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difficulty bo3 zombies

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the difficulty for bo3 zombies can't be changed 

i would love to see the option for canging the difficulty return again because now its to hard im surely not the only one who thinks that 

maybe in a future update perhas i hope so 


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Black Ops 3 zombies? HARD??? It's the easiest zombies game yet, by FAR. So many features thrown in to provide a crutch to the player in this game to appeal to the kids to sell more copies. Without wanting to sound like an old fart, back in the days we had a handful of perks, and either a wonder weapon or some traps, both if we were really lucky but sometimes the traps were impractical or we even had neither. Now, we have shields to make running trains MUCH easier; stupidly overpowered camping weapons; with Dead Wire and Blast Furnace, we practically have a wonder weapon with infinite ammo on all maps; and we have Gobblegums that can be gamebreaking if you have enough of the right ones (for example, Perkaholic eliminates a lot of the need for planning and budgeting early on, Alchemical kills the need to budget for ammo in many cases and if you have a bunch of Self Meds then you're never gonna die). Everything considered, the difficulty of this game doesn't hold a candle to previous games. We all started out as dreadful zombies players in the old games but we learned through trying again and again (and of course those that did their research and learned stuff got better quicker). It's really not a hard game.

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I disagreed this was an easy game until I tried to play the older maps. The 3 hits in black ops 3 spoiled me and I downed stupidly with the 2 hit system of past games.


Getting to round 50 on old maps was an achievement in itself and I only did so with Ascension. With black ops 3 not only did I reach at least 50 on all maps, I did every Easter egg too.

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