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The Meh

The Missing Primis [Crackpot Theory]

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I'm just gonna jump head-on into this theory here, no introduction or anything to it.


Alright, so the Zombies Timeline released by Treyarch provides us the knowledge that the Great War - the war between Keepers/Humanity and the Apothicons - happened some time in early history, right? With that, we also see that Primis, on the main universe's course of events, gets sent there to facilitate the Cycle the storyline follows being preserved.

...or do we?


With the fact of them being sent to the main universe's Great War, instead of having heard any knowledge of them having been sent to Dimension 63's version of the Great War (which the timeline starts with on the Dimension 63 spiral), we're presented with a bit of a problem: The Great War, at best, is assured only in the main universe with Primis. That's a problem, however, due to the fact that this must happen the exact same way in Dimension 63 for it to exist the way we've seen it. So... what does that mean, then? Without both universes facilitating the arrival of Primis to the Great War, that breaks the timeline, right?

Well, believe it or not, I think that's what's happening in Blood of the Dead. Perhaps, that's just what we're getting. A missing Primis replaced by another Primis.


I can't exactly begin to wrap my head around the "why" of it all, or the grander paradox of it all, but I do feel like this will probably be explained.


So... bit of a crackpot theory. I'm aware of that.


Per aspera ad astra.

-The Meh

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Interesting observation, @The Meh. I've checked the timeline and indeed, Primis occurs in the Great War of both the main universe and universe 63 (and most likely other universes as well). The events are exactly the same, untill they disappear from that very realm. So indeed, how can Primis be in multiple universes at the same time?


If Blood of the Dead plays a role in this (my brains starts to block my mind if I think about this paradox for longer), I cannot tell. Thats just too complex for me :p. But let us consider that it is true: (Maybe I'm entirely wrong and derailed, but) Alcatraz would be some kind of interdimensional train station for Primis. The place from where they travel to another Great War in another universe. And not only for them: Victis is saved in cryptogenic closets there, for a later purpose. Maybe this purpose is activating the Global Polarization Devices in Black Ops II in Maxis' side, causing all the events happening later exactly the way we have seen them happening and how they should happen. So Victis would have their own neverending objective as well, just as Primis have. 


The laboratory in Alcatraz is built by the Illuminati. In a way, the conspiracy theories would be right: They are somehow in control of the world. They sustain the Multiverse in its current form.


Ouch....my head. Meh why did you do this


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