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An end of this beautiful journey

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A bit more than a year ago, I discovered this site by searching theories about TranZit and Bus Route B. Soon, I became interested in the entire storyline, and I read some theories in the Asylum. I confess that I used the wrong methods to become acquainted with the story, namely Youtube and the CoD wiki. As I was getting more familiar with the big picture of the main story, I became interested in some complicated parts of the story, like the Aether, Agartha, Vrill Ya, Element 115, Ancient Evils, HAARP, conspiracies, Multidimensions and Multiverses. Frankly, it was not the story itself, but these mysterious side-elements that made me really interested in the story behind Zombies. I was welcomed very kindly on this site, and was introduced to some people that I would like to call comrades, even while I never saw or spoke to them directly. It is the community, and not the story that made me stay on this site.


Things have changed. And while the community is just as kind as it was in the days I joined, it is the story that changed in such way that makes me leave this place. Yes, I am going to leave this wonderful site. It is because of reasons....I cannot explain. I hope my addition to this community was positive, and that some of my theories hold a certain legacy here. I would like to thank every single person here, for everything. But before I delete my account for all eternity, there is one thing I still have to say.





You feel it coming....







So predictable.....









HAPPY APRIL FOOLS DAY, TODAY! Or don't you say "Happy" in front of April Fools Day? I do not know English common uses of this word. After @RadZakpak's "story" I felt like I had to do something as well. I ain't gonna leave this community, even if you wish I would. As an old Dutch proverb says: "Bad weed does not perish". That translations looks awfull in English. But I'm pretty sure @Lenne and @Slade will get it. So bye bye, zombie slaying comrades, and have a nice day. And be careful today.

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