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All Group 601 References

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Hey all, so I thought I'd do just a short post with all the Group 601 references. For those that ask who Group 601 is? Well that's a good question! We don't exactly know! There are only a few scattered references throughout all 4 games.


Reference 1: Der Riese World at War Loading Screen



This one is from the loading screen from Der Riese in World at War. I believe this can be seen when playing Co-Op.
Apart from 935 changing to 601, there are some smaller changes like the light off, moved writing, and the bridge is closed.


Reference 2: Hidden Black Ops 1 Image



This one isn't accessible in game in Black Ops 1. It can apparently only be accessed by ripping the files apparently.
The text translates to STAGE TWO and STRENGTH THROUGH ORDER
. The two towers and bomb in the background seem pretty similar to what we do in Black Ops 2, powering towers for Maxis/Richtofen on a destroyed earth. We still have no idea what NZR could mean though.


Reference 3: Berlin Wall Vinyls



This is found in the Multiplayer DLC map "Berlin Wall" in Black Ops 1. There are many copies of these two throughout the building.

On the left we have the image but without the Group 601 logo or the writing. On the right we have the "Strength Through Order" phrase. Possibly not an outright reference, but it's very odd to pretty much have the image broken down onto vinyl covers.


Reference 4: Black Ops 3 Ground Papers



This one can be found on many Black Ops 3 levels. Most notably are The Giant, Campaign Safehouse, and the Coalescense Lobby in "Life".

This one seems to be a cropped version of the Black Ops 1 image. Most notably, the image is slightly edited! The two lightning bolts have now become three bars. This change also happened on the 935 logo, due to Treyarch getting rid of most Nazi references.


Anyway just wanted to put this up guys. I think with Reference 4, the idea of 601 isn't dead completely. They purposely put that image in when they could've used something else. They also edited the image! This means 601 isn't a simple mistake, otherwise they would have changed 601 into 935 as well. So I'm hopeful we get more 601 references in the future, or get something in the comic! :)

Here's a video I've done on them as well if you want to check it out. :p





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Thanks Rissole! Group 601 I think is one of the most forgotten things about the story, simply because not much is known about it. There is one thing I think we can reasonably conclude however. Given its remarkable similarity in its logo to Group 935, I think it is sufficient to say that the two Groups must be, or must have been, related at some point, in some fashion. And, given the German lightning bolts and text, 601 must also have been contracted by the WWII Germans. Beyond that, who knows what happened to them.

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