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The Meh

The Preface to Citadel.

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Hello, CoDz... right, I'd rather not keep things too stalled here, so let's just get into this.


As you can guess by the title of this post, this is about the time I'm finally posting Citadel.

It's been a long time since work began, but it's finally done... and holy shit I thought I'd never get to say those words xD


It's hard for me to be too positive of it, since I KNOW I willingly stalled this. Working during the tenure of Black Ops III was hard, and watching as they release maps with aspects I have within Citadel (to which I already made prior, of course) was even harder. I honestly lost track of the time I used with Citadel, and I kinda feel bad for that.


But, hey. I got over that to bring you this. So, that's a plus.


Anyways, to make long stories short, Citadel is the third map in a map concept series (The Unity Series) I've worked on for a long time now. It's basically been my main project since I joined the site, having released the first map for it ("Unity") about June/July of 2014. Citadel, even with my incessant stalling, feels like it has been the map that had the most work embedded into it. Henceforth, I do feel strongly that Citadel is the biggest, and perhaps the best map, of the series. I am perhaps the most proud of this map, of all the maps I have written to date. In applying what I've learned in writing and creative drive, I personally believe I have made it the best I can be, and I truly hope that any and all that read it enjoy it for what it is.


As for the future... I've got other interesting ideas in the workings, but... well... "spoilers".


Anyways, for the sake of your convenience, it's best I mention that Citadel basically leaves where Dunes (previous map) leaves off, and the story is rather involved. Because of this, if you'd like to read up for that map, I'll link Dunes [here]. If you want to catch up on the entire series as a whole, I'll link the Series post [here].


I'm more than happy to finally be able to release this, so... yeah. Read it [here], and do tell me what you thought about it.


Per aspera ad astra,
-The Meh

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Note: I will be posting Citadel most likely tomorrow, if not before Sunday/Monday. I'd be deeply disappointed in myself otherwise, really. So, yeah.


I'd say "prepare to receive" but I almost feel I'd get lamented by any PTG member remnants still here... for obvious reasons. But seriously, it's coming.

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Whoa, looking at those links it is clear that you have worked on it for a long time. Now you've made me curious, can't wait to see it

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16 hours ago, anonymous said:

Whoa, looking at those links it is clear that you have worked on it for a long time. Now you've made me curious, can't wait to see it


I'm actually really glad to hear that.


Best I tell you that a few minutes prior to this reply, I posted Citadel. So give it a read here if you want! 

(best you read through the actual post because it looks cooler that way)


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