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Custom Map Idea

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My idea for a Custom Map is called Gebäude, which means Building in German. The map would be about you trying to escape and destroy the building you are in. If you want to read this, please keep these things in mind.


1. I have never made a Custom Zombies Map. I don't even have a PC. I just love zombies.


2. I have been working on this for over a year. I have made many changes and it may be a little messy. I apologize in advance.


3. Obviously, most of this might not be possible, so if i ever could make this, i would tone it down.


4. I have spent a long time thinking about this map, so feel free to give your input, but please don't hate on me too much. I have incredibly low self esteem.


5. This is an incredibly long list.


6. I purposely made a lot of perks. I thought it would be interesting.





Austria, December 10, 1939.


Juggernog 2500

Quick Revive 1500

Revive Soda 500

Double Tap Root Beer 2000

Rapid Fire Root Beer 2000

Speed Cola 3000

Barricade Bourbon 500

Mule Kick 4000

Stamin-Up 2500

Banana Colada 4000

Bombstoppers 1500

PhD Slider 1500

Deadshot Daiquiri 500

Tombstone 2000

Who's Who 2000

Electric Cherry 2000

Vulture Aid 3000

Widow's Wine 4000

Temporal Gift 2000

Unbearable 2500

Sword Flay 2000

Quick Draw Cider 2000

Arsenal Accelerator 3000

Kangaroo 1000

Magic Elixir 2000

Downers Delight 2500

Adrenaline 3500

Geno-Cider 2000

Mechanic 3000

Marksman Margarita 1500

Explosive Elixir 2000

Candolier 2500

Gum Addiction 5000

Lucky Crit 2000

Projectile Vomiting 100

Buyers Beware 1000

Gum-Flavored Cola 2000

Incendiary Ammo 2000

Box Brew 1500

Red Head Redemption 4000

Stimpak 4000

Double Dew 5000

Trapeze Artist 2000

Dexterity 1500

Headhunter 2000

Recoil Rum 1500

Magic Bribe 3000

Stalker Soda 1000

Glacial Genocide 2000

Low Rider 1500

Porter Punch 3500

Pack-a-Punch 5000

Pack-an-Explosion 2000


Juggernog: Take 6 hits

Quick Revive: Revive people faster

Revive Soda: Revive yourself (4)

Double Tap Root Beer: Shoot 2 bullets. Useless on FA Guns.

Rapid Fire Root Beer: Shoot Faster. Useless on SA Guns.

Speed Cola: Reload and use Items more quickly

Barricade Bourbon: Rebuild barricades faster and for 50 points

Mule Kick: 3 Guns, 6 Grenades

Stamin-up: Sprint/Slide Faster. Can Fire while sprinting

Banana Colada: Sliding creates mini-explosions and leaves slippery trail, similar to sliquifier. Can kill crawlers, gibbed zombies, and Mini-Bosses.

Bombstoppers: No Explosive Damage. Grenades and Equipment don't affect you.

PhD Slider: Create a Nuke Effect when you slide and release two grenades. Stacks with Banana Colada and must recharge after use for 7 seconds.

Deadshot Daiquiri: Auto-Aim at head

Tombstone: Bleeds out automatically, skipping Self-Revive, and loses all items. Gains them back if they collect their tombstone at the start of the next round. Replaced with Who's Who in Single-Player.

Who's Who: If you have Revive, this will not do anything until you lose revive. Will keep Who's Who once revived. Once you have no revive, it will spawn in a duplicate that must either revive you or try to gain back all your stuff. Replaced with Tombstone in Multi-Player

Electric Cherry: Reloading and going down stuns and maims enemies

Vulture Aid: See markers through walls. Collect ammo and money.

Widow's Wine: Grenades become semtex. Hits release webs. Knifing slows down zombies.

Temporal Gift: Drops last longer and stay in effect longer

Unbearable: No Teddy Bear in MB or WF.

Sword Flay: Melee does 5x more damage (1 knife until round 5 with Combat Knife) and you melee faster

Quick Draw Cider: Walk faster while aiming. Raise and lower weapon faster. Switch weapons faster.

Arsenal Accelerator: Special Weapons charge faster.

