open the Thompson room steps or the other Speed Cola door, no zombies will come to the Speed Cola room window. Camp in front of grenade wall buy, and headshot the kitchen zombies, window zombies will round the corner into the line of fire. You can fall back towards the unopened door or into the SC room and shoot through the door. Train in a C shape if needed, and bring betties. Escape through door if needed.


If you spawn on the Quick Revive side, open through to Power room. No zombies come through Power room window. Stand by kitchen table along window wall and look towards Speed Cola. 


In both cases, bring Betties and have Speed Cola and Double Tap by round 10.

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Posting a follow up here (camping strategy lower rounds for those who like to camp until dead sometimes. I often have more fun camping maps until 30, rather than running circles until bored and quit by 50).


I've not found any worthy randoms to mic up with, and friends are all playing other games (my fault for buying 3 year old zombies, ha), but I've been wondering about this set up for 2-4 campers:


We can haz wallbuys: Open Jugg side to power, leave kitchen closed. Open QR side to Speed Cola, kitchen closed. Camp roughly by Speed Cola  window and Vesper wallbuy.


This gives HVK, ICR, VESPER wall buys in the camp spot (and Speed Cola, which is 1 of 2 key camping perks along with DT2, in case you get downed at least SC is there).


The trick is the pathing. Zombies want to run around the fenced stairs (I'll call it "the cage") past the Vesper. If you try to camp near the balcony side of the cage, zombies run around the cage behind you, but if camp by the Vesper, they won't round the cage unless you back up to the ICR, and even then it seems to just be the 'window by the balconey' zombies that comes in behind you (trip mines help). You can usually grab ICR ammo and only get 0-1 zombies behind the cage, which trip mines take out.


So, 1 player can watch the SC window, and 1 can stand by Vesper. Both/all players can access ICR/HVK/VESPER. This should work well for 2 players.


The issue would be SC window player moving to ICR to buy ammo (or Vesper stander moving to ICR or HVK) midround, causing balcony window zombies to path behind cage.


A third player, could swap places and the ammo getter could clean up errant zombies. Or this third player could simply watch the balcony side of the cage.


With 4, you could watch both sides of cage, the SC window, and always have a "shortstop" who can back up whomever needs backup, or swap with players who need to re-up their ammo.


I feel that a four man might work best like this: 1 SC window, 1 balcony-side of cage, 1 by Vesper looking at left balcony door, headshotting most stairs/trap zombies, 1 by Vesper but along edge of cage, killing wall-hole zombs and watching over Vesper1 guy.


Without mega GG, this should be campable to 20-30 rounds. The electric trap should be quite helpful.


I suggest players have Speed Cola, DT2, W'sW, and likely Juggernogg.


Happy camping!



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