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How I think Newton's Cookbook should have worked

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I was having a think about this earlier. As we all know, new recipes are put out every 24 hours, seemingly randomly generated. This is great and all and has allowed us more opportunities to get some of the Gobblegums we may want. The problem has been, though, that this will inevitably benefit some players a lot more than others. It's the same sort of deals that come up and they may be mostly favourable to some players, whilst others are still left with a bunch of Mega Gobblegums they'll never use and never being offered the ones they want.


What I would love to see implemented into the next game, is a much more flexible system involving "tokens" rather than distills and generated recipes. In short, you trade in a certain type of Gobblegum for a certain amount of tokens, and these tokens can then be spent in some kind of Gobblegum shop. Going by the trend of what certain types of Gobblegums seem to be worth in relation to others in Newton's Cookbook, the Gobblegum => token trades could be as follows:


Mega Gobblegum = 1 token

Rare Gobblegum = 4 tokens

Ultra-rare Gobblegum = 8 tokens


You can then use these tokens in the Gobblegum shop to purchase a Gobblegum of your choice, with the different types of Gobblegums costing a differing amount of tokens, as detailed above. So you could trade in, for example, 8 Mega Gobblegums and use those 8 tokens to purchase 1 Ultra-rare of your choosing.



Of course, this would mean getting something for nothing almost, and in the current game it costs us to trade, to the tune of 10 distills for one trade, and 10 distills can be purchased for the price of 1 Liquid Divinium. So it would make sense for this system to also have the same sort of cost-to-trade system in place, and the player would have to pay the "merchant" 1 Liquid Divinium to redeem their tokens for a Gobblegum so that the merchant is making a profit. This would still keep the door open for Treyarch to make money from micro-transactions, since people will want to purchase CoD points for Diviniums so that they can firstly amass a large overall total of Gobblegums, and then use those Diviniums for trades.





What do you folks think, good idea or bad idea? Your own thoughts or revisions to this idea totally welcome!

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Kinda funny how the Cookbook has created an economy of sorts. No one used Unbearable. And now it's the most sort after gum for the sole use of trading. Even more funny, it's a regular Mega, but I'm pretty sure it's actually rarer to obtain since you have so many more other Mega's, that you're more likely to obtain the Rare's and Ultra-Rare's.

Overall it just seemed silly that they introduced another currency that you use the other currency to buy (I do like you get 30 free a day, but it just seems silly. I will always use my Divinium on the Factory).

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