Kangaroo: Anti-gravity room lasts longer and receive no fall damage

Magic Elixir: Magic spawns more frequently, unlocks WM, unlocks new magics*

Downers Delight: Longer bleed-out time (Longer Tombstone also), Can use primary in Last-Stand, Gain points in Last-Stand, Quicker Self-Revive.

Adrenaline: When you have one hit remaining, you move 15% Faster, 1 knife kills, Reload 40%, Do 10% more damage, and slows zombies 10%, But it has to recharge for one round after use.

Geno-Cider: Your Special Weapons and Re-Pack Upgrades do more damage.

Mechanic: Heals Shield and Buildables over time. Gain more Equipment

Marksman Margarita: Increase Range and BCPU

Explosive Elixir: Replace your Tactical Slot or your Lethal Slot with the opposite type of grenade. When you die, it reverts the replaced grenade to the starter grenade.

Candolier: Gain more magazines for all guns

Gum Addiction: Gobblegums cost 500 twice, 1500 three times, and 4000 four times, then its 8500

for the remainder of the round.

Lucky Crit: Better chance of activating the re-packed ability

Projectile Vomiting: Zombies killed with explosives or traps will vomit uncontrollably and then fling into the air at the end of the round.

Buyers Beware: Gain the ability to return unwanted perks and wall weapons for half the money back.

Gum-Flavored Cola: Can hold up to 3 Gobblegums at once. Switch between them with Left D-Pad.

Incendiary Ammo: Do 1.5 damage to all bosses and double damage to all mini-bosses.

Box Brew: all Non-EE or buildables weapons are in the mystery box.

Red Head Redemption: Headshots sometimes create a Firework Effect.

Stimpak: Regen health faster.

Double Dew. All perks, transports, doors, weapons, scorestreaks, and civil protectors cost half as much. GB, MB, WF, WM, PAP, and PAE cost the same.

Trapeze Artist. Traps earn 30 points for every zombie killed.

Dexterity: Reload faster when the mag is empty and gain extended mags on most guns.

Headhunter: Headshots add the bullet back to the mag.

Recoil Rum: Adds a foregrip on most guns.

Magic Bribe: If you don't collect a dropped magic, it will spawn less commonly (does not stack).

Stalker Soda: Move faster when crouched.

Glacial Genocide: Damage with guns will create a small AOE that slows zombies. The length of time that enemies are slowed depends are their location relative to the point of origin. The AOE size also depends on the type of gun. ARs and SMGs will have a small AOE, while snipers, shotguns, and launchers have a big AOE.

Low Rider: Sliding will lower your recoil, spread, range drop-off, and slightly increase damage.

Porter Punch: Pulls drops to you if they are close enough. Will not pull Nukes.

Pack-a-Punch: Upgrades current weapon.

Pack-a-Explosive: Upgrades Grenade or Equipment thrown into it.


*Walking Dead, Zombie Blood, Overdrive, Glitch, Kinetic Armour, Energy Burst (Heat Wave), Slow Motion, Blood Money, Perk Bottle (WM only), Bonfire Sale (WM only)


51 perks

2 Upgrades



Blast Furnace

Thunder Wall

Dead Wire

Void Portal

Spider Trap



Mystery Box (950) (10)

Wunderfizz (1500) (100 [bF])

Streak Req. (Free)

Gobblegum (500) (10)

Wundermage (750) (150)

Grenade Brigade (750) (150)

Pack-A-Punch (5000) (1000 [bF])

Pack-An-Explosion (2000) (300 [bF])




Max Ammo

Double Points

Perk Bottle


Bonfire Sale





Blood Money


Streak Requisition:

1000: Civil Protection Drone MK1

1250: Magic Package (3 magics)

1500: Zombie Locator

1750: Freed Parasite

2500: Keeper Guardian

2500: Dragon Strikes

2750: Dragon Fury

4000: Apothicon Defender

4500: Civil Protector MK3

5000: Dragon Hellfire

5250: Maxis Drone

6000: Monarch Dragon

6500: Radioactive Pulser

6500: Parasite Defenders


Restricted Gobblegums:

Lucky Crit

Arsenal Accelerator

Sword Flay

Danger Closest

Projectile Vomiting

Newtonian Negation

Firing On All Cylinders


Temporal Gift



Weapons (MB, Wall, Start, EE)

VMP. The Impaler

P90. Lethal Injector

AK74u. AK74-FU2

Razorback. Gullinbursti

CBJ-MS. Decapitator.

