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Finding people to do easter eggs with just sucks

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I've been trying to use the CODZ LFG feature trying to do easter eggs with mixed results. Sometimes I'll find some good teammates, but more often than not I'll run into a total dud. Here's a top 5 of my most common LFG experiences:


In no particular order:


5) Poor connection: I have FIOS 75/75 on a direct connection in Texas. I can understand if it's a laggy mess if I play with someone from the UK, which it isn't always. But if you live 2 states away from me it's not my internet that's the problem. I've had 4 people on a LAN party online game wiith my wife watching Netflix. So make sure your internet can hold up.


4) Selfish gamers: Whether it's sending me 5 messages a row when it shows I'm clearly in game, or trying to horde all the kills/guns/points....you'll ensure I won't ever play with you again. Play solo if you're going to ignore your other teammates.


3) Not setting aside the time: This one just pisses me off. All the maps take at least 90 minutes to do the easter egg. So 30 minutes in don't be telling me you have to go. Because you've just wasted my time.


2) Noobs: I have nothing against noobs until they try to do the easter egg with me. First off, you shouldn't even be attempting easter eggs until you're at least capable of surviving on the map. Not everyone will know every easter egg step but at least try to know most of the steps.


1) Not including a time: As much as I'd love to constantly play, I have to work and entertain a wife. Therefore there are certain times I'm more likely to be on than others. If you for certain want a game then you have to answer when I ask a time.



I'm not trying to be too negative. I did find some great groups. One helped me do Zetsubou, I helped another through Eisendrache, and a thrird reached Nikolai on the boss only to fail. But the groups I've tried to do Shadows with have been horrible and it's shocking how so few know the steps on the oldest map on this game. I hate that I need 4 people to do it.

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All valid points and yes, trying to find a consistent team is nigh on impossible even through a whole DLC season which is surprising! 


to give some perspective on 1 area because I am guilty, i am one of those shit connection people, unfortunately we just want to complete the EE's as much as everyone else and I also agree that the last thing you want is someone dropping out, however, I have been able to do all of the EE's other that DE with 4 people and not had any issues. The funny thing is I often get better connections with people in the states than in the UK which is surprising given where I am based.


Agree with selfish/time management. I would not expect to start an EE with anyone that did not have 2+ hours to spare. lets be honest, holding the last zombie is actually a pretty important skill that a lot of people dont have because they lose focus. Im talking about holding for 5-10 minutes plus.


And finally in terms of noobs, when doing the EE's the first time round I didn't want to be the person explaining anything as I feel if you haven't done your homework you are expecting to be carried which is the wrong attitude. (the real problem here is needing to do the homework to begin with!) However there is only 1 way for people to get better so I have started helping with the DE EE as I soloed that one, I will also help with ZNS as I can solo that but GK and Rev, not quite there yet.

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Agreed about holding the last zombie. I've found I'm usually the guy having to hold that zombie or we'd never get anything done. Like you, I don't want to have to play teacher and teach everybody what to do. I had to watch countless mrroflwaffle, noahj456, and glitchingqueen videos to learn and can't see why others can't too.


Like you, I have helped others do the Eisendrache and Zetsubou easter eggs. The problem is when I start helping others they want to do everything but Shadows and Gorod Krovi....the maps I need. On Gorod Krovi I have problems finding the gersh orb consistently on solo. When I play with others they manage to botch the bomb steps even with me writing it down and calling it out. Only once did we reach Nikolai and it was in a 3 player match. With Shadows I'm tearing my hair out trying to find 3 other capable players.


As for internet I do understand. I was once one of those people with the cheap $30 internet, but now that I have a career and got married I can afford FIOS. But it's still a pain in the ass having everyone lag out when you know you have a powerful connection.

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sorry i cant but feel your pain when youm end up doing the leg work but they still manage to botch stuff up. Sometimes i have thought there have been players trying to sabotage the attempt lol.


One solution for you to do shadows is to do up to shadowman then invite 3 players you know that dont mind helping for 30 mins, take a fire sale and double points or if they have stuff they caa use. that way you solo all the tedious work and they spawn in for the gateworm and the end. I saw a more comprehensive post about this some time ago.


Alternatively, I am happy to help but currently my connection is quite pants, then again, you are in the states maybe its a good match. I find shadows to be one of the easier EE's the hardest part of it being to grab 4 competent players.


I really dont know why now that the season has finished they did not go back and make it soloable, seems a simple fix but im no coder.

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I like your idea with Shadows, just hoping I can still find 3 others and not have it all go to hell after getting that far into the game.


I've gotten better on Gorod Krovi and have reached Nikolai twice in the last two days. Both times I nearly had him, but the final time I ran out of ammo. Should have used mule kick...either way he's mine next time.


I'll be down to play other maps, but until I finish Gorod Krovi I'm going to be determined to take down Nikolai.

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HAHA, you appear to have the same linear focus I have until you get something done. Once the map dropped I would literally not play any other game or any other map until the EE had been complete. DE solo was easily 20+ attempts, and then they weren't handing out gateworms!


I'm currently doing achievements on bo1/2 just so i can get familiar with the old maps and how they influenced the story (LOL) while going back into bo3 to do any of the little bits i never did, e.g. firebow and spiderbait aswell as ZNS jumpscare.



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