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Hello :)

I'm new and i would ask info about the multiplayer of old Cod like (Cod5;MW2,3; Bo1) which I have never played and now I would like to buy on steam to play in multiplayer.

Here, looking at these data it seems that there are still many players:

Are those data right or will I find empty servers?

Those data refer only to the steam versions of the cod or also to all the cod version sold, like those through a physical disk ?

I'm waiting for your answer, i don't found many info around the web .

Bye :)

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There is probably a forum section for multiplayer discussion but mods can move this if so.


WaW and BO1 are server based. So you will probably find a couple servers with players in them but I haven't tried in a while. They will probably be 24/7 servers. What I mean by this is that they will just feature one or two maps 24/7. 
WaW looks good with over 1000 and I think most of those servers are 10x XP so you rank up fast. BO1 doesn't have many and I remember crouch only being a thing on some of those servers (which I think is soooo stupid)


MW2/3 are match making based and barely see 1000 people at daily peak. You will only be able to play in the TDM playlist because there won't be enough people in anything else. 


The reality is that you will not have the same experience as when these first released. You will be confined to TDM 95% of the time if you can even find a game. I see you live in Italy?? that is not good. You will always have lots of ping and not really be able to play. If you lived in the middle of Europe or the eastern coast USA then maybe. 


This is my recommendation. Just get WaW. All the DLC is free for PC and it has the most players by far of the COD's listed. Don't bother with the others. 

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