Karma-45. Mushroom

PPSH. The Grim Reaper

MP-40. Afterburner

Galil-AR45. Lamentation 2.0

Bootlegger. Ein Sten

XR-2. Murder by Death

AK-47. Reznov's Martyrdom

HVK-30. High Velocity Kicker

ACR. Arsenal of Collective Revenge

Carbine Rifle (Wall). Zombie Tips

SCAR-L. Agarthian Reaper

MSBS. MSBullShit

Peacekeeper 2.0. Writ of Shamash

M14. Mnesia

FFAR. Fformless Ffearr

205 Brecci. Stellar Screech

Trench Gun. Gut Shot

Blunderbuss. 115-WTF

M1014. Reanimated Annihilator

FP6. Boomstick

Dingo. Dire Wolf

R70 Ajax. R115 Assassin


Ameli. Ravager

Intervention. The Captain Price

RSA Interdiction. RSA Immolation

Maverick (SR). Maverick (AR)

PO-6. Post Office 666

Lynx. Jaguar

Mauser (Start). Boomhilda

Kendall 45 (Start 2). Baby Breath

M1911 (Start 3). Mustang and Sally

Atlas 45 (Start 4). Icarus 4115

MPSA-443 Grach. MPFA-582 Grinch

Raging Bull. Furious Dragon.

Marshal 16 Dual. Perun and Veles

Makarov (Wall). Vladimir

L4 Siege. "L"

Kastet. Nadeshot

XM-61. Trash

RPG. Trash Extra

Stinger (EE). Sabre

Combat Knife (Start) (1) (5)

Path of Sorrows (EE) (14) (35)

Malice (Wall Only) (19) (40)

Mace (Wall Only (19) (40)

Nightbreaker (Wall Only) (19) (40)

Enforcer (Wall Only) (19) (40)

Bowie Knife (Wall Only) (10) (25)

Dragon Claw (EE) (45) (115)

Crossbow Explosive Tip. Awful Lawton

Crossbow Infectious Tip (EE). Awful Jonah

Thundergun. Zeus Cannon

Alien Blaster (Build). Shredder

Ray Gun Mk 2. Porter's MK2 Ray Gun

Poison Dart Slinger. Venom Slug Launcher

RSL-G5200*. Killer Keemstar


*Remote Spike Launcher-Groph 5200


Grenade Brigade. (Start, Wall, Grenade Brigade, Mystery Box)

Primary Grenades:

Fragmentation Grenades. Clusters

Nova 6. Quasar 12

Molotov Cocktail. Thermites

Semtex. Nitro-Cells

Widow-Nades. (Unupgradable)

Tomahawk. Hell's Retriever

C4. Plastic Explosives

Secondary Grenades:

Monkey Bombs. Gorilla Bombs

Shock Charges. Electric Spikes

Flashbang. 9-Bangs

Stun Grenades. Concussion Grenades

Cryo Mines. Freeze Grenades

Smoke Bombs. Electric Smoke

Lil Arnies. Lil Squids Boys

Dome Shield. Invincible Shield


Trip Mines. Bouncing Bettys

Claymores. Boom-Machines

Thermobaric. The Kill Zone

Tactical Transportation Inserter. Tac In

Dragon Strike. Demon Strike

Bear Trap. Zombie Trap



Electric Trap. 21st floor.

Sniper Trap. Town Square.

Flame Trap. 6th floor.

Suicide Trap. Roof.

Chain Trap. 15th Floor.

Acid Sprinklers. Lab.


R1-X: Zombies

R7-X: Kevlar Zombies (Common)

R17-X: Spitters (Rare)

R6, 12, 18-X: Hellhounds (Uncommon)

R18-X: Parasites (Uncommon)

R12, 18-X: Keepers (Uncommon)

R22-X: Furies (Rare)

R10, 20, 30, ect: Brutus

R16, 26, 36, ect: Margwa

Laboratory: Nova Crawlers (Uncommon)

13th Floor: Spiders (Very Rare)

Town Square: Russian Manglers (Uncommon)

Field: Napalm, Electric, Fire, Nova Zombies (Common)




Civil Protector

AA Gun

Scuba Tank



Alien Blaster


Soul Jar


Zombie Shield:

Jaw: 3rd Floor.

