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The Meh

Zombiefication Rank Overhaul? [Forum Idea Thread]

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Zombiefication... a grand staple of CoDz, yeah? Kind of defines the work you want to put in here, wanting to attempt to get to 10,000 posts (which, nobody has, shockingly enough), or at least attain one of the ranks that gives you a moving rank... but, it's a weird system, isn't it? It might just be me, but I think it needs a slight few tweaks. Nothing too ground-breaking, hopefully, but just general things that could help make the whole thing feel more smooth.


To start, I'm just gonna quickly list them out quick. [Note: I took this from the actual page, and the numbers alongside represent their particular post requirements, so... bear with me and it. BIGGER NOTE: It isn't aligning to the post, so I'm going to be forced to leave it where it is (as unfortunate as that is). Sorry, I'll fix it if I can!]:


Human (0) Icon
Zombie (25) Icon
Gas Zombie (75) Icon
Denizen (150) Icon
Space Monkey (300) Icon
Hellhound (500) Icon
Napalm Zombie (750) Icon
Ghost Lady (1000) Icon
"Him" (1500) Icon
Director (2000) Icon
Thief (2500) Icon
Panzer Soldat (3000) Icon
Agarthan Zombie   (3500) Icon
Astro Zombie (4000) Icon
Cerberus (4500) Icon
Takeo (5000) Icon
Nikolai (6000) Icon
Dempsey (7000) Icon
Richtofen (8000) Icon
Announcer 10000 Icon


Cool stuff, yeah? The numbers, though, they all seem weird, and that might just be me. I think it would be much more involved, for starters, if we had a few more roles introduced here, and added fixes alongside with the already-established ones. Generally, the aim here would be to make this fit more alongside Black Ops III and add some that I feel could have helped made this somewhat smoother.


So... let's get into that.


Survivor (5 posts// NEW): Kinda makes "Human" more of a non-sequitur, yeah? If I recall, new members become regular members after 5 posts. With that, it would be fair to make them their own new Zombiefication title. While I have not much of a clue what the photo would be (perhaps CDC from Nuketown Zombies trailer, or the SoE crew? Or even the CIA, to vary from the CDC of its previous rank...)


Parasite (50 posts// NEW): Always kinda thought going from 25 to 75 for this was odd. That might just be me. So... let's fill it with something relatively small in its place? Also fits the bill for making things here a bit more relative to Black Ops III, so... what works works, I suppose.


Gas Zombie - the only thing I feel is wrong here is that we call it "Gas Zombie". So... Nova Crawler, perhaps?


Insanity Elemental (100 posts// NEW): So, someone hits 100 posts. Yay, congrats, you should feel validated for it. Zombiefication doesn't exactly fit the bill of validation, though. So... make it validated with a cool-esque name and a cool rank for it.


Valkyrie (200 posts// NEW): Same to the 25-75 transition for this, I always considered 150-300 odd. So... perhaps the transition would smooth itself out with something like the Valkyries from Gorod Krovi.


Space Monkey - At best, with the ideal set-up being provided, I'd suggest that Space Monkey gets moved down to 250 posts.


Mangler (1250 posts// NEW): Honestly, a lot of these are meant to fit the bill as an updated list for the sake of Black Ops III. So, if you ask me? I'm running out of explanations for why. This, however, just kind of makes sense anyhow. If you think about it, the Mangler implies your integrity and strength (in purpose, of course) within the forums. So... yeah.


Thrasher (1750 posts// NEW): Not much explanation past the above, except the added possible implication that you're a worthwhile part to the forum, being rooted to it. Or, whatever cheesy analogy you want to insert there.


Margwa (5000 posts// NEW): Kind of meant to take the place of the one that's obviously already at 5000, and meant to push the numbers back to those that follow. Still also meant to fit the BOIII inclusion.


Takeo, Nikolai, Dempsey and Richtofen ranks - I'd believe this area would need the bigger portion of fixing and such, because of the ideas I've given and because of the inclusion of all of these BOIII ideas. With the Margwa inclusion, it further bolsters the number of posts necessary. Takeo would be at 6000, Nikolai would be at 7000, Dempsey would be at 8000, and Richtofen would be at 9000. The pictures for them would likely also receive its own BOIII update.


At the same time, with the whole inclusion of BOIII things (that I still somehow keep stating), I feel that it would be appropriate to insert these ranks between each character ranks:


Ancient Order of the Keepers (or just Keeper) (6500 posts// NEW)

The Apothicons (7500 posts// NEW)

The Shadowman (8500 posts// NEW)

Doctor Monty (9500 posts// NEW)


And, finally, Announcer. Nothing to change there, really.



With that, that's basically the end of my post. I understand if something like Zombiefication can look like such a small part of this forum, a tiny, tiny cog within its mechanisms. But, personally, I find that having something like it adds a certain level of validity for all that I do in being a part of this forum. Having the Zombiefication ranks in the background makes me feel like I'm a part of a grander design within the forums, even if I cannot donate and am not among the pantheon of Moderators and Administrators. A lot of the numbers are nearly unattainable now, but that's what being active here would be all about, I suppose...

Honestly, in whatever way I put it or describe it, it's pretty much made to be a mechanism for validity and self-fulfillment. For me, I find that to be a great part of CoDz altogether. So... for those who see this, I would appreciate any feedback on this.


Per aspera ad astra,

-The Meh





UPDATE [2/12/2018]: I've noticed quite a bit that the user ranks have indeed been updated. Thing is, I've no understanding of the new format. I can't say I've seen the new rankings posted anywhere. What's up with that?


Just asking for clarification. @InfestLithium or maybe @Lenne, I would imagine you guys know something?

Edited by The Meh

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For what it regards, I'm gonna make sure to mention @InfestLithium and @Lenne at the very least, so I know that some of the Mods and so see this post.

Helps me with the whole feedback thing.

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It's a lot of designing to do to be honest, and @Slade did more than half the work to be honest. Long process and some of the suggested ranks won't be added, but I can see ones like the Thrasher, Mangler, Margwa, etc etc being added. Not saying I'm blowing out a chunk but I'm using the creature evolution as an example. If I can knock out all of them, great.


But for this moment, I see myself adding about 7-8 of those ranks with adjustments. I approve all together though. :smiley:

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Why aren't we adding the once Slade made recently, Festo?

At the very least we could replace some BO II once or so.

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1 hour ago, Lenne said:

At the very least we could replace some BO II once or so.

You dont have to replace them. Maybe you can just add the BO3 ones between the already existing ones. I personally prefer the BO2 ones over BO3

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7 hours ago, Slade said:

I totally forgot about this, actually.

I redesigned them a few months ago. Its like a mix of BO1/BO2/BO3




















That looks really great, honestly. I was thinking that Dempsey/Nikolai/Takeo/Richtofen would still be GIFs, though I'm honestly certain they'd take a decent bit of effort to make anyways... so it's still really good either way.



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Updated the post. Wanted some clarification, if that's okay.

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Heyo, Meh.


I assume you want a list with the new pics and the requirements for getting a certain rank?


As you can see, Slade has posted the new ranks in this topic, but it looks like they aren't in order. As evident by you having the fury rank. I don't know if they are mixed up somehow and just have been awarded "randomly" so to speak.


I'll bring it forward. :)

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