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:burn48: As you may know zombies is a fantastic game mode and a great add on to call of duty ww,bo1,bo2,bo3 and other activision published zombie game modes. But the main thing is the things in zombies such as perks,guns,maps and the newest thing yet gobblegums. If you dont exactly know what gobblegums do or a made for they are a very useful in games and high round with my personal favourite the one and only perkaholic this is ace. When chewed is automatically gives you every perk in the game which is amazing. But some people do not like the fact that they cannot suggest there own gobblegums and create there own. If so then comment a gobblegum you would want in zombies and i will put through to another page where everyone will see and see if we can think of more zombie gobblegums.

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No more Gobblegums! We've got a tonne already and some of them are ridiculously overpowered to the point that it's gamebreaking. We don't need any more.


If you have one type of set-up, you can never run out of ammo. A good example would be to have Alchemical, Cache Back, Reign Drops, Power Vacuum and Round Robbin'. Each time you need ammo, hit the machine - you're either going to get one of the four gums that give you ammo, or you'll get a Round Robbin' so you can finish the round, start a new one and hit the machine again and get ammo. Power Vacuum also basically allows you 4 damn rounds of basically infinite ammo since Max Ammos drop like crazy.


Another type of set-up is the "you can never die" solo set-up. If you use Near Death Experience, you're invincible for 4 rounds (3, plus the round you got it on) - you go down with Quick Revive, you get revived, you keep ALL your perks, even Quick Revive. Aftertaste is also the same but you have to rebuy QR. Self Medication is also way underrated I feel - you've got three free downs also, if you keep a PaP'd RK5 with Dead Wire then you can use that to kill a zombie at any round to revive yourself. Also, for co-op, if everyone is down but you, and you go down, the game doesn't end - you go into last stand and get a chance to revive yourself the same way you would in solo. So as long as you have a Self Med and the RK5 with Dead Wire on, the game cannot end in co-op.

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I think gobblegums were almost a good game mechanic. I tend to use the classic ones more (since you have limited megas and I want to savethose for easter eggs). The problem I've had since the beginning is that you're limited with megas (but you can still buy liquid divinium to get more, micro transactions ugh). The other problem is how uneven the gobblegums actually are. Some are ridiculously overpowered, some are so useless I have never used them. I think gobblegums wouldn't be a bad game mechanic at all if they would have focused on those medium tier gobblegums that are not game breaking, but still helps a little.

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Sorry for the double post but I come up with an idea. Gobblegums used to cost 500 points, now 0 points. That's the first gobblegum of each round and the price goes up after that. My idea is that the gobblegum price would be determined by which gobblegums you choose. For example: Classical gobblegums would add 100 points, so a set with only classic gobblegums would make the price 500. Mega-gobblegums would be higher price, common 200, rare 500 and ultra-rare 1000. It would balance the game a bit in my opinion. You wouldn't be able to have 5 ultra-rares and hit the machine basically for free to get something that's super useful.

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