Head: 6th Floor.

Body: 9th Floor


Civil Protecter:

Fuse: Broken Plane

Fuse: Top Floor

Fuse: 8th Floor


AA Gun Parts:

Shell: 12th Floor Balcony

Gear: Shoot UAV from Balcony with a gun to make it drop the gear on the top floor

Wheel: Destroy the Motorcycle rammed into the building on the second floor to make it drop the wheel.


Scuba Tank

Tanks: 15th Story Bathroom

Mouthpiece: 19th Story

Nozzle: 21st Story


Ragnoraks-DG 4

Handle: Brutus Drop

Spike: Use the Electric trap on the 21st floor, then use the Jump Pad to obtain the piece

Body: Go to the 7th floor, Collect the wolf skull, go to the top floor, follow the wolf down to the 19th floor, wait for him to howl, collect souls at the dig site (13), wait for him to dig it up, and collect the part.


Zhreefend Aldalha (Ragnorak DG5 JZ)

115 Canister: Use the Monarch Dragon, and then shoot the dragon with an explosive. He will eject a canister from his mouth and it will land on the 13th floor.

Apothicon Blood: Collect a bucket from the Laboratory. Kill a Margwa. The Margwa will drop blood. Kill 15 Keepers. The 15th Keeper will drop blood. Kill 10 Parasites. The 10th parasite will drop the last blood drop you needed. Your bucket will appear filled. Pour the bucket into a machine in the lab and out will drop a of blood vial.

Lightning Orb: Collect in MB, WM, WF, or GB. You will get your money back after you collect it. It will also be easier than getting a regular item. Then place at sacrificial altar on the 15th floor and charge. Then escort it to the Build Location for the Ragnoroks (without getting too many hits, or it will teleport back). Then the orb will fly into the air. Wait 2-3 round for it to drop from a zombie and collect it.

Elemental Effect: You can build the Ragnoraks, but you cannot equip them yet. If you try, it will say you must select an elemental effect. To do this, buy one of the Melee weapons (not bowie knife) and melee the buildable station. This will give it either the Wolf, Void, Fire, or Lightning effect.


Alien Blaster

Power Core: Kill a Russian Mangler

Fusion Cell: Survive one full round in the field without going down or leaving past round 12, then collect on the table on floor 14

Shell: Collect as a drop from a nova zombie.


Soul Jar

Soul: Kill 200 Zombies

Soul: Kill 3 Bosses

Soul: Kill 20 Mini-Bosses

Jar: Shoot off of the top of the statue on the roof


The whole map is a 22-Story Building. You start on the 1st floor. Each floor up to 20 has two perk-a-colas and a wall weapon. The 21st floor has 2 perks and the 22nd has 3 perks. The Lab and Town Square will both have 2 perks. One perk is also at the field, found after you complete the first Easter Egg step. Each floor has a different design, but are all the same size. Most have balconies or outside areas, providing different environments and scenery. The only way up is by using the stairwell. When you get to the top, you can zipline to the 7th floor, take the elevator down to the 1st floor, Walk down the stairs, jump down to the 18th floor, or slide down to the 13th floor. The whole map is fairly big, and each floor is about the size of the Dragon Command Centre from Gorod Krovi. Each floor is a basic rectangle shape confined by design to shape each floor differently. The first 5 floors are entire shapes, representing a slightly broken down building, but on the sixth floor, a giant hole can be found in the floor. A large meteorite sits in the outline of the hole. All of the floors above it have increasingly large holes in the floor. The building does increase in size with each floor, so you still have room to run around. Broken Metal Fence prevents you from accessing this area. The whole point of this is to make the area open. This map is not CQC. The lighting is very dim in some parts and bright in others. Lots of windows and high ceilings make the place feel open. Certain floors feel open and others feel cramped and uncomfortable. The top floor has an above-ground pool that branches off of the building. You can use the scuba kit to swim down the drain and into the basement. The basement (or Laboratory) is a large area (the size of the Town from Green Run) that contains a bucket for the Ragnoraks Upgrade. This is also the location of the PAE. Nova Crawlers and Nova Zombies will also spawn down here. They will stop spawning once you leave, but they will follow you out. You get out of this place by opening a bunker door at the far end of the Lab. This will open up a path to spawn. There is also the Town Square. This is an area about the size of the Purple Water Room in Zetsubou. You access this place by going through the teleporter in the Lab. Once teleported here, Russian Manglers will spawn uncommonly with zombies. About 2 will spawn a round. You can access Streak Requisitions and Offering Tables from here. To leave, you can teleport back to the Lab, or you can take the Jump Pad to the Top Floor.


