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Infinite Warfare Pre-DLC Review

The Unity Series

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(Pre-start note: I have not a clue where else to post this, since you don't have a General Discussion area for IW, so... just putting it in this area...)




Hey, it's The Meh.


So... I wanted to write something over how I felt about Infinite Warfare. I wouldn't say that's entirely too odd for me - I wrote a review for Advanced Warfare, however overzealous and cocky that may have sounded at that time - but it's definitely a change considering what tribulations that this game has went through just simply by becoming a reality.

I mean, to this day the reveal trailer is the second most disliked video on YouTube... the first being "Baby" by Justin Bieber, which... is irrelevant, but fun to know (nothing Canada could do will ever make up for him). This, and also the whole controversy around them bringing Modern Warfare back, among all the other things I can't remember/don't know, or am forgetting to mention. Yet, at the end of the day, I think it would be just to say that this game is a bit better than we all have taken it to be. Sure, it's no Black Ops II, but it's an improvement from Ghosts, and an enhancement of AW and BOIII. With that being said, I'm just going to go mode-by-mode here, and just say how I feel about each mode. I'm not reviewing this for a score, and I'm not reviewing this to force opinions down anybody's throats, more... I'm reviewing this to get a conversation going among the forums.


That being said, let's begin.

(Oh, and, spoilers for the Campaign in advance.)





I'm going to be completely honest. No-holds-barred, sheer and complete honesty.

I love this Campaign.


The Campaign for Infinite Warfare is probably one of the most engaged we have had in a while. The system to where missions play out nearly seamlessly connects its cutscenes to its gameplay, creating a rather engaging motivation to move forward. Unlike Black Ops III's Campaign (or Safehouse to that regard), the flow between mission and going back to the Retribution feels organic, and feels very much as though having a normal ending like how Black Ops III did it would jeopardize the energy that is integral to pushing IW's Campaign forward. I absolutely love it for that, that seamless connectivity and that continuity between each mission. It almost feels like a movie, and that's a great thing when done correctly. For IW's case, I'd say it was done correctly!


The Story for the Campaign is... well, what you'd expect from Call of Duty nowadays. Covert mission happening at the beginning to act as a prologue, those guys die, happy times and celebration in the area of our protagonist (Reyes)-deuteragonist (Salt, I think)-tritagonist (Ethan, I think... most lovable robot imo) trio, enemy surprise attack, yadda yadda. These guys are the only ones that can stop 'em, and they end up doing that. It's the same idea that we're used to, and we know that.


I think, however, that there's a lot more of a visceral relativity to the characters that makes this story better than the usual. Hell, I'd go as far to say that the characters and the interactions between them basically make this story, and make it well. I mean, I legitimately felt sad for some of these characters when they died at the final mission. Infinite Warfare built their character development up very well, and definitely did work in making you care when someone ended up passing on. While it was a surprise enough to see Omar die, I'd say more that I was sad to see characters like Kashima and Ethan die... Kashima more admittedly so, yet Ethan's got his own brand of cool on that barcode of his.


That's not saying that I liked having to play through that final mission just to watch all these characters I knew well and liked to certain levels die, ESPECIALLY MY OWN. The amount of deaths in that mission alone... I really think that, albeit being a great way to end the Campaign... not ALL of the deaths had to happen. It did create a good little "Peace to the Fallen" kind of thing with their death letters in the credits, but still.


IN SHORT... Infinite Warfare's storyline follows the same trope as the usual, but execute it as seamlessly as it executes its aspects of gameplay, continuity, world-building and so on. If you usually skip the Campaigns, perhaps you should consider against skipping this one. This Campaign's worth its time.


Though, I do find it better to ask you guys how you feel. So, in regards to that, I ask you: Did you like the Campaign?




I admittedly have not had much time with Multiplayer.

After the frustration and annoyances that Black Ops III's Multiplayer, it would be jest to assume that they would carry over to Infinite Warfare. As far as I've see, they really haven't. Rather glad for that, actually.


The aspect of the mission groups for the rewards is... interesting, yet I personally find it somewhat forgettable.

The guns are nice, yet I can't truly judge them all yet. xP



What, do you expect me to ignore the damn Supply Drops?

If you ask me, I liked AW's system over BOIII's system, albeit both system having their intrinsic issues and all (BOIII's having more issues than Charlie Sheen, but that's not really a good enough joke (or a relevant one) for it to matter). Yet, for Infinite Warfare's... I think they basically took the better parts of each one and essentially made some sort of... what's the words I want to use... "symbiotic carbon-copy". While it does not look bad now for them, I won't be getting any more optimistic for it. The second I see new weapons is the second I will judge that more.


In general, though, Multiplayer looks somewhat passable so far. After BOIII introduced a Multiplayer that I hated more than any other Multiplayer preceding it, it definitely seems like a step up.






I know everyone has probably said "oh look, another Zombies game mode in a non-Treyarch CoD, how f**king original of you". Trust me, I've said the same. Although I can't say I hate "Zombies in Spaceland". It's got its perks, for sure, but if you ask me, I feel as though this map is almost like Black Ops III-caliber.


By "Black Ops III-caliber", I mean that in the sense that there's like 1,000,000 things to do in the map, and you won't be able to get to them all in one sitting. That's not saying there's no fun to be had, though. The Ticket system is intriguing, the games to which are just as much intriguing, and the ebb-and-flow-iness that comes with the map really only comes from how you end up playing it.


 There's really not much I can say here. Zombies in Spaceland is a great map, don't get me wrong. But... trust me when I say that we've had maps that follow in suit of its mechanic many times before. In gameplay aspect past just the norms, the setting and such are a fun variety, and approach Zombies in a much more comedic fashion (and 80's style fashion, but is that not freaking obvious for an 80's-themed-map). I do like this map. But it is beset by a feeling to which I can only say the words: Have we not had this before?






"Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare" has its ups and downs. The Campaign is amazing, yet the Zombies and MP are merely just passable to me. They feel alright, yet somewhat feel like the same-old same-old. Perhaps the DLCs and the changes they make will make this game become great. But, as it stands now, I'm pretty much just "okay" with it. Not "IGN's '9/10, it's okay'" kind of okay, but more of a "hrmm, alright" kind.


But, hey, that's just my opinion on Infinite Warfare as it stands right now. I would definitely like to hear what you guys think, so please do tell.


Else than that...


Per aspera ad astra.

-The Meh

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