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The Meh

Black Ops III, Fourteen Months Later... [RANT/REVIEW]

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I don't like Black Ops III.


"Woah, those are some really large words, man!" (says the uninformed, impressionable, yet desensitized community members that do exist)


Yeah, I know they are. But they're true.


Do you guys know why I don't like Black Ops III? I've plenty of reasons not to.


Like every single person that buys a game and begins to play it, I originally was hopeful. Black Ops III, like every CoD, looked like a really good game, one that could put Black Ops II to shame... which is a funny thought when you think about it, since Black Ops II was good because it was bad. Sorta. Anyways, it was the game that would really bring CoD back forward. The trailers for it were somewhat impressive at the beginning, but that's not news when you realize that probably the one thing CoD's really good at doing is making good and engaging trailers for their content, no matter the fallacy that it is. Hell, even Ghosts had good trailers! Notwithstanding to AW, either! Good trailers for Black Ops III is just par for the course, yeah?


Besides the point... I was originally very hopeful for Black Ops III. The game started out well, and there held a promise for something good. I started out liking Multiplayer then, I LOVED - and still kinda do - Shadows of Evil, and Campaign was okay, if not only slightly disappointing in some areas. Treyarch did somethng good at the time.


Then, at the cusp of DLC 1, things begin to show their darker side. This darker side would grow to affect each and every facet of the game, thoroughly to DLC 4 and further.


Originally, I only ever thought the bad part of the game fell to the addition of COD Points. It was entirely stupid, yes, and I feel that anybody wanting to waste money on them is a terrible asset to the community. Not that the guns they added became bad, since they were somewhat interesting in design... but paying for them is stupid. Paying for a chance to get them? Worse. Activision basically shoved their will straight to the face of Treyarch and forced them to do something they did not want to do. Not that they didn't bend the idea more to community favor, as, they did their best to make it work over time. But in the end, their addition of COD Points and Treyarch trying to fix what they were forced to do, basically broke both the system Supply Drops stood upon, and the weapons and such methods to get them effectively broke Multiplayer. Added, Multiplayer, over time, deteriorated to a myriad of issues. Plenty of them revolved around broken maps and broken and unbalanced gameplay. One weapon gets worse, another gets better. One weapon gets worse, well you might as well make the fucking Brecci the best shotgun that absolutely every stupid cuck uses now. It's a frustrating mess to play. Specialists, while interesting and sometimes intuitive in use, are as broken as everything else, and in the end become an annoyance to use and much worse to go against if the only use you have of it ends up being on one guy ("OMFG WHY U GRAVSPIKE ME ONLY"). That, with shoddy DLC map designs and generally frustrating movement-oriented gameplay system, killed Multiplayer for me, and perhaps for others.


But that's only Multiplayer, right? Surely the rest of the modes are forgivable... right?


Campaign's perhaps the only mode that, after the turn of the DLC Cycle, could even become relatively close to holding any form of forgiveness from me. I'm probably the only person that would ever tell you that the Campaign was okay. Of course, it fails in an aspect similar to Destiny, almost. The story is not easily understood unless you look into the easter eggs that are contained within the "journal" from Taylor that you can even denote the fact that you're dead after the second mission. The game does nothing to tell you that this happened within the actual story, and not knowing this makes the general story not exactly fail, but makes the story make no sense. Comparable to that of a damn acid trip... which is a funny analogy when they have that Jefferson Airplane song in the last mission. Of course, this doesn't mean that the Campaign's narrative is bad. Knowing that small piece of information makes the story plenty more better. But, it would have been better to know that information by the end of the game, or at least show a hint of that in it. Else than that single aspect, though, I can pass on saying much bad about Campaign. It's not a bad Campaign, but it is only really just disappointing. If you don't like it, that's entirely okay. For me, I only got bored of it over time. Not to mention Nightmares in this either, but I feel there isn't anything to be said for a mode that was going to fail anyways.


All that being said, that leaves Zombies. Oh, man. What can be said here... hrmm.


Well, I can tell you the obvious to start with:

-Der Eisendrache was probably the best map they had to offer with DLC.

-Zetsubou no Shima was a mess, and is still an overall disappointment.