The next-to-top floor is an anti-gravity room.


Once Pack-A-Punch is unlocked (by shooting down the plane), then it will open up the debris in spawn, and you can go through the shot-down plane and slide down into a large field. Rounds stop once you enter the Field, similar to the No Man's Land. Napalm, Fire, Electric, Nova, and Regular Zombies will be in the field. No drops will occur and no Vultures will be aiding you. Scorestreaks will come into the Field. The Field is fairly large, similar to the size of the theatre from Kino, but obviously not similar in the design context. The only way to exit this area is to go on the Wundersphere, which teleports you to the Top Floor.


A series of Treasure Chests will be around the map. You must charge these Treasure Chests with 20-30 souls. One is one the 8th Floor. One is at the Roof. One is at the Lab. One is at the Town Square. Filling up the first one will give you a gun. The second will give you a max ammo. The third will give you a Paped Gun. The fourth will give you a free perk. Once you complete them all, a fifth box will be revealed. The location is on a random floor, and you must charge it with 30 zombies, a margwa, brutus, 10 hellhounds, 10 parasites, and 10 furies. Once completed, you will be given a key. This key opens up a locked gate in the town. Once open, you can go into a large room, similar to the Boxing Gym's size. You cannot use it yet, but there will be a small ritual table in the middle. You need to get the Soul Jar to use the table. Once you have the Jar, hold X to place it on the table and start. You will have a Shadows-type of ritual that will have zombies and keepers. Brutus will spawn a few seconds after it is complete. After killing Brutus, he will drop a gateworm. You must repeat the ritual. This time, a Mangler will spawn. It will drop another gateworm. Repeat and a Margwa will spawn. It will drop a Gateworm. Do the final ritual and a Panzer will spawn. He will drop the Dragon Claw.


To get the Path of Sorrows, You must kill Brutus only with Grenades, Melee, or Equipment. You can collect it at a Collection Table.


To get the Stinger, You must Shoot down all 7 Wraiths that fly above the building with the RPG, XM-67, or L4 SIEGE. You must also have unlocked the Hornet Helmet. The Stinger has 100 shots and is a very powerful Rocket Launcher. The Sabre has 200 shots, and it can kill zombies just by aiming down the sights and locking on (which only takes 1/10 of a second). If you see it, it will kill it. Paired with Bombstoppers, It is an essential. You can collect it at a Collection Table.


To get the Crossbow Infectious Tip, you must get every perk in the game, then collect it at the offering table in the Town. The infectious tip will hit enemies, then explode into a gas that turns enemies into Turned Zombies. When Pack-A-Punched, the gas can revive teammates.


When you enter the Field for the first time, a margwa will spawn. When you call in a streak requisition for the first time, a margwa will spawn.


You will gain a free perk for every 150 kills. If you complete a Hellhound Round without missing a single shot, you will gain a max ammo and a free random perk.


Helmets (Collected on Floor 13)

Margwa: Kill all Elemental Margwas

Upgraded Juggernog


Hornet: Call in 5 Scorestreaks

Upgraded Speed Cola


Warden: Kill Brutus without taking Damage from any zombies, hounds, parasites, margwas, furies, or him.

Upgraded Electric Cherry


Police: Civil Protector kills 40 zombies

Upgraded Stamin-Up


Sniper: Get 150 Headshots and shoot the helmet off of Brutus.

Upgraded Deadshot and Widow's Wine


God: Kill all bosses with the Up Rags and collect 2 other helmets.

Upgraded Stamina, Jugg, Speed, Deadshot, and Electric Cherry.



The Building: This makes up all 20 floors. This is the most basic area.


The Anti-Gravity Room: This is the 21st floor. The anti-gravity is activated by flipping 6 IW power switches on the floor.


