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Between Heaven and Earth

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@anonymous Apologies for the delay, I am still hyped to answer the rest of the questions (and will compile them all into one post once I have done so). Between work, long drives, family, and my theological studies (and, I admit, a few - just a few, I promise - games of BO3... ;) I have been up to my chin in it this week. Stay tuned, then. 

I self am offline for some time as well. If you haven't read it in the chat: I’m on a three week “road trip” through some European countries. Just left Denmark and entered Sweden today. It's my second time in Scandinavia now and once again I am amazed by the fact how clean everything is, how beautiful the cities, villages, fields and forests, and how friendly the people. Things like public hammocks, free rentable bikes and clean blankets that can be used by anyone are around every corner. And then you've got Sweden's everlasting woods and lakes. Did you know that Sweden has only 1/2th of the Dutch population, even while the country is way bigger? The entire country is just woods and lakes, with some neat, wooden, typical Scandinavian village now and then. A lot to explore here...


Czechia. A country that, just like Poland, is way more modern than every West-European thinks. In fact, the wealth was in my eyes hardly different than in Western countries. Most people are able to speak English (at least in the cities) as well, so it's definitely a recommendation for those who have seen enough of Spain, France, Italy or Germany.


And the country in which I started: Slovakia. Slovakia is in my eyes less modern than Poland and Czechia, which make it a truly adventurous country. A recommendation for you, @Steelie. I’ve seen car wreckages just next to the road under a bridge, and abandoned shopping centres as well, complete with collapsed elevators. Bratislava was beautiful, and the wilderness in the rest of the country perhaps even more.

So I’m gonna enjoy a bit more than a week here up in Hyperborea (Sweden) before I go home to the Lowlands. Zombie talk will start then again. Have a nice time, everybody!


Oh, and that update. Wow. Big thank you to the CoDZ crew!

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I'm a very "spiritual" person even though I'm pretty much part of the neo-atheist movement. (Ironic right? Electric jesus?) I like what Sam Harris said, something to the effect of "you can be deeply spiritual, and even become a mystic, and have transcendent experiences, without ever pre-supposing anything on insufficient evidence." I don't really "believe" anything until i think there's enough evidence to form an opinion, and I don't think any specific religion or set of beliefs in metaphysics has provided any evidence that makes it more plausible than the others. I do concede that i wasn't around 2000 years ago, so if there really was an intervening god performing miracles, I could have just missed it. But as a scientist (physics major) Occam's razor doesn't really give me any other choice than to proceed without that hypothesis. 


This might be more unique to me, since I've been pretty crippled with mental illness and all that jazz, but I've also ruminated on topics like Solipsism pretty extensively. You know, How your senses are unreliable, so the only thing you can be certain actually exists is your own consciousness. Everyone else could all be in your head. You could literally be a brain in a vat being fed sensory input, or even worse, your concept of a brain and the physical operations from which consciousness allegedly arise are just fabrications too. I used to worry, same with death, but then i figured fuck it. 


I'm faced with 2 ends of a philosophical spectrum here. On one end, the world as it is presented to me is base reality. Consciousness is just a product of biology, when you're dead that's it, and we're just a disinteresting species that arose on one of trillions of planets in a universe that started spinning through purely natural processes. If that's the case, well I didn't really mind not being alive before i was born (or before i was old enough to generate memories and be conscious frankly) so i doubt i'll mind when i'm dead. It might be scary in the final moments, but that will pass. If that's the case I only regret that I had such a narrow window in which to experience the universe. 


Alternately, there could be some grand scheme, and I'll wake up from the matrix, or ascend to meet god, or what the fuck ever. But at the end of the day, This is the world as presented to me, so i'll play by its rules for the time being. I could always blow my brains out to hasten the "moment of truth," but where's the fun in that? Might as well get my fill of this life in the off chance it's all there is. 


That being said, the world as presented to me seems to suggest that Science has the most compelling origin story of life and the universe. THat doesn't rule out some branch of science that permits an afterlife that we have yet to discover though. Look up Carl Sagan's piece on tesseracts and the 4th dimension. Objects (or entities) that exist in higher physical or temporal  dimensions than ourselves behave a lot like how ghosts are often described.


have fun sleeping tonight. Welcome to my hell.

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