That's the real obvious stuff, right? Everyone favors Der Eisendrache, and despises Zetsubou no Shima. Yeah.

Anyways... it's safe for me to say that I liked Zombies when it initially began in the release of Shadows of Evil with the game. I, at the time, was open to what Black Ops III was to offer up with Zombies, and I, for one, find that Shadows of Evil is as good of a map as Mob of the Dead was. Yes, I know those are really strong words for it, but I thoroughly believe this.


On the release of Der Eisendrache, I was still enthusiastic. Der Eisendrache, without a shadow of doubt, was perfect to me. Its gameplay aspects were engaging, the Bows and Dragons making the map both intuitive and interestng. The EE, albeit being a bit hackneyed and complicated, was a rewarding experience, and overall, I enjoyed the map, and believed that things to come would be good.

Then I realized that the game would follow the exact same narrative up until Gorod Krovi. That, at the time, I could forgive, but I knew it wasn't great.


Zetsubou no Shima releases, and whoo boy I only probably played it like 5 times.

Zetsubou no Shima was baaaaaaaaaad... very bad. Zetsubou's narrative is perhaps the only thing that saves it. Sure, it's repetition, but it's well-written for Takeo and for the map itself, even if everything leading up to that point was a mess. That being said, I feel part of the issue regarding Zetsubou's creation have to do with being a bit rushed. Even then, though, they should have had some time enough to fix the most game-breaking glitches, but didn't. Though, that's not a good argument when you realize that this is a constant to every. Single. Map. After it.


Literally, I can't make this up, especially when people had so many issues with game crashes with Revelations (among so many others) and so on with the Gorod Krovi lead-in sewer to the boss fight(s). Speaking of Gorod Krovi... it's interesting to consider the execution of the map.

Gorod Krovi isn't a bad map. I don't particularly like the map as I really should, but I do enjoy it. That sounds dumb, I know, but they're two different words, they mean different things. Gorod Krovi has a very interesting execution, what with entering the damn map with "Ace of Spades" and gaining a feeling like there's no fucks given. That simple atmosphere really makes that map feel good, and I like it for that.

That being said, Gorod Krovi was also the one map that made you realize that Treyarch was pandering to the goddamn YouTubers more than anything. When you think about it, everything those guys said basically happened. They wanted to PPSH for long enough, and they got it, albeit being a bit worse in comparison to the WaW predecessor. They wanted Dragons, and they got FUCKNG DRAGONS. The map was good with dragons, but you knew that they'd get what they want anyhow, because they asked. They mention all the souls being children, and they're fucking children in Revelations! It's infuriating, because you seem to understand that the Youtuber's words end up being law.


With that being in mind... how about Revelations?

Well, I've got personal annoyances for Revelations. I've plenty to say. For one, Revelations failed. It's obvious that Revelations was a disappointment. They go and pin their hopes on goddamn NOSTALGIA over a good map design. Sure, the idea of traversing areas of past maps is a fun idea, but you have to understand that it could have been done so much better. It's so annoying, because I wrote Unity to be a map similar in likes of it, and I wrote it TWO YEARS before they did. And it's almost insulting because of the fact that they absolutely fucking butchered it. The narrative, for what it rides upon, is horrible. The EE, for what THAT rides upon, fails to be good... not to mention the boss fight is the most anti-climactic of them within the game. I don't intend to sound overzealous, but I thoroughly believe that Revelations SHOULD have been what I created Unity to be. Blundell should take a tip from the guys in the back room of the community if he wants better narratives written, and better maps created. Because Revelations was the equivalent of an airplane crashing in the exact area where there was a train wreck. The only goddamn reason people can even like Revelations is because they knew the map years before it came out, and thusly it becomes the easiest goddamn map since Ascension and Buried... which, unfortunately, did not get to be within Revelations when they could have... which sucks. If you're gonna put all the maps in, and you can't fit all of them, the least you can do is make homage to some. If the Buried Mansion or the Ascension Rocket hovered in the distance, I'd have been happy. If the Dragon from Die Rise or the Clock from Der Riese hovered in the distance, I'd have been happy. If the Hanging Man or Romero's Spotlight were somewhere in the map, I'd have been happy. Hell, even the TranZit Bus or the Nuketown Zombies clock floating across the map would have made me happy. Because it would have told me that the whole of the story was converging into this universal recycle bin. Small details like THAT stuff would have meant the world to me and to the design for the map, and they failed to even consider their addition. I hate Revelations for that. I hate Revelations because it takes a really good concept and becomes too scared to even try to make it good, and make the atmosphere and design better than how it is. Blundell talks up a good story for Revelations and it falls apart. Revelations is perhaps the worst map in the game, actually. I'd gladly pass Zetsubou in this regard, because Zetsubou at least executed its design well. I hate Revelations, and I hate Black Ops III...




