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Need some clarification

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I've been looking into it and zetsubou no shima's easter egg seems the simplest to do solo so i just have some questions before i try it.


NOTE: I played my first match of zns  and got to round 25 with the kt4 shield and gas mask yesterday.


If i get a zombie into the green plant, can i go and cleanse the skulls without ending the round? 


For perks i am planning on getting the 4 that i want first, then getting a fruit plant, then getting widows wine from the giant spider. Does the widows wine need an open perk slot and can i get all perks from fruit plants?


In solo, for the imprint plants, do you only use it with no quick revive, (since you revive yourself)? and if you dont have quick revive and you always have a plant ready can you live "forever" in theory?


That is all for now, but considering i did good for my first actual playthrough (i had to look up the parts etc) i think it will be no problem to do the easter egg after some more practice.


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1. Green plants will hold zombies for 5 minutes, upgraded green plants (sprayed with kt) will last fifteen minutes.

2. Windows wine does need a slot.

3. Fruit plants will give u every perk, including quick revive! Sometimes it is a dud tho and makes u throw up. Again upgraded fruit plant has almost 100% chance of being a perk and not a dud.

4. Imprint plants only activate where u would game over. So if you have quick revive you won't use it until u die w.o it. You can have unlimited revives utilizing fruit plants to get back the off map perks (including quick revive if u've used all 3). The pods have a cap of 4 so you can only use those four times but paired with fruit plants every other plant location your looking at Alot of revives. I made it to 125 and I had over 20.

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