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The Meh

The Unity Series Retrospective | Part One: "Before the Day"

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Hey, guys.


This is going to be a very different post from anything I've made, Unity-related. It's perhaps necessary to make, in the scheme of it all, however. I think that it would be best to give this sort of snapshot, because... quite frankly, the minute I finish this series, I'll never get a chance to say what I say again. I'll look at it in a completely different light as its finished product, more than I will something that I was dedicated to in all my time on this site. That said...


I look back a lot on what I do. Or, at the best, I try to look back as best as I can, so I know that what I do to move this series forward is right. I know I've messed up, and god knows the first steps were the most rough. I mean, you could look to Unity as it stands, and it's easily the least imaginative of maps I have on my roster. It's not written very well, at all... and, really, it was my first time executing something like that. But... I think that it was a fundamental map to make... and an important one. I mean, to this day, it has maybe the most replies on it of any of the maps (I'm not counting Intuition). The responses in general were humbling... and it was a positive outlook. I came to understand how impossible the map was, as an idea, but I came to realize that... in a way, that's not what Unity was. It was more than a map... and it was more than anything I could have thought.


Hell, I think that mentality alone is what fuels this series at all. Most of my ideas feel like they're beyond me, sometimes... and yet, I'm the one rationalizing them, writing them down. I could understand the aspects of a Mars map, and I made that happen... and I could understand where a map like Citadel would go. In a way, these ideas evolved. It always felt like I was the man writing the transcript of a grand adventure.

...and really, that's all it could ever be.


I'm not an expert at anything I do. Believe me, I make mistakes without realizing them a good amount more than I'd call healthy... and sometimes, I'll have noticed them far after the posts go out. I apply to them what I can, and I'm doing all I can to make these feel complete. But, with The Unity Series, it's harder for me to have a crystal lens, as... most of the time, I choose to believe that these aspects are as on point as I can make them. Not that I think those mistakes end up killing the map, half the time, though... but I can notice it.


Yet, at the end of the day, I think all aspects have stood beyond me before, all due to its outlook. I think, in a way, most of the people that have read my series seem to have good to say for it, and it's beyond humbling to know that there's people out there not only supporting it, but... liking it. Even in the smallest numbers. I can never know how many people read the maps to a tee, and I'll never know who the ones that follow deeply are... but I can always feel that, in some way, they are still there. They still exist. That's enough for me.


It kind of reminds me of this documentary that came out with the recent Signature Edition of The Iron Giant, actually. "The Giant's Dream", if I recall. It's mainly just the main Director of the movie, Brad Bird, recounting all the trials and tribulations that led him to create The Iron Giant, and that which led to its release and subsequent disaster in the box office... albeit knowing just how much of a cult classic he had created. A project created out of a passion, that fell from grace at its time, only to rise to be a classic. He would go to cite how hard the people had worked on the film, and how distraught he felt about its aftermath, before sharing a line from a call he had received from Guillermo Del Toro (I'm surprised too) not too long after:


"...what I said to him is, 'look, in the light of the box office, the audience, the numbers, you feel like a loser, but this will pass. You have made a classic. It will stay in the hearts and minds of anyone that sees it. It would honestly live forever.'"


I can't compare myself to such things, but... I can't help but feel humbled on my own terms by that line. I can't look to believe that my story will ever grow beyond myself, but I can look forward and tell myself that what I'm doing makes sense... and that, to do it at all is worth it. One word alone is a legacy a thousand years on. In a light, whatever I do doesn't have to be important, and isn't... but some people might. The creator alone should believe his work is important, and I do... and I can believe that, whether or not I know there's anyone watching, that someone will be inspired... or someone will at least believe that I did something good.


Truthfully, that's what matters to me the most about this series. Not that it was perfect, not that it was followed, but that it was the right thing to do. That it felt like it could have been beyond me... a legacy of its own.


That, or maybe I'm way too overzealous about it! But, hey, I digress.


Besides... this story's yet to end. I'm tying all the details down. I'm gonna look to finish these final maps, and to that, I will wrap up the subsequent lack of lore and quotes and everything, prior to that Supercut. I don't want to use this to hype that, and I don't believe that this post deserves to be that way, but... I want to give that insight. It's important to me to be vocal about it.


I'm sure that the eventual Part II of this will come around some time after all things are said and done... surely I'll figure something out with that. For now, though? I'm glad of what I've done with it... and glad of where I'm gonna take it.


...and all these hands behind me hurdling me to that brightest day? I could never be prouder to know them.


That all said.

Per aspera ad astra.

-The Meh

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