...but I can't be too mad. Black Ops III was a disappointment, and I have entirely established that in writing this. But I dare not let that deter any others from it. The game does have upsides, like Der Eisendrache and such. There is good to Black Ops III. I can say I hate it, like I have... but I'm knowing of the fact that there is a small portion of the game that I can still like. I'm not ignorant to this understanding. In general, though - and unfortunately so - the execution on each facet of Black Ops III fell short by the time the final DLC released, and I could feel that we were wanting Infinite Warfare by then. (Yeah, "want" and "Infinite Warfare" in the same sentence is still kinda weird, but meh.)


So, yeah. That's about all I have to say on the matter. How about you guys? If you liked BOIII, good on you for it. I don't want this opinionated and biased post to deter you. Play it, and see for yourself what it has, and forge your own opinion. Else than that, do post how you feel about it if you'd like to here, as I'd be glad to hear from others here.


Per aspera ad astra,

-The Meh

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Zetsubou no Shima is my favorite map in BO3 for sure. It is the only map that gives the same atmosphere as previous maps in older Treyarch games. It includes no weird jumppads or lightning -zapper stuff as the rest of BO3. And, unlike the rest of BO3, it is hard. Another nice addition is that it is easily the least played maps by many. Therefore, most teammates are people who like this map and are good in it. Seriously, today I first played Revelations, in which I died in a stupid way in round 2, and nobody revived me. They just let me bleed out. After that, I played a game in the Pacific swamp and when somebody, or me, died, the rest risked their lives to save that person. And everyone seemed to know about the shield, the KN-4, the skulls and the power. In most other maps everyone just runs though each other in chaos without any teamwork. ZNS is like playing BO1 these days again.


Another thing I don't like about BO3, although it sounds weird, is that the maps include too much things (and Easter eggs and mysteries). While in SNN one hanging man can make a whole discussion in this community, all crashed planes in ZNS, the dead body with the letter in SoE, Sam's room in DE or more of such stuff let no one care about it. The maps are too detailed and include so many buildables and quests, which I like in some way, but in another way not. In der Riese or Moon everyone activates the radios, while in Revelations, Der Eisendrache or Gorod Krovi...wait, are there even radios there? Oh yes, I see: There are actually radios. But no one cares. Everyone runs after that neat dragonhat instead of caring about an actual mysterious and interesting thing. And so we lack theories about the small unimportant things, which make the story so nice.

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i cant be bothered to follow the story line anymore. i personally think they had it perfect with ending black ops 1. maybe even 2. i cant say much about black ops 3 but from what iv seen online and through the community. the Easter eggs are almost forced to be done with the players and that just kinda kills my motive to even try out the maps.

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10 hours ago, The Meh said:

The story is not easily understood unless you look into the easter eggs that are contained within the "journal" from Taylor that you can even denote the fact that you're dead after the second mission


10 hours ago, The Meh said:

Of course, this doesn't mean that the Campaign's narrative is bad.

Actually, it does make the narrative really bad when you put not just some easter egg, no the entire fucking story in those little flashy intro texts that scroll by so quickly you don't even know what you're looking at. 

In order to even understand the damn story you have to read up on all that nonsense + read the comic books that isn't even available in some areas in the world. (gg)





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2 minutes ago, Slade said:


Actually, it does make the narrative really bad when you put not just some easter egg, no the entire fucking story in those little flashy intro texts that scroll by so quickly you don't even know what you're looking at. 

In order to even understand the damn story you have to read up on all that nonsense + read the comic books that isn't even available in some areas in the world. (gg)






See, there's a difference between the way you tell the narrative and the narrative itself. Narrative's more about execution than anything, Slade. And, I'll admit to you right now that it's not the best decision Treyarch could have made. But, when fully considering what those areas of the story end up entailing, there is a general improvement to the narrative the general Campaign offers.