The Roof: This is the 22nd and largest floor.


The 13th Floor: This has spiders. It is also where you collect the Helmets.


The Lab: This is a basement area for the building. This is also where you can upgrade your equipments. The hive is located down here. Do not get near the hive. It will release Nova Gas if you don't have a mask. If you do, it will harm you.


The Town Square: This is where you call in Streak Reqs.


The Field: This is where you upgrade your weapons.


The Runway: This is a very small area where you can get on the plane.


The Plane: This is a small area that you are only on for one round.


The Bunker: This is a medium sized area where you launch the missiles.


The Parking Lot: The Large Area where you have the boss fight. A circular lot with cars littered around.


The Easter Egg:

Your objective is to destroy the building you are in. These are the steps.

Step 1: Disable the Lockdown

Step 2: Get the Pylon

Step 3: Charge the Panels

Step 4: Reroute the Aircraft

Step 5: Prepare the Plane

Step 6: Ward off the Apothicon

Step 7: Escape the Building

Step 8: Land the Plane

Step 9: Fight the Boss

Step 10: Call the Missiles


To signify that you are going to do the easter egg, you must hold X on the terminal marked "Easter Egg". After Round 5, you cannot access this terminal. Once you do, the first step will start. When you reach Round 5, the zombies eyes will turn from Orange to Blue. It will turn red at Round 20. During this period where the eyes are blue, you must collect 4 Security Codes. When you pick up the security code, it will be a certain color: Red, Blue, Purple, Orange, Yellow, Green, White, or Gray. The first security code is found by accessing all 3 radios and collecting on the 3rd floor. The radios are on the 1st floor, 20th floor, and the Town Square. The second will be from accessing a terminal in the lab and shooting down the plane from MOTD that will appear; After this, it will be in front of the terminal. The 3rd will be from accessing a metal door in the Town Square. This will make a knocking sound. You must hear the knocking sound and keep track of all the knocks. Count the Knocks and go to the floor that coordinates with the number. Go to that floor and kill 25 zombies without leaving that floor. You will hear an audio cue and then you must interact with the door again. This will cause the code to drop from the sky right in front of the door. The final security code will be dropped by a Spitter Zombie. Now that you have all the codes, you can pass round 20. Once you have all the codes, go to the field and access the computer. This will open up a small area with 8 tiles. If you have 4 players, the player with the lowest points will step on the tile that coordinates with the color of the first code. Do this for all tiles. The player with the highest score will go last. If you have 3 or less players, then you dont have to stay on the tiles, you just have to hold them down. It also doesnt matter who steps on which tile. The tiles are Der Eisendrache Tiles with different colors. Once this is done, a margwa will spawn to show you've done it right. Next up, you must summon the pylon. To do this, you have to get one Tac Insert for each player. Upgrade them and put these Inserts into the middle of the field. If you do it right, the Red Beams will turn Blue. Next up, you must kill 20 zombies for each Insert. Once done, they will all turn Purple. As long as you keep them, they will be purple. If you are doing this with 2 people, each person must get 40 kills. If you have 3 people, then each person will get 30 kills except for one who will get 20. If you are doing this solo, you must get 80 kills. Good luck. Now that the Inserts are placed, you must go to the town square and call in a dragon fury within the same round. For this step to work, all players must be out of the field. If done right, this will make a Pylon appear. You can change the round now. Now call in a Radioactive Pulser and put it under the pylon and interact with a terminal in the Lab. After interacting with the terminal, the Pulser will change colors. You must now get kills with the Upgraded Rags by the pylon to charge the Electric panels by the Pylon. You can only charge the Pylon when you have a Radioactive Pulser, so you can either do this step very fast or split the process in between multiple Pulsers. Once this is done, the Pylon will be surging with electricity. Next up, you must call the aircraft to the runway. You must build the Walkie-Talkies to call the plane in. The first part is in the A-G room, on a ledge. The second part is accessible by shooting 3 skulls around the map. The first is on the first floor, by Revive Soda. The second is on the outside of the building that you can only shoot by going on the 14th floor balcony. The 3rd is on the fence near the Wundersphere at the Town Square. The piece will spawn in the field. The final piece can only be found by holding X on