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How to unlock the Super Easter Egg

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Here's what you do. You open the Bunker in Nuketown. That will take you up the Kino Ladder. That will take you to bus route B which will take the Mob of the Dead plane to a different location. What's this location? The Paris zombies map. In this map, you can upgrade the apothicon servant. After you upgrade it, do you know what you will find? The Flasks and The Plants from Gorod Krovi. These items will take you in Sal Deluca's Laundry Room. Once there, you will find the Chain Saw in Nero's Loft. Interact with the saw and it will cause you to go to another floor of five which will blow up the Ascension Rocket which will give you the Ray Gun MK 4 and make the Upgraded Monkey Bombs blow up the moon which will summon the Vril Generator and MPD with the Golden Rod and Brutus' Helmet which explains Chang's Laundry Ticket and Al's Shop. It all fits swimmingly...



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The bait, much like my ex-wife, appeared good then became disappointing.

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