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"The Gift" Analysis

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"The Gift" Analysis 

References to Richtofen and his time at Alcatraz 








Up in the sky down wind another light goes dim

And I know it's him

Reigning like a storm again

Deep inside me

Light of my life

Find my shadow wandering in my mind

Now all the threads will unwind

When all the stars are aligned

And I need

Time to break all the mirrors

But my mind is in pieces and not ready to make it clearer



"Up in the sky down wind another light goes dim

And I know it's him

Reigning like a storm again." Key word here is "Reigning" some being in control possibly the Shadow man or evil that is aware of what Richtofens presence.? Richthofen reading the Kronorium trying to figure out which fate leads to a better ending but he can only find one but it's not what he wants. In the Wardens office you see many notes on the table as well as a board on the wall with pictures and news articles. 


*Having overseen the construction of a laboratory beneath Alcatraz, Richtofen returns to the House where he begins to communicate with Stuhlinger. Together, they persuade Victis to travel to a variety of locations in order to recover the Kronorium.




Upon a time

Down in a little room made just for me

I heard them whispering my name

And taking you away

Pain isn't the only gift I'll give you slowly

But I'll give it wholly and solely

To you

I've come to find

Mind and matter wandering without time

Then all the flowers combined

With all the souls that went blind

To see again

Time to make it all clearer

And if time never ceases I'll be ready to break the mirror

Drawn in a line

Sharp edges in the dark made just for me

I hear them waking the profane

And slithering in pain and

Withering away


Mind being the Zombies and Matter being the perk machines or world around. All the perks flash in and out of time as they were never ment to be there. "Then all the flowers went blind to see again" This gives me goosebumps because I believe this is telling us exactly why the zombie have Red Eyes. They went blind meaning there's no one in control of them guiding them. "Sharp edges made in the dark just for me I hear the waking the profane and slithering in pain and withering away" Edward stabbed these Zombies with edges so he could hear where the Zombies were at. Their screams waking "the profane" could be Brutus.



Death isn't the only gift I've given slowly

But I'll give it solely and only

To you

I glow in moonlight

You fall like rain

We'll take the ever-after

And turn it into pain

Your pain is the one thing that I feel inside me

That I have been hiding inside me for you

Your death is the singing I hear when I'm dreaming

And the bell I'll be ringing when I sing for you

Pain isn't the only gift I'll give you slowly

But I give it wholly and solely to




This bell is heard in Alcatraz on the Golden Gate bridge and in Nuketown. "I glow in the moonlight You fall rain" 

Perfect description as the time of day is set during the night time on MOTD and you do fall like the rain from Icarus on to the Golden Gate Bridge. Victis is to inherit the mission Richthofen knew he wouldn't be able to finish. However to buy him time He came to Alcatraz to collect blood vials from sal and fin. Victis is placed on ice so that they could be woken when the next time they were needed as noted in the time line.





Shanghai-La is another name for Shambhala.

Shambhala is ruled over by Maitreya, the future buddha. The Kalacakra tantra prophesies that when the world declines into war and greed, and all is lost, the 25th Kalki king will emerge from Shambhala with a huge army to vanquish "Dark Forces" and usher in a worldwide Golden Age. Using calculations from the Kalachakra Tantra, scholars such as Alex Berzin put this date at 2424.

Located in Russia the Altai Mountains contain the Katun Montains. Mt. Belukha said to be the gate way into Shambalha. 


April 25th, 1952

While traveling to Shangri-La, Brock and Gary's plane crashes in the mountains as a result of a "freak atmospheric event" - another side effect of the Temporal Rifts created by Primis while travelling to Gorod Krovi.


Nicholas and Helena Roerich led a 1924–1928 expedition aimed at Shambhala.

Inspired by Theosophical lore and several visiting Mongol lamas, Gleb Bokii, the chief Bolshevik cryptographer and one of the bosses of the Soviet secret police, along with his writer friend Alexander Barchenko, embarked on a quest for Shambhala, in an attempt to merge Kalachakra-tantra and ideas of Communism in the 1920s. Among other things, in a secret laboratory affiliated with the secret police, Bokii and Barchenko experimented with Buddhist spiritual techniques to try to find a key for engineering perfect communist human beings. They contemplated a special expedition to Inner Asia to retrieve the wisdom of Shambhala - the project fell through as a result of intrigues within the Soviet intelligence service, as well as rival efforts of the Soviet Foreign Commissariat that sent its own expedition to Tibet in 1924.


Similarly, Heinrich Himmler and Rudolf Hesssent a German expedition to Tibet in 1930, and then again in 1934-35, and in 1938-39

This would provide background on where we are.


With Doctor Monty's help, the Maxis Drone arrives at the House in Agartha. Despite the absence of his soul, Monty recreates a physical manifestation of his Dimension 63 form. 


     (Note Monty confirms that he did get the soul of Macis instead he acquired a brain.) 

Monty: It wasn't REALLY his fault, you know he hasn't got his soul yet, all I got was a brain. Anyway, the KEY thing - as in the thing that is key - is that Maxis fiddled around with the Summoning-thingamajig and accidentally released an even bigger bastard.


Richtofen: You are wrong, Dempsey. Just as Dr. Monty explained, this is not the future we had sought to secure. Something has gone terribly, terribly wrong. 

Dempsey: So, answer me, honestly. How much of this is your fault? Did our little trip to Alcatraz have anything to do with it? 

Richtofen: Be quiet, Dempsey! I told you, that's our little secret!


Ill be updating OP frequently with new info

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Excellent work!!


Ever since I watched the theatrical mix trailer, I've for some reason felt like Monty was the POV.


"And I know it's him reigning like a storm again" felt like Monty was talking about how Shadowman had arrived at The House and was bringing about the apocalypse and all.

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Excellent work!!


Ever since I watched the theatrical mix trailer, I've for some reason felt like Monty was the POV.


"And I know it's him reigning like a storm again" felt like Monty was talking about how Shadowman had arrived at The House and was bringing about the apocalypse and all.


I do agree, but this could are you taking place in during MOB in the Fracture storyline

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