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Silv3r Energy

Apologies and regrets aplenty, I must post this.

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Hello all. It is with a rather heavy heart that I must inform you all that due to recent complications with my living situation, I will be offline until the BO4 season. I'd much rather not go into the specifics of why I'm going, but I feel like (especially as of late) I should've given a reason as to my absence. 


~With all due respect,



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I missed and will miss your presence on here, but life comes first.


Just know, we will still be there when you return.


Stay strong. 

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I've missed your presence as well. I really hope things eventually turn out to be alright for you. We will always be here waiting for you. Stay strong, my friend <sodEmoji.2764>

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@Lenne @anonymous


Looks like I'm reviving a dead post.


Hello all! I am back and well. I will be brief to summarize my situation.


My parents got divorced when I was about 4 or 5 years old.

I am now 17 years old.


Shortly before I started this thread, I was in a bad living situation, where I was consistently under abuse both mental and physical from my mother, due to her and my step dad's alcoholism. They would get drunk almost every night and focus their personal problems on me. Because of this, right after I pressed "post" on this thread, I ran away. At the time, I didn't have a car or a real plan, so I grabbed my phone, charger, and a rubik's cube in a backpack and took off down the driveway. I got a decent distance down the road when I met up with a friend of mine who kindly let me stay at her house for the night. From there, I contacted my dad (who lives about an hour away) and he drove over to where I was staying and picked me up. On the ride back to his house, I explained the situation. He was kind and accepting. Long story short, we scheduled a court date, and after a few months, I now officially live with my dad and step mom. During the move, I had to leave my job, and as a result I haven't had almost any money, and what I do make from doing household chores goes towards gas so I can get to and from school. Since moving, I decided to get into Drama/Play Production at my new school, and it's helped me fit in, but it takes up almost all of my free time. That and my money situation explains my prolonged absence.


I know this post is a bit scattered, and I'm sorry about that. I'll be spending the next few weeks hopefully educating myself about BO4 and getting back into this, so hopefully I'll be back where I used to. 


Thank you all for your support in the past months. I love you all ❤️



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tagging the nice people ^.^

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First of all: I am glad that you are now back and in a decent spot in life.


It really is terrible that you had to endure abuse, cause you are one of the good ones. I also love how you took rubik's cube with you. Which prooves my point.


Didn't you also do something acting related at your old school? Or am I mixing it up now? My memory is a bit bad. But nice that it helps you fit in. A new school is always tough.

No problem scattered posts are my bread and butter. haha



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Its awfull to hear about the abuse @Silv3r Energy! Wish I could just fly to you right now and give to a big genuine hug. Enduring the misery is gruesome, but you must know you are an amazing person, and there will always be people who love and support you. Never ever forget these things. You're great!


I am glad to hear the situation is slowly improving and you try to pick things up again. That's a oportunity to remain the kind person you are, and enjoy your life. Crawling out of the hole is proof you are a strong person, stronger maybe than you think. Wish you the best, buddy. You're never alone


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Hey @Silv3r Energy, I'm sorry to hear about your situation. But I'm super happy that you're alive and well, and in a better spot than before.


Take all the time you need for yourself, and we're all here for you in any way we can be of assistance. 🙂

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