an indentation in the wall while using the elevator. Build this at any buildable station and equip it. It will take your Equipment slot. You will regain your spot once you lose the Walkie Talkie. On the 3rd and 4th floor, there will be 10 posters scattered around. They will all have a number on them that has a red circle around it. These posters all coordinate to these numbers. Go to the field, look at the runway, and see what the runway number is. Shoot the posters that correspond to the 5 numbers on the runway. Once done, use the walkie-talkie and your character will say the numbers. If you are correct, the plane will go on the runway in about 15 seconds. If you are wrong, you will have to redo the step in a round. Now you must fill up the gas tank. To do this, you have to hold X on the Gas Tank by the plane. Then, a blue square, slightly bigger than the Dragon Strike square, will appear. One player must go in and stay in this square. It will go in a circle around the field. Also, Brutus will spawn. You must kill brutus and stay in the circle without dying for 30 seconds. The same will happen on the roof with a Russian Mangler, Then the Anti-Gravity room with a Margwa. The finally in the field with 2 Russian Manglers and spiders. The circle size will increase with every turn. After that step, you must build the Soul Jar. After building the Soul Jar, A Skull Altar will spawn in the 13th floor. You must place the Jar in the Altar and survive for 60 Seconds without letting too many zombies hit it. After that, collect the Soul Jar and hold X on the AA gun to make the souls fly around the gun. This will cause the AA gun to Auto-Aim at the Large Apothicon flying around the map. It will shoot it down and make it crash into the town square. You may no longer access the Town Square for the remainder of the game. You will no longer have the Soul Jar. Once this is done, the small runway area will be accessible. You will be able to board a plane. All players have to hold X on the door and you will teleport there once the round ends. You will have to survive one round on the plane before you can open the cockpit and hold X on the control panels to land the plane. The plane will land, killing all the zombies on the plane. You will have a max ammo spawn on the plane and the door will be ready to be opened. Once opened, all players can go down the stairs and stand in a large Parking lot. After 30 Seconds, a groph pod will come down. No zombies will spawn or attack it. It will open after a while and a Goliath (from AW) will go out. It will blow up and you will have to kill the Goliath. The Goliath has a machine gun, missiles that he can only fire when he is still, a shield that makes him unable to shoot while he has it, and a strong melee attack. After you kill him, zombies will spawn in and 2 Goliaths will spawn. You must kill them all. After this, a max ammo will spawn, along with more zombies, manglers, parasites, and a large MAD (Mechanized Armour Drone). The MAD has Missiles, a Machine Gun, a power-ram, a stomp melee attack, a sweeping laser attack, predator missiles, and a IED Launcher. He is incredibly powerful and requires powerful weaponry. To defeat him, you have to destroy all 3 of his cores. His cores are exposed when he cools down. His cooldown period occurs after a short time. His weak spot is his sides of his chest. This is his heat exhaust port. Shooting this will not damage him, it will only make him need to cool down sooner. When he does cool down, he will lean down and three large cores will pop out and begin steaming. It is highly suggested to focus fire on just one. Once you destroy one of his cores or he finishes cooling, he will return to his attack formation. The sooner you destroy one of his cores, the more time is taken off his attack period. After you destroy one of his cores, Phase 2 will begin. In Phase 2, Hellhounds will spawn uncommonly and he will gain his Predator missile ability. You must repeat the attack portion. After you destroy another core, he will start Phase 3, where he gets IEDs and Spiders and Brutuses will spawn. Repeat. After you destroy his final core, 5 Manglers, 3 Brutuses, 2 Margwas, a Panzer, 6 Hellhounds, 10 Keepers, 6 Spiders, 6 Parasites, 6 Furies, 30 Zombies, 20 Kevlar Zombies, 10 Spitters, 15 Nova Crawlers, and 5 Napalm Zombies will all spawn. If you somehow survive this onslaught, then you will be able to put plastic explosives on the MAD's body. Once you back up, you can detonate it. You will then get access to the bunker. Once in the bunker, you can hold X on a console to destroy the building with a barrage of missiles. You will now unlock the "Perkaholic" perma-perk. You also can now get a free perkaholic anytime you play this map by accessing the Perk Console in spawn. You then can continue playing in the Bunker or you can hold X on one of the boats in the dock to leave the game and win.



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