(Plus, since when is it not Treyarch's typical quota to be secretive? Sure, this time it was waaaaay over the top and annoying, but still.)

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I have a question for The Meh. How much time did you spend playing the game and mow much money did you spend on it? Everyone has a different $ per hour they target in video games. I like to be at $0.5 per hour. I spent $100 on BO3 (game and season pass pre-order) and I have 300 hours in it (and not done yet). So even if you look back and don't like that game anymore, there is nothing wrong with that because you probably got your money worth out of it. 


As for my opinion, overall, I like BO3 more than BO2. The weapon kits, linear ranking system, gobblegums, and mod tools (PC here) make BO3 zombies better even if the maps aren't. I enjoyed the multiplayer while I played it but I like BO2 multi better. I like playing the Giant, DE, and Revelations, and mods in zombies. 

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I kept going back and forth about how I felt about BO3 over the year. There are some good parts, some great improvements in gameplay, while there are some bad parts, and some worse areas in gameplay. All I can definitely say is it's not my most favourite zombies experience (that'd go to BO2).

Also looking at The Giant, you can really tell the story was gonna go somewhere else compared to what we got.


Regarding MP and Campaign. I was just okay with the campaign. Decent story, but probably the worst storytelling out of any CoD. And I didn't like the player was unnamed and not a Mason, but Co-Op, loadout customization and were all neat.

MP I had a good time. I am not the best MP player, but I'm Prestige Master 250 or around there, compared to just Prestige 9 in Zombies. That's how much I played MP compared to Zombies. I mean, originally I only did it because I wanted Dark Matter for Zombies, but I honestly just had a good time in MP that I just mainly play it over BO3 Zombies now.

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I totally agree I am not really happy of bo3 either, you know I always loved zombies 4 its storyline, all that mystery behind it.

It was one of main things who got me play this game over the cool gaming itself. 

Now playing bo3 I had the feeling of a brand new game, it seems there are 2 zombie stories, one who begins with WAW till BO2

and then the story of bo3. They don't seem be so connected, I was without words seeing all this alien stuff, dragons and characters

like Monty who never left a track in the previous maps  (Yes we have a  red scarf in origins who could be about Monty

but it still can not be enough). I wonder What this became? we started with a zombies epidemic in the world war and then

we got aliens and dragons??


The storyline used be always mysterious but here we were told to recover characters souls at the beginning

so at every dlc all we had to wonder was "ok who's next?". Maps were nice but I would expected better, they've lost that scary and mysterious feeling

leaving space to something more fantasy, we could face same boss of Zetsubou and ride a dragon in a fantasy game as well. Talking about maps 4 example

Zetsubou who is in my opinion one of most boring maps ever, the problem is not the location itself, but the contents (boss, giant spider, carnivorous plants, ee steps etc).

The location of Zetsubou could be perfect, guess what if in Zetsubou we would have strong red eyed zombies like the ones of Mob of the death, 

a giant like the ones in Origins who could kill us, monkeys of Ascension instead than spiders, a teleport like Kino who could move us in a mysterious zone etc etc.

Of course they are random examples but result would have been perfect. Instead here we have strange mutants who makes ZOMBIES not anymore like the 1st enemy to face

but just like a contour. And this is one of things I missed more. In the previous maps our 1st goal was SURVIVE, then try to complete the ee, in Zetsubou we

can easily do the ee while killing some zombies and plants who are there just to delay the ee ending.


I think treyarch wanted add lot of contents to give us more stuff to deal with but in this way they wasted all the cool things that previous zombies gave us.

Too many questions still not solved, and many new ones who are not even interesting. I feel like in the yrs they've been cooking something with some ingredients

but then when it was time to give us dinner they gave something made with totally different ingredients who have a different flavor that what we were now ready to eat.


I don't mean to criticize treyarch bcs we have to consider a product by the beginning to the end (if this is the end) and I think they made something amazing

but then they made something just ok and just ok is not amazing. I still enjoyed play BO3 but the ending of the masterpiece they started with WAW disappointed me.



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