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Why no one wants to play Revelations in LFG?

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I've noticed there are hardly anyone is looking for group for Revelations. I thought there would be a lot of interest in this map. Is the map this unpopular? Is everyone already burned out on it? I'm quite surprised.

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I think a combination of things, treyarch dropping the ball on the final DLC in many peoples eyes. People seeing the map itself as too easy and just a rehash of some old maps. The Beta and imminent release of Infinite Warfare and the new zombies in a few days, people just being burned out on the game at this point.


With that being said, if you ever see me on and not already knees deep in a game i'm always up for a few rounds :)

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Good points, all.


When I first played Revelations, I though, "damn I want some new sights to see, not old scenery that I've spent literally tens of thousands of hours with". I'm coming around though. Even though the rooms are overly familiar, the new geometry of the rooms are providing some new experimentation opportunities. The Apothicon stomach offers something new (unless you've played the Halo3 campaign, then you get unfortunate dejavu). The worst part of it, in IMHO, is how it all looks like a tie dye tee shirt threw up all over everything (including the guns). Makes me pine for the muted color palette of WoW, where you feel like your treated like a adult, not some kid, that can only appreciate something that looks like a retina burning amusement park (Infinite Warfare anyone?). Why do the f-ing guns need to look like animated lollipops? But I do appreciate all the hard work that goes into all the minutia of tiny details the speak loudly of honed craftwork of the Treyarch dev team. I don't want to sound like a spoiled brat.


It's a odd map in the sense it's too easy and too hard at the same time for coop. The first 17 rounds go by super-fast due to high powered weapons that are fairly easy to get (quite different than BO2. remember how hard it was to get the Mark 2). In this map players start falling down all over the place after r15  because the spawn rate is really high, to compensate for the overpowered defensive and offensive tools available. Less experienced players can't handle a high spawn rate no mater what weapons they have. I've found running and shooting the Zs is fairly easy but running into someone else train is very probable threat since you can teleport blindly into, god knows what kind of situation (no weapon is going to save you from being insta-downed, after teleporting into the middle of a group of 18 Zs).


I think I'll probably really like this map overtime, since there are many new things to goof around with. I'm just surprise that hardly any of my Xbox friends are playing it and this board reinforces my casual observation.


Gamertag : slapAndRun for anyone down for some Revelations, especially EE since I've finished all, with exception to this one.


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