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How Dr. Monty's Gobblegum, The Giant, and other dimensions Linked?

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Okay this is just a thought that I came across after playing The giant day after day after days (there's gotta be a full EE). Anyways I was just farming liquid divinums just to get more "Killing Time" but I didn't want to waste valuable gobblegums so just used random ones *excluding the classic ones* and after using soo many I've noticed that the gobble gum machine is actually getting brighter. Some dots are actually bigger too. My gobble gums are getting brighter as well too, i thought it might have been some lighting glitch. This was actually after the new Newton's Cookbook. So I ignored it and proceed to keep farming as well as looking for stuff that mightve been missed or not worth being mentioned. Just at spawn walking up the stairs looking around and I noticed my MR6 changing colors to Blue and saw numbers and letters I didn't understand. So I Googled it up and found nothing cause there was a bit missing from it but after a few minutes of messing with googles autocorrect i came across Messier's Astronomy and constellation. Yadiyada, I'm not gonna go into detail with all that anyways after a few minutes of reading Messier's finding as well as others I've noticed that some guns had letters and numbers as the Nebula abbreviation. the whiteboard in the giant has some equations relating to it though it was pretty hard to make out cause I'm not all that familiar with the other equations with the Ohms and the Fahrenheit/Celsius. So far I'm just mismatching gobble gums and playing through fly trap and survival. oh and BTW mega gobble gums change the colors of the dots on other gobble gums. IDK if I'm right about this but so far it's working for me just keep turning gobble gums. (2-3 megas, 1-2 Rare Megas, 1-2 Ultras). I came up with this randomly but you'll notice that some dots on your mega/Ultras are either orange, red, blue, white, or green and if u move your right analog fast left to right you'll notice some lines are different colors some are rotating farther than others or even changing colors when crossing over the picture/lines. There should be some significance to this right? and the most important part is the gobblegum machine in menu and during game just was smoking a blunt literally stared at it for 30mins but if you look at it while it's doing that annoying clicking sound u can see actually see some gums being highlighted (bottom one is rares/ultras) (top ones are megas) use the color the dot flickers on to set up your gobble gum pack but pay attention to the dot also cause the dot itself maybe different colors and you'll have to put  that in aswell and don't use any purple/blue/green/orange gobble gums look at them very carefully some lines are thicker some are thinner, some provide smaller dots, fewer/more dots (yes I've spent a lot of time noticing little details about this and after a few games of doing everything different and I mean everything different on each play through my gobble gum machine is becoming more and more detailed.

SORRY for the poor camera quality a android camera... but I'm sure u guys can make out the dots. I believe they get bigger too until they turn gold. I have 2 gold ones on the bottom left just above the purple. apparently I can only add 2.0mb for the picture but If u guys would like to see what I was talking about in The Giant about seeing my MR6 Turning blue just go to the the top of the stairs and look at the 2nd hexagon in the middle (the lettering should be green)1495975345679-732675961.jpg

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