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Dlc 5

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By the way, I spell rumours with a u. After the o, before the r. That's a nice little easter egg. In fact, it's everything.


DLC 5 though is nothing more than a rumor. Some people have begun file digging for any unused asset that was never included in-game, nor has its correct connection to the present maps in Black Ops 3. Unfortunately, nothing is adding up and there is on concrete evidence other than false claims about "secret intel from 3arc themselves".

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You forgot an "U" between the O and R, friend ;) No serious, forget DLC 5. Revelations is the End. Focus on the mysteries of BO3 instead.

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I think DLC 5 is not something impossible but I also believe that if they will give us DLC 5 it will be 

in a different way than how we expect. It could be next yr (2018) with the new call of duty by treyarch.


If they will put in the new game new zombie's maps or remastered who will still be linked to the

main story here we have our DLC 5. 


I was thinking about possible dates for the release of this DLC 5, right now it would not make any sense

bcs we still have the comic book going so I thought maybe when comic book is over

but this will be very close the release of the new Call of Duty ww2 and since is a delicate moment I think

they will leave space and focus to the new CoD. If we will have a DLC 5 this will be after

CoD ww2 right when treyarch will drop the new game. 



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12 hours ago, Smok3y said:

With BO2 now BC that is effectively the final nail in the DLC 5 coffin as far as I'm concerned.


always hope I'm wrong! 


I agree completely. I'd love to see a new map but I'm more than content having all maps on one system 

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On 15/03/2017 at 10:32 PM, anonymous said:

No serious, forget DLC 5. Revelations is the End.


On 12/04/2017 at 1:21 PM, Smok3y said:

With BO2 now BC that is effectively the final nail in the DLC 5 coffin as far as I'm concerned.



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