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83457's SNN minimap.


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If y'all recall, I used to break down maps into little maps or games for short-game fun.


Well, I picked up ZC/BO3 for the original maps and I'm loving it. So here is a variable mini game which will likely be ignored since BO4 just lauched, but...if you need to kill a half hour before bed, try these; (play offline to protect stats, if needed).


SNN: Wunder-Storage


1. Simple version: open both start room doors (effects zombie flow), open both doors in Storage. You may only use the Wunderfizz and the Storage-Hut perks (no QR). Camp by KRM/GGm, most zombies come from left. When pushed back, train in that room and by Flogger. Cut into the room leading to Storage to headshot the train, then reset to camp spot. Simple, and a fresh look at SNN. Perks: W'sW, SU, DD, 1 random. Guns: RK5, Shieva, L-CAR 9, KRM, Kuda, M8, the Trip Mine, and ?box.


2. WS Advanced: In this version, you must buy QR, the 2 Start Room doors, and only the first door to Storage. You must buy the 3 Wunderfizz perks. If you get downed 3 times (QR leaves), at that time, then you must purchase the SH door and random perk + WF drinks. So you always have exactly 4 perks in the map.


These can be expanded by opening Comm Room for an extra perk and gun choices without effecting this game's gameplay too much. Zombies should flow a little slower too.


You can camp under the stairs initially, but open the stairs when it gets too hectic, and move to the KRM/GGm spot.


Happy gaming!

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Thanks,  Lenne. I've had it for nearly 2 years, but I've been battling in ww1. Very stressful.


I've been bitten by the zombies bug again. I could have gone IV, but I had to get the reprints of WaW, as they are much better (to me) than the BO reprints had been. Sadly, money is an issue for me.


This minimode has been pretty fun to try out, I mostly stuck to wall weapons to level them up. With only 1 lobe of the map open, it gets pretty harrowing quickly. So I only survive 20 something rounds, because it gets intense fast. Try playing with all lobes closed and it gets brutal fairly quick.


It's like a new map as it plays so different.


Happy gaming!

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